Friday, June 13, 2008

Sweetheart, will you just eat??

She is a big baby, she is 17lbs at almost 5 months old. She in April was eating 4oz every like....2 hrs. When we got back from our trip to OK, we decided she needed about 6 oz per feeding, which she would then go about 3-4hrs between feedings. Well I noticed she only at between 26-30 ounces of food a day, doesnt seem like very much to me.

So she starts to sleep more, so she takes a bottle 4 times a day, if she eats 6 oz every feeding, I didnt feel she was getting enough (but she acted ok....but 24oz a day just isnt enough) So I give her 8oz per feeding now.

So she eats 4 times, 8oz each so thats 32oz a day, but I read she is supposed to have 2.5 ounces of formula per pound. So that means she'd have to eat 42 ounces a day!!

BUT, I can barely get her to eat 8oz at every feeding! She squirms and doesnt end up eating the last ounce. She isnt throwing up, or acting hungry after she eats, she just likes to make it difficult to eat. issue is, is she getting enough to eat???

Less than 32oz a day for a 17lb baby just doesnt seem enough. But like I said, doesnt seem to bother her, she gains weight, she wets and soils her diapers just fine, but I just wonder if her little system needs more nutrients.

I dont want to start her on solids just yet...but if I have to I have to. My doc is NO HELP. But thats because he isnt in pediatrics. We just got one last week and dont have an appointment with him yet. I look online, doesnt help.....I dunno, guess I am looking for advice from other mothers.....

Again I will say, she is healthy (outside) she doesnt seem hungry, like she isnt getting enough, so.....maybe she is ok??

A run for the border?? Or not.....


So I have a craving for Tacos.....I want to make my own, they taste much better, but that requires energy. So I am contemplating going to Taco bell.......mmmmm......tacos......

Hubby bought me flowers today!!! It was such a sweet gesture, he just had the cutest look on his face too! I love my man.

So I read something about Japan making it against the law to be overweight......that if they bust tape, they get fined and ticketed...HOW CRAZY IS THAT??? I guess males cant have a waist bigger that 33 inches...WOW....well good luck Japan....

So we bought our tickets to the 311 concert today, I am SO excited. We got seats pretty close to the stage, only 6 rows back to be exact. So let the countdown begin!!!

Ok, well....Tacos it is!................

Wakey wakey......

This is just too cute not to share. Sass was taking her nap today and I know how cute she looks when she wakes up, so I wanted to tape it.....and she did not fail to deliver. My cute babums!!!

Just to add, at her 4 month check up (she was 4mo and 2wks) she weighed 17lbs 3 oz, and was 27 inches long. Yeah, she is still above the 95 percentile. But again, she was born 10 lbs, so her being big isnt surprising. I love my little Sass roundface...;)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sleep Much???

I want to start this post saying that by no way am I complaining. I know that some people would kill for what I am about to say, but it is bothering me a bit.

I have been blessed that Sass has pretty much been a pro at everything she does, the 1st time. She latched on the first time, she slept so much when we brought her home from the hospital my husband and I would look at each other and would say, "whats so hard about this??" She still continues to sleep (don't get me wrong, my little angel can have her days that's for sure) but that's what I am writing about. How much she sleeps!

Hubby and I are both pretty lazy people, I mean we used to sleep our weekends away, we can sleep like you wouldn't believe, and maybe we passed that on to Sass. When she 1st came home from the hospital, she would sleep for like 18 hrs a day, normal so I hear, but I had to always wake her up to eat, the docs said she was fine and that I should count my blessings.

1-2 months old-Still sleeps a lot. Slept through the night about 1.5 months old. And when I say sleep through the night, I mean like 10+hours in a row! (she used to sleep about 5-6 hrs, eat, go back to sleep for like 4-5hrs)

3 months old-Kept pretty much the same schedule, but had nights where she woke up every hour on the hour.

