Thursday, July 9, 2009

corn and peanut butter

I let Sass have full reign of the house today, she got into everything too.

At one point I heard a whole lot of banging in the I go look I saw a very dangerous picture. She had the long lighters, one in each hand, and she was banging them on the floor....Luckily they didn't break or burst! * I had the camera on me suspecting she made a mess....I took them away immediately.*

She had gotten into the cabinet as well...tupperware tops and pans, magnet letter and food containers were strung about. She loves to get into stuff!

She especially likes to play with the peanut butter jar.

So a few minutes go by and Sass is obviously on to her next quest and then she appears by my side holding up her little plastic care bear we got from the egg machine yesterday asking me, "whats this?"

Well I know that I had them in my purse so I know thats what she has been in to. So I go to my purse and I begin to pick up the contents that were thrown about. I pick up a care bear I that was still in there and go to hand it to I do, I see she has corn and peanut butter in her hand and she is opening and closing her hand playing with it....

My first thought was..."where did you get corn?? We didnt have corn today....wait a dont know how to open the peanut butter......Oh no...We had corn LAST NIGHT for dinner!"

"GROSS, give me your hand child...." I rush her over to the sink to wash off her poop covered hand and while I am balancing her on my knee...she takes her free right hand and reaches to her mac n cheese plate left over from lunch and begins shoving fist fulls in her mouth....

Now I need to figure out how to stop her from back digging in her diaper..:)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Pee Pee in the potty!

That's what Sass did today!! We were out all morning and we came home around noonish and I put her down for a nap. So I go to change her and she is dry so I asked her if she had to go potty? She told me she had to go pee pee, to the potty we went. Sure enough, she went pee!!

She was so excited she was clapping and saying "YEAH!!!"

So I am really excited too...but dreading the thought that she could be potty trained soon. I really like the convenience of diapers. I am not looking forward to having to stop mid shopping trip to find a bathroom, pulling over on the side of the road for a little bladder that cant wait.

My daughter is growing up so fast! On the 18th of this month she will be 18 months. 18 months!!! I swear she was just born.

On another note, I bought her her own laptop today. I got her this was only 19.99.
I think I might like the screen to the fisher price one better, but it didnt have number buttons on it...and this one did so...I opted for the Vtech one. We'll see how it works. The FP one was 15 dollars more! It was something similar to this
So we will try it out and see how it goes. She just loves our computer so much that I am hoping she will feel like she fits in with this one.

4th of July was great!

Hello blog land (not that anyone aside from me reads this...:) )

This 4th was a nice time. Good food, good company and good weather. Sure cant complain,

We had a nice little BBQ on Friday with the neighbors. Just some burgers and dogs on the grill, fruit and potato salad. Sass was in a good mood like always and was great entertainment. Here are a few pics from Friday. I love that we dressed Sass up like a Hula Girl.On Saturday we went to the Pearl Harbor festivities and it was HOT! Sass was so sweaty and she looked miserable. She had fun running around but she didn't like it when I wanted her to cool off in the shade. We didn't stay real long as she was turning red within minutes of being out there, and that was with the 55SPF she had on. I put an additional coat on her shortly after and it didn't seem to help. She did enjoy a snow cone though....she makes the cutest faces.
We decided to go to the fireworks down on the Ala Moana Beach, it was a nice showing, considering the fireworks almost didn't happen this year. I was even able to get a few good shots which I am surprised...I shot on full manual mode and I have never done that before. Perhaps its just easier to do fireworks on manual then other things.


The other day I picked Sass up and spun around and somehow hit my head on the corner of the wall in the bathroom. Since that day I have been having killer headaches that seem to knock me down. At first hubby thought I was just kidding but with them continuing, he is starting to worry. I am not worried yet....I just think I hit myself good, but if they continue I think I will make a doc appointment. Not real sure what they can do about it though.

