Thursday, July 9, 2009

corn and peanut butter

I let Sass have full reign of the house today, she got into everything too.

At one point I heard a whole lot of banging in the I go look I saw a very dangerous picture. She had the long lighters, one in each hand, and she was banging them on the floor....Luckily they didn't break or burst! * I had the camera on me suspecting she made a mess....I took them away immediately.*

She had gotten into the cabinet as well...tupperware tops and pans, magnet letter and food containers were strung about. She loves to get into stuff!

She especially likes to play with the peanut butter jar.

So a few minutes go by and Sass is obviously on to her next quest and then she appears by my side holding up her little plastic care bear we got from the egg machine yesterday asking me, "whats this?"

Well I know that I had them in my purse so I know thats what she has been in to. So I go to my purse and I begin to pick up the contents that were thrown about. I pick up a care bear I that was still in there and go to hand it to I do, I see she has corn and peanut butter in her hand and she is opening and closing her hand playing with it....

My first thought was..."where did you get corn?? We didnt have corn today....wait a dont know how to open the peanut butter......Oh no...We had corn LAST NIGHT for dinner!"

"GROSS, give me your hand child...." I rush her over to the sink to wash off her poop covered hand and while I am balancing her on my knee...she takes her free right hand and reaches to her mac n cheese plate left over from lunch and begins shoving fist fulls in her mouth....

Now I need to figure out how to stop her from back digging in her diaper..:)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Pee Pee in the potty!

That's what Sass did today!! We were out all morning and we came home around noonish and I put her down for a nap. So I go to change her and she is dry so I asked her if she had to go potty? She told me she had to go pee pee, to the potty we went. Sure enough, she went pee!!

She was so excited she was clapping and saying "YEAH!!!"

So I am really excited too...but dreading the thought that she could be potty trained soon. I really like the convenience of diapers. I am not looking forward to having to stop mid shopping trip to find a bathroom, pulling over on the side of the road for a little bladder that cant wait.

My daughter is growing up so fast! On the 18th of this month she will be 18 months. 18 months!!! I swear she was just born.

On another note, I bought her her own laptop today. I got her this was only 19.99.
I think I might like the screen to the fisher price one better, but it didnt have number buttons on it...and this one did so...I opted for the Vtech one. We'll see how it works. The FP one was 15 dollars more! It was something similar to this
So we will try it out and see how it goes. She just loves our computer so much that I am hoping she will feel like she fits in with this one.

4th of July was great!

Hello blog land (not that anyone aside from me reads this...:) )

This 4th was a nice time. Good food, good company and good weather. Sure cant complain,

We had a nice little BBQ on Friday with the neighbors. Just some burgers and dogs on the grill, fruit and potato salad. Sass was in a good mood like always and was great entertainment. Here are a few pics from Friday. I love that we dressed Sass up like a Hula Girl.On Saturday we went to the Pearl Harbor festivities and it was HOT! Sass was so sweaty and she looked miserable. She had fun running around but she didn't like it when I wanted her to cool off in the shade. We didn't stay real long as she was turning red within minutes of being out there, and that was with the 55SPF she had on. I put an additional coat on her shortly after and it didn't seem to help. She did enjoy a snow cone though....she makes the cutest faces.
We decided to go to the fireworks down on the Ala Moana Beach, it was a nice showing, considering the fireworks almost didn't happen this year. I was even able to get a few good shots which I am surprised...I shot on full manual mode and I have never done that before. Perhaps its just easier to do fireworks on manual then other things.


The other day I picked Sass up and spun around and somehow hit my head on the corner of the wall in the bathroom. Since that day I have been having killer headaches that seem to knock me down. At first hubby thought I was just kidding but with them continuing, he is starting to worry. I am not worried yet....I just think I hit myself good, but if they continue I think I will make a doc appointment. Not real sure what they can do about it though.

Sass talks so much now....its easy to go, "say___" and then she repeats it. She brought me the bubbles today and she can say bubbles but then I started saying, POP POP when they popped and sure enough, now she says it when she extends her pointer finger out to pop them as they fall. She even brought over her camera to me today and told me to "smile" while she smashed the camera on her face backwards. She pays more attention that I thought. She cracks me up...any second she gets a chance, she will climb onto the chair in front of the computer and "type" on the keyboard and she likes to move the mouse around on the pad like we do. She is so smart. I think we are going to get her her own of those educational ones.

She climbed up into her highchair today....she climbs on anything she possibly can nowadays, scares me half to death sometimes...she has fallen a few times but it doesn't slow her down. She just dusts herself off and tries again.

Well I have some layouts I need to work on for my 365 project so I better get at it...hope you enjoyed the pics!