4-5 months old-And here we are to present time. She goes to bed at 800pm, wakes up for good around 7am. Sometimes wakes up at 12 to get her paci back in her mouth, and sometimes at 5 too for the same reason.....(and you know, even though she sleeps so much, I am STILL so tired most times I take naps with her??? Man I am lethargic like, but, docs say I am fine....) But here is why I am writing.....

After sleeping for almost 12hrs straight through the night, she can only stay awake for like....2 hrs (while at home) before she HAS to take a nap. She gets so tired and fussy so I put her down and she will sleep again for like...2-3 hrs! Most times I have to go wake her up!! So she will be up for 2 hrs, and go back to sleep, and its like clockwork. I would be MORE worried if she wasnt hitting her milestones, but I swear I have a prodigy child. She has met her marks WAY before she is even supposed to, and when she is awake, she is very alert, smart. She eats well, pees and poos like she is supposed to, smiles, laughs, is a great baby, but doesnt she sleep too much??

My doc isnt too helpful, but he isnt a pediatric doc, (we just got one, but havent seen him yet) But he says she is fine, but I just dont see why she sleeps so much. I just hope she doesnt have some underlying condition. Other than that, yes, I am counting my blessings for having a baby who sleeps, but I feel we dont get to play much or do anything because she has to go to sleep.

Like tummy time....she cant be on her tummy after she eats because she will throw up. So by time it is in safe range for her to be on her tummy, its time for her to go to sleep! Sass doesnt cry unless she is hungry, wet/dirty, or sleepy. So I know her signs, and when I put her in bed.....right off to la-la land. So I guess I am just wondering if this is too much sleep....

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

It's Ghost Hunters Night!

Yeah it's Wednesday and that means its Ghost Hunter Night! ahahahaa, hubby and I like watching that show on the Sci-fi channel. Nothing else to watch really besides the same old same old on the discovery channel and channels like that. I am really addicted to One Tree Hill but the new season for that doesn't start until 1 Sep, so I have a while for that!

~So my birthday was yesterday, Hubby got up with Sass so that I could sleep a little longer, though my mom called me at 8:12am my time (2:12pm) Michigan time because thats when I was born, though I really think its 2:14 but didnt want to get up and check my birth certificate. Either way, still didnt get to sleep in much. But thats ok. So Mom said all is well and that she is sad Dakota (my little brother) is joining the Army. She is sad that now both of us will be far from home, and because even though I just recently got out of the Army, I have no intentions on moving back to Michigan. I will go to visit, but thats it. Thats another thing I am stressed about. Aside from the fact that ticket prices are OUTRAGEOUS, even though I could suck it up and pay for it, the ones that are hovering around 1,000 are for 18 hrs worth of traveling, and change of airlines......SUCKS. Not to mention it would just be me and Sass, Hubby cant go, so I would have to do that all by myself....not fun. So in the back of my mind, I have that whole thing looming so I can never fully relax, because.....I have to go sometime.....The only way we can pay for it is from my separation money I am getting from the Army, so its like we never had the money, I'd love to put it in savings, but if I dont go home, I am sure I will be disowned...and be made to feel guilt because if my grandparents dont live long enough to meet their first to do.....

But anyway...finishing about my Birthday, it was a great day! I had my pre-op appt today, so while I was there Hubby decorated the house, baked me a cake and made lasagna for dinner! (I had to stay gone a little longer than the appt. so I went to borders and read books). After dinner I opened my card, which was the sweetest thing!!! And inside it had an appointment slip for my 80min massage! So needed! He also got me a great handbag. So thoughtful. We then went for a walk with Sass and just had a great night. The cake was soooo good. Even though I am on a diet, who can deny cake on their birthday??