Sass talks so much now....its easy to go, "say___" and then she repeats it. She brought me the bubbles today and she can say bubbles but then I started saying, POP POP when they popped and sure enough, now she says it when she extends her pointer finger out to pop them as they fall. She even brought over her camera to me today and told me to "smile" while she smashed the camera on her face backwards. She pays more attention that I thought. She cracks me up...any second she gets a chance, she will climb onto the chair in front of the computer and "type" on the keyboard and she likes to move the mouse around on the pad like we do. She is so smart. I think we are going to get her her own of those educational ones.

She climbed up into her highchair today....she climbs on anything she possibly can nowadays, scares me half to death sometimes...she has fallen a few times but it doesn't slow her down. She just dusts herself off and tries again.

Well I have some layouts I need to work on for my 365 project so I better get at it...hope you enjoyed the pics!


Monday, June 22, 2009

17 months old

I know I say this all the time, but I just cant believe how big she is getting and how fast. But I have never meant it more than I do right now. Everyday she is changing and accomplishes something. I suppose it is time to face that my "baby" is no longer a baby in any means. She is a very independent smart toddler.....she makes this whole raising her gig so easy, almost too easy, and I give a lot of credit to signing with her.

I am going to write out her current vocab *if I can even remember it all, its coming so quick now, its hard to keep up, so I need to document this* The ones with * next to it are ones she can sign as well. Some are sign only.

bye bye (which means when we leave)
Lets go
night night
ewwww (when something is gross, something in her mouth she doesn't like, dirty diapers, things she finds off the floor)
Cat*(also kitty, kitty cat)
Bella (our dog's name)
all gone and all done*
baba *(signs milk)
ut oh
oh no
dang (yes...dang...thanks to hubby, she also groups woah with she says, "woah dang!"
whats that
whats this
thank you (sign only)
brush teeth(sign only, but she mumbles something similar)
frog (sign only)
fish(sign only)
wash hands(sign only)
soap(sign only)
yes (yup, yah)
Yeah (followed with clapping)
poo poo, pee pee
shoes(sign only)

There are more, she actually talks with me all day but when I want to recall them its hard. They are simple words but she communicates in context. She will tell me "lets go" then signs shoes and runs to her shoes and tries to put them on her feet. Once her shoes are on she'll walk to the door and say "outside" then "car". She tells me if she is cold. She tells me she is hungry and wants to eat but telling me, signing and going to her high chair. She can tell me when she wants water or milk. She tells me she wants a banana or a cracker or whatever it is she wants. She will tell us that she wants to take a bath or that she is tired and wants to go to sleep (which is good for me). If I ask her if she wants to go to bed, she will run for the stairs and walk up them. She is really good at doing it upright. She will go straight to her bed. Before bed she tells us to brush teeth and she will also do it on her own. She takes the comb and brushes her hair and even puts her own powder on during diaper changes.

She is getting to where she can repeat something only hearing it 1 or 2 times. Today hubby was showing her his watch and she said it back several times when prompted. He told her it tells time. She said it back several times.

She always calls for us...if he walks out of the room she says, "daddy go?" and calls for him. Same for me. She will come up to us and pat up on the leg or arm and be like, mama? daddy and then tell us what she wants. She lets us know when she is full. She just says all done and we know she is done (if we listen to her, she doesn't throw food, if we ignore her request, that's when she gets bored and slings food, so its very helpful). She now tells me when she has to go potty, so we are starting to potty train her.

I am not trying to sound like I am bragging...I am just amazed at what she is doing (I think she is right on time for most of it), I am just saying I cant believe she is growing up so fast. Before long she will be miss independent and will be able to talk fluently and come and go as she pleases. Kinda scary.

Today we were singing Old MacDonald and I would stop between the animals and she knows what sounds they make and she signs the animals with the song. I would stop after one verse and she would sign and say, "More eieiei-o?" so I would sing another verse and she would dance and sing and sign with me...then she would say, "more?" which comes out, Moe? She can say most of the words where others understand her, there are only a couple she says them half, like more. But most are complete words.

