Monday, July 28, 2008

I'm on a roll!

I have to say I am proud of my little Sass! She is such a champ. She handled the long travel to and from Michigan with just her momma.........Honestly she handled it better than me! But then again, if all I had to do was sleep, eat, poop, play and be carried everywhere while people fall all over themselves looking at me, I would have been pretty hunky dory myself! Have you ever been to the Detroit airport? To get to the other concourse you go through this trippy, planetarium like, better hope you arent on acid, psychedelic light tunnel...with eerie music I should add.....Sass just stared at it with a horrid look on her I found myself shaking my head the whole way through. I mean, it is a MILE through this thing, might as well make it scary for children, you know, to spice things up a bit.

But she did well....oh did I mention she was teething?? Yeah so...oddly enough she survives the plane rides, but once on hard, unmoving, thankful to be alive (I dont like to fly) ground, she FREAKED out, I mean......SCREAMING! I blame it on teething.....she has been the fussiest ever yet she doesnt have a ear infection. She is still happy Sass for the most part, but a lot more needy. If I am not RIGHT there, she goes nutso. OH and she is experiencing stranger and separation anxiety too....ALL at the same time!

So I call sass Poops, I have no idea I call Hubby that.........I am so used to saying it.............he just looks at me....

OH I freaked out yesterday, I am EXHAUSTED, Sass finally goes down for her nap and I am in my room making a grocery list and I in stereo sound...then I realized STUPID CAT is in Sass's room!! So I ran over to the door to let fatty out before it was too was too late. I hear...WAAAAAAHHH....WWAAAAAHHHHH.....GREAT!

Sass had cat nip the other day.................Not on purpose, I dont just give my 6 month old cat nip...............only on special occasions and holiday's................kidding...anywho...
We were babysitting a 4 year old girl, Sass is in her jumperoo, I look away, look back, Sass, eating a cat toy LOADED with cat nip....all seems fine....until Midnight!

Apparently cat nip does a lot for babies as it does for cats....she was hilarious!! She pulled up on me, started jumping on me, huffing (breathing in and out real fast with her gums showing, so funny!), growling, hissing....I swear she was 5 seconds away from mooing and oinking too! If only she knew how. She was just going nuts. We were tired, but oh so entertained! She wore herself out in about 30 minutes and slept till 7 that morning.....Oh crazy cat nip!!

Welp, hubby called, I need to go meet him at the grocery store, I love that he helps! Until later taters!

Long journey ahead

This has been a long time coming. I am behind where I should be. I had 6 months that I could have been working at this, but I havent. But thats ok. It all starts now. I am SO excited. We have a bowflex so I dont have to try and make it to the gym and all that, there is no excuses, "oh I didnt want to drive, Oh it will interfere with this and that and so on." I am excited.

Starting out

Current Weight 150lbs (excess fat from baby weight)
Goal Weight 120lbs (or to fit in my old clothes, muscle weighs more than fat)

Starting measurements

Thinnest part of my waist-32 inches
Widest part of my waist-36 inches
Hips-40 inches
Thighs-22.5 inches

I also started the colon cleanse today, its a 3 week regime. Its good to do one of these before a change in diet and lifestyle. It cleans out the bad, and in with the good! Wish me luck!!

*even though my stats seem a bit big, I dont really look like it...see left*

Its been a while

So it has been a while since I wrote last. I had so much going on in the last month and on vacation in Michigan. It is good to be back though.

Sass is learning to crawl, it wont be long before that child is unstoppable! She is also she has been pretty fussy lately. Oh and not to mention she also just started up this separation and stranger anxiety. All at once!

We have a new bowflex! I am SOO excited. Maybe now I can get into some shape! I am going to keep my stats on here....but will do that in a separate post.

Hubby and I are doing great! We are the best we have ever been! We will be married for 3 years this October!

Ok, need to start my weight post!