Saturday, March 14, 2009

My best friend.....Sass

I was all sad that my baby was growing up, I still am in a way, but she is so fun to be around. I am so thankful I am able to be a SAHM with Sass...she is my best friend.

In the mornings she wakes me up by talking to herself and her animals. I love hearing the sweet sounds of my child in there happy and letting mommy know she wants to get up and start her day.

I go in there and say Good Morning and she gets so happy and starts jumping and instantly bends down and grabs her blanket and hands it to me. I pick her up and she gives me the sweetest hug. We change her diaper and we go in my bed where she drinks her milk. I usually feed her her oatmeal and applesauce or banana in bed too while we watch Playhouse Disney. After she is done eating she grabs her blankey and puts it on my chest then comes and lies down on me. I love that we snuggle and cuddle all morning.

She sometimes liked to be silly in the mornings. She will stand up and then just fall backwards with no care what is behind her, she just laughs and laughs. We spend a lot of time during the day tickling and laughing. She always laughs, she is such a happy baby.

Here recently she has been communicating with me more and more. She signs milk to milk and lets me know when she wants it. Even at Target!She says wa-wa for water and signs it. She says cat and now signs it by petting her cheek. She can say dog and now signs it. She says ball and signs it. *all in context* She says baby and signs it. She signs all done.

She says, "who who" for owl, mmmmm for cow and she looooves going through books and asking the 3 questions, whats this, who's this and whats that. She wants to know everything...

She acts bashful around people...she looks at them, smiles then bashes her head into my chest/shoulder. She is silly.

She likes to sit in the shopping cart seat sideways.

She LOVES to go bye bye and will say, Bye Bee or bye bye and run to the door when I say its time to go.

She started waving like a prom queen today hahahaa...its hilarious!

She has been babbling differently lately...she uses her tongue a lot...she sounds so cute!

I just love hanging out with her all day....Even though the last week or so she hasn't been her normal self because she is teething and got over a runny nose with some liquid butt. But even with all that, she was a great baby.

We also went to Mc D's and BK for the 1st time this week. At Mc D's she had nuggets with no skin, apple slices and apple juice. At Bk she had chicken tenders, applesauce and milk and played in the play area!

She also told me today that the tiger on her blankey was a cat! I love watching her change and wonder what she will do next.

She can go down stairs, though I didn't actually see her do it, but I know she did!

She loves baths....she eats the bubbles....its hilarious...she will look at me with all these bubbles on her face, she obviously likes the taste because she does it all the time.

She knows things by name even if she cant say it. If I say something she responds or gets what I ask.....I cant wait to see what happens tomorrow...I love my best friend! Ok, pic time!

We just got this, its loud but I just will make sure to use it when Sass, new baby is far so good!

Cat looking out to see the world....
Sass chilling in her car seat, she already touches the back seat with her feet but we are extended RF as long as safely possible.Thanks for looking!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Holy liquid butt

Before I get on the topic of the day, I will write about this weekend...this might end up to be a bit long...:)

Friday was a pretty good day, Sass is cranky but I think she is least the 2 other times she has acted like this, she sprouted teeth. We had pizza hut pasta for dinner....we have been eating out entirely too much lately...

Saturday was a great day! Michael had an appointment at the day spa for an hour massage (I got him that for his B-day), so Sass and I decided to walk around the mall and wait for him. I bought a couple cute accessories for Sass's girly bedroom makeover (which I accidentally broke later that day) and I bought 4 shirts at American Eagle, I still had a gift card from Christmas 3 years ago! After hubby was done, we ate at Moe's Southwestern grill and proceeded home because Sass needed some sleep. She still wasn't feeling well, and besides that, it was wet and rainy out.

When I got home I started looking up bedding and I found exactly what I was looking for on Target online. I then found out Target opened last Wed and not this Sunday as I originally thought. (the grand opening was Sun). So I giddily went to Target and was in I missed that store. To read about my experience, please see my 365 blog. :) I found her the bedding and I got a couple cute pillows in the Easter section to match....Man I LOOOVE Target..Did I mention that already?

Sunday....was a laaaaaazy day. Sass STILL isn't feeling well and slept most the day! I relaxed in bed, watched some TV and then I decided to clean the upstairs. I did laundry, folded, hung up and organized Hubby's sock drawer. Then I decided to get started on Sass's room. I even rearranged her furniture! It looks so cute so far and I am pleased. I still have much to do. I want to hang shelves or shadow boxes on the wall, needs curtains, though I think I am waiting till we move to buy....I will use what we have for now. I want to get her a cute rug as our carpet here is hideous and I need to add pics on the wall...OH and fix up her lamp to match her new decor.