She knows to hold on to our hands and she listens surprisingly well for as young as she is. if we tell/ask her to do something, she does it. She understands so much, I think more than we even give her credit for.

Her hair is getting outrageous. :) I call her trumpy *donald trump hair* Its shaggy out of control and its making her look so much older, but she still has those adorable chubby cheeks!

She loves the park. She can swing on a big kid swing all by herself *with us pushing of course* and can climb up the stairs like a big girl and even go down the slide all by herself yelling WEEEEE all the way down. She likes to run with the big kids and do as they do.

She can go forward on her ride on toys and I think she might be ready for a pedal bike already...she is certainly tall enough and she understands motion like that really well. Cause and effect she is good at. If I show her arm motions for songs, she can do it right back to me, little copy cat this one.

I am so blessed to have a beautiful healthy little girl and I just love her so very much and so very proud of her. I cant wait until my family gets to meet her, I cant wait for her to meet them.

She acts bashful sometimes, but I secretly like it because she hugs me so tight and rests her beautiful face on my chest or on my shoulder. She likes to "pet" me too, like rub my arm or back...just like I do her. She is a very loving girl. She will give kisses when asked then tell us thank you. She asks please when she wants something...most times. Sometimes if you ask her to say please she looks at you like you are crazy! Same for thank you, but she is doing a great job.

She is very well behaved...she has her moments and her tantrums, but they are usually short lived and we discuss why its not ok and she usually goes back to her happy self shortly after. I got lucky with her personality. She is a lot like her daddy in the calm factor. I have a feeling my next one will be very opposite of her. Very hyper and not so calm. There is no way I can get this lucky twice. A good sleeper, listener, calm, easy go with the flow baby/child.

I hope Sass will like it in VA and we provide a great environment for her there. I think a lot of the reason Sass is so good too is because of hubby and my attitude around her. We don't fight almost ever and if we have a tiff, its not in front of her. We aren't stressed, never really have been and she always sees us happy and laughing. I think she is really thriving from that. We are blessed that we don't have tons on our plate to where we are stressed and unhappy and fighting..children pick up on it so easily. I know I did in my household. So far she has been in a pretty light atmosphere and I hope that continues when we move. Lots will be changing and I hope we can manage it like we do here. He will be working a more stressful job and maybe longer hours...a crazy commute so he may not be around as much. I will be going to school so she may have to be put in care for a while...that changes things too. But I guess I cant protect her forever from outside influences.

See I always liked that too...she was always in my care for the most part so other people's negative ways haven't really touched on mom's house is stressful and can be negative and angry at times and she hasn't had to experience it because of the distance. But I also hate the fact Sass doesn't know her family outside of me and hubby either. We are going home for a while when we move to VA, I think the tension wont be great there anymore since there wont be sibling fights going on. I don't mean to say my family is negative, but lots of stress and tension can loom and create a uneasy vibe if you know what I mean.

Well I think I have rambled enough...if I just keep this current I wont have to write a novel every time I post....but that's how I roll I guess. So until next time.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Uh....I don't feel well today....I woke up with not being able to swallow. The feeling where you have to really think about it and TRY to swallow because your throat seems to have forgotten its primary function...and now its sore. Every time I woke up I had to use more throat spray just so I could try and get some more sleep. I hate sore throats with a passion. I think I would rather have a stomach bug and puking that a sore throat!

I even lost my voice, its cracking like I'm going through puberty again...I hope I don't get Sass sick.