I have more to say, but got things to do 1st. Write later

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My First Post

~Today Sass actually slept until 8:30am. She went to bed at 7:45pm, so this is a great thing for me. She did wake up at 5 though, just to get her paci back in her mouth then off to sleep again. That darn pacifier. I remember there was a time when she wouldnt even take it, but for the sake of my sore chest, she needed something to suck on besides me. But I have to say, its not so bad, except when she wakes up after she spit it out and needs it to go back to sleep. She does suck on her hands for comfort, or feet during the day. I only give it to her to sleep, and since she is still swaddled at night, she cant very well put it back in her mouth at night or suck on her hands. But I have to say, I am pretty lucky sleep wise. She usually sleeps from 8pm-7am, but here lately she has been off course a bit.

Well I pulled my back out today lifting Sass out of the swing over at our friend Tasha's house. She has a 2 month old baby, so Sass and I like to go there for play dates. Though Sass is older than her, its still cute to see "the baby". Tasha has been my friend for a while. We were both active Army when we met, she was JAG like me, she ended up marrying one of my Soldiers, now we are both out raising our kids. Her hubby is currently deployed and she has a 10 yr old at home too. So every time I go on post to see Michael, I like to stop by and visit. Besides its good for Madi to see other babies and people.
But back to my is really bad right now. Hurts, tingles through my legs, oddly enough, my back didnt bother me once while I was carrying my 10lb baby. Just before and after pregnancy. I have had a bad back for a while, thanks Army, and it acts up every so often. The nice thing is I can sit down, relax and not have to do much. But I did miss getting down on the floor today to play with Sass. Michael had to give her her bath and everything tonight. Hopefully I will feel better tomorrow, I have a house to keep clean.
I seem to shed like a frigging dog and Madi puts all in her mouth, so I am constantly vacuuming up my hair.....when does that stop after pregnancy? I mean I read your hair starts falling out more, but geez, it has to let up sometime right?

So tomorrow is my birthday, its just another day to me now. After you hit a certain age, it loses its excite factor. Now I just see it as another year down, the older I get, and another year closer to wrinkles. :) However, I must say, starting my anti-aging creams while I was young has made the aging process less noticeable. Or so I am guessing, I mean, I have nothing to compare it by...haha, its not like I can go back into time, not use it, and compare before and after pictures.....I guess Michael has something planned for me this coming weekend. I am excited to see what it is. He is going to bake me a cake tomorrow along with dinner too. Like I need cake. I am having trouble losing these last 25 lbs. My fault of course, I eat well, just need to get up and exercise a bit more. I was going to go to the gym today after Michael got home, that was of course, before the back blowout. I came home, took motrin, took a nap with Sass and hoped I'd be ok by the time he got home.....needless to say.....I feel the same. So here is hope for tomorrow. What a way to make me feel young on my B-day, a foo-bared back...

Tomorrow is also my pre-op appointment. I cant believe surgery is less than 2 weeks away. Starting to get nervous. That and I cant even talk to my mom about it, no one knows except Michael and 2 of my friends. No one from Home (Michigan) even know. I know I'd hear crap anyway, and honestly, I dont want to hear it. I am a grown woman and shouldnt be made to feel guilty about my choice (I'll have to write another time about whats going on), I'll save it for another blog post since it could be enough for its own.

I am not used to all this free time. I mean I had a job since I was able to work, always supported myself, that and we didnt have money growing up, so if I wanted something, I had to earn the means to get it. Which is great and all, but I am not used to being supported. I still will be receiving my last pay check from the Army, but thats it. We are down to one income. Even though we do well, it will be weird not making my own money since I have for so long. But we both know its best that while we can, I stay home and raise Sass. But now I have to think of things to occupy my time. Sass right now is still pretty easy to care for, I cant believe she will be 5 months next week! My little girl is getting so big! SO I was thinking, since I like to write (cant ya tell?), that I can start writing a book, but my creative button has been turned off for a while, so I cant really think about what to write about.

Well, I guess it is time to close this blog, get ready for bed, though I had a bit too much tea, so I will be surprised if I can fall asleep. But I am sure the Vicodine will help that! I hate taking pain meds, but what do you do....I wont be able to sleep or walk for that matter without it. Alright..until next time.