And on to today...Sass and I needed to go to the grocery store, Target :), and Ross for a few things. She had a semi soft poo this morning, went down for her nap and when she got up had NASTY liquid poo. 15 minutes later, same thing...leaking, stinky nasty mess....15 minutes later.....same thing...Poor Sass. She really isn't feeling well. We had her on no milk, but Hubby asked if he could give her some last night because she asked for it and since her poo was solid, or so he said. So we gave it to her...I knew we shouldn't have. So today she had no more milk, she practically didn't eat all day either. The pedi said last time to put her on a liquid diet for 24 hours.

Well this morning before the liquid, I tried feeding her her oatmeal and applesauce...she took 2 bites, and not willing bites either, and didn't want anymore...she threw a fit I put it up. When she got up for her nap, I had decided no milk. But I wanted something in her stomach...just a little, so I go to put her in her highchair and she SCREAMED and threw a fit. She hadn't done this since she was 6 months old. And then it was because she didn't want to be restrained, this time she apparently didn't want to eat. But being stubborn as I am...I put some cheerios on her tray....and as I should have figured, she ate 2, got mad and started doing the windshield wiper and flying to the floor they went. She then had some water....

Hubby comes home a couple hours later, Sass took another 2 hour nap and another blow out. He was eating soup and Sass had two saltine crackers....and that is all she had the whole day. She really didn't want to eat, not that we were really going to feed her much solids anyway, but she didn't once complain or ask for food. While I was at the grocery store, Hubby gave her some water mixed with a bit of juice....she doesn't drink juice but he did that because she hasn't really eaten today to keep her blood sugar up. She actually doesn't like juice, so that's good for me...but she barely drank her water...but she didn't want plain either......she then went to bed, fast asleep....I sure hope she is better tomorrow.

Hubby and I kept hearing weird noises coming from the one point I was making blueberry muffins, hubby already in bed and I hear YELLING out of nowhere from the monitor. It didn't really sound like Sass but it was so sudden and the baby sounded in I rush up stairs real fast and opened the door and was like..whats wrong baby?? She was sitting up dazed but silent...then she lied back down....I was thinking how odd that way..for just yelling...she seemed very I patted her back and went back downstairs...she never fully woke up. I then realized that Sass changed the frequency on the baby monitor earlier when she was playing with it and it wasn't her making the noises! What is funny is I have done this before...I heard her yell so I jump up so fast (because that is unusual for Sass) just to find out it wasn't when I say that's unusual, I really mean...its not like her at all.

So I forgot to get lasagna stuff at the store so I am going again friend Erika called me today, she thinks she screwed up by drunk texting this new guy she really likes...and hubby is with this all.....I am done eating my 2 blueberry muffins, my small glass of milk and I think I am going to bed...good night all!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

It's a red world down there

Poor Sass must be teething...I knew today was going to be a rough start from the way she woke up. Sass never really cries when she wakes up, she just sits in there and talks to herself...she starts to yell if I don't go in there when she is just talking. But this morning, she woke up crying. I knew something was up when she didn't want to eat her breakfast and she didn't even drink very much moo juice...this is very unSass like...

I am still feeling gross so we stayed in bed....she was pretty whinny the whole time....and then it was time for the diaper change. Sass is so red down there and when I would wipe her she would SCREAM. You can tell it stung really bad...and to top it off, she pooed around 5 times poor child.

She hardly ate her 2nd meal and really still wanted nothing to do with her milk. She ate a little better later but she just wasn't feeling the food.

I feel so bad for her. We are no longer using wipes as it seems to sting. We have been using oil to get the poo to come off easier and we use wet napkins, doesn't seem to hurt as bad. I am going to go buy her some different kind of cream if it is not better in the morning. My poor baby girl. I hate to see her so miserable.

She did take 2 long naps today though, the second was over 2 hours long!


I ave been feeling out of it lately, I have editing things that need to get done and I don't have the energy to do it. I am tired yet I can't sleep. I am retreating to my lazy ways again....not getting my butt up to go to the gym...not counting my calories, not eating like I should, not eating the correct food portions and definitely not drinking my water like I should...yet I complain about my weight??? I am SO close to getting back to my normal size and I am giving up. I can see the finish line in a race and I stop to walk....I need motivation, I need energy...I am just at a loss at what to do.

I am going to try again on Monday....I can't believe I let a whole month pass me by remaining at my current weight...why?? When I could have been working out and seeing some results! Anyway....I am going to get some will be a nice change.

Friday, March 6, 2009

for the love of food..