Yesterday I got my second B-day present from hubby! A NEW LAPTOP! Yay! It is suuuper sweet and I am on it now. It has a 250 GB hard drive, blu ray player, 4 gigs of ram and of course a duo core processor so it does a lot of things at once. Its fast and nice. I love it!I went to the gym yesterday to start working out again and it was SO hot in there. It was raining outside so the humidity was crazy. I was sweating so bad, and I don't sweat much so if that's any indication of how it was. I barely got through my workout. I only did 35 minutes of cardio because of how much I was sweating, I thought I was going to pass out. And since I just started up again, might as well take it slow anyway. Just sucks because I am so sick today, means I cant go so.....hopefully tomorrow I will be better.

Sass amazes me with her smarts everyday!

We were looking at a magazine and she saw a lady with a cowboy hat on and she pointed and told me, "HAT!" while signing it. She then told me she was a girl, but saying it and signing it. Today she was playing with her toy pig and looked at me and said, "PIG!" and signed it for the first time! **I was JUST informed by hubby that she did this 2 days ago...:( He thought she has been doing it and didn't realize it was a new sign.***
She loves to spin in circles and she is just so funny. Her hair is so puffy and in a very awkward stage right now. She is so full of life and she is so fun to be around. I just cant believe how smart she is! I cant believe she is 16 months already. Time sure is flying.

I decided to TRY and give myself a french manicure yesterday. Operative word it TRY.It doesnt look too bad in the pic, but you can tell its a home job! haha

Well hubby is home so I can go lie down now.....and of course finish up Breaking Dawn. :)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

mint chocolate chip ice cream... what I am eating right now at 12:45am. I don't think Oprah and her, "don't eat after 5" speech sunk in. If you don't know, I have no self control when it comes to food. It amazes me to this day that I dropped all 75lbs of baby weight. Sure it took me 16 months, give or take, to lose it, but I did. But it sure wont stay off if I keep this up.

Of course yesterday was Memorial Day, and who can live through that day and not have a BBQ or at least go to one? ME that's who. I take every opportunity to have BBQ food, and I always stuff myself like its Thanksgiving. Of course I will jump on the scale the next day, sigh because I inevitably gained weight, and then feed off the leftovers. Kinda like yesterday and today. I finally get back down to 125 and I am ruining it in 2 days. FML.

*takes bite*

But here I sit, happily chomping down on my ice cream. Hey, you only live once right?

I think I am going through a mid-life crisis....I am going on 28 years old. 28! 30 is rapidly approaching and I feel like I wasted my 20's away. Of course I haven't, but my mind likes to go off the deep end from time to time and its making me sad. After all, you are only as old as you feel right??

So the other day my hard drive crashed and I lost all of 2009's pics and everything I put on my computer since 7 Jan 09. Needless to say I FREAKED out when Michael told me, I actually pushed him and somehow put a huge gash on his arm. The event is pretty blurry to me as I was so shocked and taken back. I am STUPID for not backing up my files, and just like that, thousands of memories were left up to my mind to remember, never to be seen by another soul and over time forgotten. I have a horrible memory so that speeds up the process. Luckily my husband is a freaking computer genius and a few days later he was able to restore 90% of the files. Its not ALL, but enough for me to be happy. I am thankful that we got what we did, which is better than having it all gone. A lot of praying went in to it as well.

I took a break from the Internet while I was sulking and mad at myself for being so stupid and constantly putting off backing up the files because I was "too busy". I really beat myself up over this. Every though was of a group of pictures never to be seen again and it was tearing my mind apart. To distract me, I started reading the Twilight Saga...

Now I am just like every pubescent girl in the world and I am completely obsessed with the books. I read Twilight in a matter of hours, practically one sitting. New moon the next,Eclipse took me 2 sittings and now I am on Breaking Dawn. I took a break from it since it is the last book of the saga currently published and I don't want to rush it. I have a habit of doing that. I watched all seasons of One tree hill back to back, the office and Gilmore girls much the same. Now the books. I need to learn to portion things out.

So before that day, hubby asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I quickly said nothing. 2 days later I told him I wanted Twilight on Blue ray....I am obsessed.

