Wednesday, March 31, 2010

28 week scrap page

I am SOOO behind on my scrapbook pages. I have this crazy obsession with buying a ton of kits, but then I don't use them as often as I would like. I have SO many pages to scrap...let's face it, I procrastinate...... a lot, and my intentions are good, my follow through??? Not so much it seems. I always get tied up doing something else Photoshop related like....editing pictures.

Yes, many more pictures that I need to do things with! Hopefully I will have the two scrapbook projects I have been working on done before the kids go away to college....I fear it might take me that long to do the first years of their lives at the rate I am going!

Here I am on pregnancy number two, have done 2 pages for this one and I still haven't finished Sass's....Just in case anyone has lost count, she is 2. :)

I just know I need to devote more time doing it...I mean I LOVE to scrap so....why am I taking so long you ask?? I think I am trying to make it too perfect.

Well....I made this tonight. It's the 28 week page for Sprout's "I'm in mommy's belly!" book. I realized though something tonight while making it....its not just about the pictures that's in it. I like to add journal to it, and as I typed along the events and things that happened this week....since I waited so long to start the other weeks, I won't have cute stories or things we did that week on there, because I simply can't remember. I have the important things down on a calendar like...first time I felt her kick, heard her heartbeat and things like that, but I will miss the important little right now. So....since I hate missing moments, I think that might be the kick in the butt I needed to scrap the 1 page a week of pregnancy for the rest of the ride. I think I can do that. :) So...without further is the page I did tonight.

I used the kit "Enjoy" by Galiscrap.

Ok, I am editing this post because apparently I had another page in me tonight! This is my 24 week page....I made it kind of in line with this weeks i heart faces challenge! That....and I love dramatic black and white. :)

Monday, March 29, 2010

iheartfaces-Dramatic B&W

This is my first time entering the iheartfaces photography challenge.  I took this of my beautiful daughter, she always has these real serious faces and editing them in black and white really seem to make the photos stand out more. Click the button above to go to their website and enter!

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Is the time I have been going to bed for the last couple nights.....

I have been working on a new digital scrap kit that I am putting up on my other blog...

Lucky for me, Sass has been waking up closer to 11am gives me time to sleep haha....

We went and looked at our house today, the installation and drywall was up. Also the siding on the back of the house was all up too, so its coming along. Considering on Tuesday it was all frame inside and only the brick on the front of the house was up....I can't wait to move in and get settled.

We also went into the model homes again today and took a nice look around again and discussed how we'd set it up with our furniture. I am pretty excited! I am still trying to decide which room Sass gets and which one will be Sprout's. The rooms are close to the same size so, it really just depends on which one will hold the queen bed in there better.

Speaking of Sprout, she has been in there banging around all day and night...she is a very active fetus I'm telling you.....wonder if this will be an indication on how she will be outside of the womb. Time will tell I suppose. I am excited about next Saturday though because we get to see what she looks like!! It's also a sad day because my brother is deploying on that day too.....and my grandfather will be leaving the therapy rehab place he has been since he was released from the hospital and going home. Also on that day, in the morning we are going to the Easter egg hunt, THEN at night, we are going down to watch the fireworks at the Cherry Blossom Festival. So it is a VERY busy day lined up for us. I'm exhausted just thinking about it. I mentioned before, it's 3am.....3:07 now to be exact so...I am going to go to bed. Goodnight everyone!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

These last few days have been beautiful!

I have been enjoying the outdoors the last couple days. I love when the weather is in the 70s. Perfect weather, not cold and not hot, but perfect!

Yesterday we decided to venture down to DC to the Smithsonian Zoo....we also decided to take the metro so we didnt have to battle traffic, and to where I am glad I didnt have to deal with the crazy traffic, the metro was a headache in itself, especially the red line! Not to mention the escalator was broken, and everyone had the same zoo idea we did, so there was a  lot of people.

Unfortunately, we didn't have a great visit at the zoo...SO many people and Sass wasn't able to see any animals. Well...I take that back, she saw the top of a Panda's head, a gazelle, and an elephant's butt. We'll have to try again on a week day so that there isn't as many people. And also going on the first nice weekend was a bad idea too. But actually getting out was nice.

Today was another one of those wonderful days. Around 74 degrees, we went to the park and Sass played for a good hour. Then went to the grocery store where I used coupons on already sale items and saved us some money! I got Sass a box of her fruit snacks for 9 cents! Can't beat that! Then at home we went outside again, went to the park across the street from our house and just hung out outside.

I love where I have my computer off from the kitchen because its so full of natural light, and I have the screen door open that leads to the deck and I can just hear all the sounds outside and breath in the warm, fresh air. I have my music on and the house is quiet since Sass is napping and hubby is out in the garage. Just an overall nice day!

Even though today marks the first day of the third trimester for me, I had a lot of energy. I got up, cleaned up the kitchen that I didn't feel like doing the night before, cooked us a nice breakfast and then we got ready to go out. When we got back, I made us all lunch and then went out again. This is actually the first time I have really been able to sit down in the last few days.

Ever since being home in MI where I had no chance to sit down, I must have gotten used to being on the go. I have to admit I get a lot accomplished. :)

So I am 27 weeks today, and about 10lbs gained. Not bad! I can still fit in my normal jeans and even button them, but I admit when I do button them up, my back fat kinda puffs over hahaaa, so I like to use the rubber band trick to make them a bit looser. Today I am wearing Sass postpartum capris. So they are a bit bigger but fit around my stomach perfectly with some room left over. Yeah...I gained a little too much with her.

Aside from her being a VERY active baby, and I mean pretty much around the clock, along with some BH contractions when I walk too much, I feel just great. Oh, and I cant forget the hip pain I get at the end of the day from walking and the winded weak feeling I get carrying Sass up the stairs, I am feeling wonderful! hahaaa...But I know the fatigue is on its way!

We have the predry wall inspection on our house Tuesday, I am glad things are moving along, I can't wait to move in! Hopefully Sprout will still be in my belly when we do. After 37 weeks I can go at any time, that's 10 weeks from now. So...not a real long time, also considering I said PRE drywall...meaning, we have no walls yet so.....our house is a frame. :) They said May, so......lets hope there are no delays!

Well I think I am going to scrap some pages from the last few days, I got a few beautiful kits on sale the last couple days I have been dying to use. I will post the pages when I am done. I really love doing these pages for Sass and Sprout. I really hope they will enjoy them when they are older.

So until next time....

Thursday, March 18, 2010

How bad am I?

At remembering to keep up with my blogs?? The answer in short, is VERY.

But not too much has changed in the couple months since I wrote last, except I am a few days shy of being in my third trimester already, and Sass is getting smarter by the day!

Also, we are now proud home owners! We bought our first house and we move in in May. Yes, we are cutting it a bit close as I am due mid June and all, and after 37 weeks, she really can come at any time. OH, and we found out Sprout is a girl!

We have a 3D ultrasound scheduled for the 3rd of April. We will also double check her gender, just to be on the safe side!

The weather is beginning to be glorious! So warm, so Sass and I have been taking advantage and getting outside! Its nice to get out of the house, being cooped up is no fun and Sass has been asking to go to the park for weeks now.