Tonight I decided to make enchiladas for dinner...YUMMY. As I was making them, I told hubby that I was making enough and he would be able to take some to work tomorrow for lunch...and I might even be able to eat the leftovers for lunch too...well...needless to say, between the three of us, they were all gone! Hubby ate 6! I ate 3 and Sass ate 1. She had enchiladas for the 1st time and she loved it!

Today was still a blah day for me...I got real sick feeling yesterday. Since I made plans before I was feeling sick to eat lunch with a friend, Sass and I kept our lunch date but man I was feeling horrible. After lunch we went to Jamba Juice so I could get a ColdBuster smoothie, Sass got her own smoothie too! The all fruit Strawberry whirl. I have to admit seeing my "baby" sitting next to me drinking her smoothie was kind of tear jerking. Time really does fly by. Here me and my daughter are enjoying the day with our smoothies, next thing I know we will off to Kindergarten then off to plan her wedding. Ok....maybe not THAT fast,'s quick enough. Where is this pause button again?Today, even though I didn't feel well at all, I actually got a good amount of cleaning done, along with laundry! Sass and I had an enjoyable day, we played and laughed and wrestled....I will miss that when we no longer have that cuddly really warms my heart. I love when I am sitting there and she comes and puts her little arms around me and gives me hugs for no reason whatsoever except that I am her mommy and she loves me. Not because I extended her curfew or raised her allowance. I love that she spend a good part of the day tickling and wrestling, hugging and cuddling...I love that she always wants me to hug her and love on her...she even finds it hilarious when I squeeze her tight...:( the other day I did it a little too hard and it cracked her back...she laughed even that felt good. I like when my back cracks, so I am hoping it had the same therapeutic feeling to her...:)

We got Sass a potty! We aren't full blown potty training her yet, she is still a little young for that, but we bought one to get her acquainted with it. I will sit her on it when I go just so she can get used to it. We aren't going to start really training until she is about 18 months old. That's just a guesstimate right now as I will go based off her cues of readiness. But I am excited to have picked this up!
Sass LOVES baths...she just sits there and splashes and eats her bubbles...:) Tonight she was showing off her smarts to me again. She has toy ducks and she picks up her duck and says, "that's a duck!" Hubby and I both looked at each other like...did she really say that? Luckily we have it on video...she then proceeded to point to everything other thing and say, "whats that?" Though it sounds like, "wass sthat?" And sure enough, she picked back up her duck and said, "that's a duck". She amazes me everyday.

Tonight we read a Pinocchio story out of her bedtime book. She sits in her rocking chair with her blanket and sippy of milk and I sit on the foot stool and rock her in the chair as I read. She likes to look at the pics and its an opportunity for her to sit still so I can read. On one of the pages she says, "cat" and sure enough Figaro was on that page. She is so smart she now knows cartoon cats. I continue and she then says, "dog". Sure enough...there was a dog....again...she always amazes me. There are times I actually hate putting her to bed because I want us to stay up and read, play, hug and chit chat....she really is my best friend...I adore this child.

Well, I am going to get to sleep so I can actually get a few hours in before she wakes up. I want to sleep off this icky feeling so that Sass and I can go out tomorrow and have a good day. Hope all is well!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What's that??

I hear that about 1,500 times a day lately. Sass will go up to everything and ask while pointing, whats that? Whats that? She is so darned cute.

She wasnt feeling well today, she only took one nap and woke up at 11. So she was awake from 11 until 9! We put her to bed around 7:45 when she was done eating, she talked for a good while, then she started crying. She worked herself up into a nice fit too! But she isnt feeling well, I think she is teething. Her nose is all runny and she felt real warm. We gave her some tylenol and orajel on her gums, then I rocked her to calm her down. Luckily she fell fast asleep. My poor boo boo.

She looooves going bye bye, or bye-bee as she says over and over again. She likes to tell me when we are going to go bye-bee, so I have been planning activites for us to go do stuff.

She has been signing baby a whole lot more, she can also say baby, so she constantly says Bay......bee...yes, there is a long like her Ut.....Oooooh.

She holds up everything and anything to her ear like a phone and says, hello? Hubby told me the other day she did it to a coil of cables....

This age is so fun, she understands so well. I have to admit I am getting baby fever though..but I have about 9 more months before we even start trying. I am kind of nervous and excited all at the same time.

I talked to my grandparents today, they just love talking to Sass. Grandpa said he wants to get a motor home to drive them down to VA when we move there, bless his heart....he loves Sass so...I am making him a DVD to watch so he can see how big she is now, they havent seen her, aside from pictures is a LONG time. I think they will really enjoy it!

well I am off to bed...surprisingly early I might add. So I am off...I have a feeling Sass will be waking up soon in the middle of the night, she does sometimes when she isnt feeling well.