I eat, day dream and sleep Twilight. For the last week I had vampire dreams...I look on YouTube for videos, listen to the soundtrack....look up the cast online and in magazines...I need a life is what this boils down to. I am at home with a 16 month old all day. How absurd is it that I would love to be a vampire right now...I you know how that sounds?? I am losing my sane mind...its got a first class ticket out of here and I am happily waving it good bye. FML.

Sass's new nickname is Chippy-she chipped her effing tooth the other day. GREAT. Luckily its not too should even out a bit after a while. Its a small chip, but I am so angry about it, my poor baby girl's mouth. She was upset too long about it, she cried harder when I put the cold rag on her broken lip. Once I stopped the bleeding and took away the rag she was all laughs and smiles like it never happened. The rag to her was worse apparently. She is a tough kid.

She loves soon as she takes her last bite of dinner, and after she tells me, "all done" she tells me she wants a bath. She randomly asks me to give her baths throughout the day as well....I have a water baby on my hands.

I am looking forward to going home to Michigan this fall and staying for as long as my heart contents. It will just be me mom and Sass in the apartment. My brother will be shipped off to the Army then and my sister will most likely be married. She already lives with him now, so....its will just be us. I am looking forward to seeing my old friends (some its been 10 yrs!) and having Sass get to know this side of her family. It may be one of the last times she sees my great grandparents which is depressing to even say. I love them so much.

In the winter I am starting school at the Art Institute in Arlington, VA for Photography. I think that will help with the, "who am I really?" blues I have been having lately. I feel like I have lost myself in the last 3-4 yrs. I need to get me back, pronto!

I went out last Saturday and it felt good. It was fun to be with the girls and hang loose. Turn drunk people down, and some in hilarious ways. Like the leprechaun joke. I will never forget the look on that poor boy's face. I had a great time dressing up and feeling girly and pretty.

Today I even dressed up to go to the grocery store. There was a time that I wouldn't even go outside to check the mail without looking glamorous....slowly that went away to where I went out often with no makeup on, my hair a disaster and in clothes that should be in the garbage. For me, I am changing that. Not saying I have to wear makeup per se, as I think I am pretty without it, but I just want to feel good before I go do stuff. I think it will help boost my esteem and my daily attitude. I am hoping to bring sexy back..;)

Well its late and even the sounds of 311 that can always keep me going is wearing off. Sass has been waking up earlier since it gets daylight sooner, looks like its time to block her windows again with dark blankets. But since she is up the same time no matter what time I go down...I need some rest. So....until next time.


Friday, April 3, 2009


I actually feel bad about writing my last post, I feel it was childish and CARES you didnt become an actress...most people dont, even the ones who pack up an leave to LA and become waitresses and going to countless auditions just to hear, "sorry, you are too fat' or "Not what we are looking for, better luck next time."

Not to mention that its not THAT important...I guess all I was saying was...I just wonder what it would have been like if I did get to do that type of stuff...and its my fault, I am not trying to play this whoa is me was my choice and my doing.....I am just in a funky mood ignore me..:)

I guess this is what happens when I talk to a 14 month all day and have a day filled with Playhouse Disney and Yo Gabba Gabba.....I need more adult interaction....

Life, Random thoughts and more..oh my!

As some of you may know, we had a family emergency come up that required our presence in Oklahoma. Well we are truly blessed because the situation turned around 180 within a few days. Thank you for all of the thoughts and prayer, I do believe that some divine intervention took place with this family!

So the trip with Sass was interesting at least and I am happy to announce that we only have to fly over the ocean ONE more time, and that will be in September when we move to Virginia! The days are going by so fast, I feel like the older I get, the quicker my days are, and at the end I feel like nothing was accomplished and I need more time...I have so many things that I want to do but get brushed aside for things like housework and dishes and cooking.....Even though I spend almost every waken second with my daughter, I feel like it's still not enough....and I have been craving me time lately....and I have been thinking about life choices I have made.

Please don't get me wrong, I love my husband and my daughter, and if it weren't for the choices and events in my life, I would not have them where we are today, but I can't help but think about things that could have been done differently.

I wanted to be so many things when I was younger....I wanted to be a lawyer, a model and most of all, an actress......There was a time that I was told almost daily that I should be one. But I have always been on the more realistic/practical side, or shall I say the safe side and I never took that risk. I always let something get in the way and was content in my little life circle making my own videos and "movies" with my friends. I knew I had to do something that paid the "dream" would not.

So I joined the Army...where I served for 8 years Honorably. I served as a paralegal in the JAG Corps, somewhat doing my first dream, and that was to be a lawyer. I had plans to go to law school, but after working with lawyers for years, I realized that life just wasn't for me.

I am now a stay at home mom of my beautiful 14 and a half month old daughter, wife to the man who took my breath away when we first met and continues to amaze me and turning my once hobby of photography into a possible career.

But something inside of me still wishes I went out and pursued my acting, or at least tried my hand out in it....see where it would go, if anywhere because I feel so alive when I am doing it. I can actually say some of my happiest memories is when I was putting on a show with my friends, or making crappy "Goat" movies with Erika. It seemed so natural to me and it made me happy.

I always let fear get in my way...or the unknown rather and that bothers me so. I often do not know how to go about to find the ways in and so I just don't, and let time pass me by. Currently my excuse is, I am too old now...I have a child...the model thing is OUT the window because of what pregnancy did to my body. I personally find nothing wrong with it, but that's my perspective and not the industry' there is no need to even attempt that gravel road.

I will be happy in my photography life....I have always wanted to do that as well....but I cant help to feel saddened that I never went out there and just TRIED. I always have dreams that I am on lately Ghost Hunters (Ok, I know that's not acting per se...BUT, I am a believer in the paranormal, and I for years have "went ghost hunting" even before I knew of this show....) But hell...I wanted to be a tornado chaser too...but that's something I can let fall to the side..:) Many of you know I love the show One Tree Hill....I get so wrapped up in the show that is made up and it calls to me....because that's what I want to do...but don't even know if I can now....where do I start? I mean....I am a mom now and a wife...we are a military family and that limits me....

I love to make people happy, and I always wanted to be on TV.....not even about the money....that never crossed my mind, but its just always something I wanted to do....sometimes I wish I could start my life over again at like...16.....(which that makes me sad too because again, I love my husband and baby girl, she is the light of my life....)

But this whole post is going on about nonsense....its just, I have no one to really talk to about this and I feel I need to get my feelings out. But rational thinking me will be back tomorrow and I will start thinking straight again....but sometimes I just have to let this out.

I feel like I lead a boring life.....I was never boring.......................I feel the last 4 yrs of my life (not really the last yr, but from Aug 05-Dec 08) has really taken me away from who I used to be, and not for the better. I feel the inner me got sucked out and spread so thin that sometimes it feels she is lost forever, and that makes me sad......I HATE that I came to Hawaii....and I know everything happens for a reason, and it does, but this place has changed me....I want me back and I don't know how....I used to be so funny, witty, full of energy, had friends....I LOVED my life. The moment I got on that flight to life, me, was changed and I miss me. I do not like who I have become. That is why I am looking forward to Virgina so much...its a new place, new beginnings, I want me to come back. I am hopeful that it will happen.

Well this kind of took a depressing turn, so I am sure no one will read it and you know I don't blame you. I just needed to get a few things off my chest....but oddly enough, I don't feel better...if anything...I feel sadder. Guilty almost.

Well I have many many many pictures to sort through and watermark for my 365 blog I am so behind on. So...until next time...hopefully I will be in a better mood!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

My best friend.....Sass

I was all sad that my baby was growing up, I still am in a way, but she is so fun to be around. I am so thankful I am able to be a SAHM with Sass...she is my best friend.

In the mornings she wakes me up by talking to herself and her animals. I love hearing the sweet sounds of my child in there happy and letting mommy know she wants to get up and start her day.

I go in there and say Good Morning and she gets so happy and starts jumping and instantly bends down and grabs her blanket and hands it to me. I pick her up and she gives me the sweetest hug. We change her diaper and we go in my bed where she drinks her milk. I usually feed her her oatmeal and applesauce or banana in bed too while we watch Playhouse Disney. After she is done eating she grabs her blankey and puts it on my chest then comes and lies down on me. I love that we snuggle and cuddle all morning.

She sometimes liked to be silly in the mornings. She will stand up and then just fall backwards with no care what is behind her, she just laughs and laughs. We spend a lot of time during the day tickling and laughing. She always laughs, she is such a happy baby.

Here recently she has been communicating with me more and more. She signs milk to milk and lets me know when she wants it. Even at Target!She says wa-wa for water and signs it. She says cat and now signs it by petting her cheek. She can say dog and now signs it. She says ball and signs it. *all in context* She says baby and signs it. She signs all done.

She says, "who who" for owl, mmmmm for cow and she looooves going through books and asking the 3 questions, whats this, who's this and whats that. She wants to know everything...

She acts bashful around people...she looks at them, smiles then bashes her head into my chest/shoulder. She is silly.

She likes to sit in the shopping cart seat sideways.

She LOVES to go bye bye and will say, Bye Bee or bye bye and run to the door when I say its time to go.

She started waving like a prom queen today hahahaa...its hilarious!

She has been babbling differently lately...she uses her tongue a lot...she sounds so cute!

I just love hanging out with her all day....Even though the last week or so she hasn't been her normal self because she is teething and got over a runny nose with some liquid butt. But even with all that, she was a great baby.

We also went to Mc D's and BK for the 1st time this week. At Mc D's she had nuggets with no skin, apple slices and apple juice. At Bk she had chicken tenders, applesauce and milk and played in the play area!

She also told me today that the tiger on her blankey was a cat! I love watching her change and wonder what she will do next.

She can go down stairs, though I didn't actually see her do it, but I know she did!

She loves baths....she eats the bubbles....its hilarious...she will look at me with all these bubbles on her face, she obviously likes the taste because she does it all the time.

She knows things by name even if she cant say it. If I say something she responds or gets what I ask.....I cant wait to see what happens tomorrow...I love my best friend! Ok, pic time!

We just got this, its loud but I just will make sure to use it when Sass, new baby is far so good!

Cat looking out to see the world....
Sass chilling in her car seat, she already touches the back seat with her feet but we are extended RF as long as safely possible.Thanks for looking!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Holy liquid butt

Before I get on the topic of the day, I will write about this weekend...this might end up to be a bit long...:)

Friday was a pretty good day, Sass is cranky but I think she is least the 2 other times she has acted like this, she sprouted teeth. We had pizza hut pasta for dinner....we have been eating out entirely too much lately...

Saturday was a great day! Michael had an appointment at the day spa for an hour massage (I got him that for his B-day), so Sass and I decided to walk around the mall and wait for him. I bought a couple cute accessories for Sass's girly bedroom makeover (which I accidentally broke later that day) and I bought 4 shirts at American Eagle, I still had a gift card from Christmas 3 years ago! After hubby was done, we ate at Moe's Southwestern grill and proceeded home because Sass needed some sleep. She still wasn't feeling well, and besides that, it was wet and rainy out.

When I got home I started looking up bedding and I found exactly what I was looking for on Target online. I then found out Target opened last Wed and not this Sunday as I originally thought. (the grand opening was Sun). So I giddily went to Target and was in I missed that store. To read about my experience, please see my 365 blog. :) I found her the bedding and I got a couple cute pillows in the Easter section to match....Man I LOOOVE Target..Did I mention that already?

Sunday....was a laaaaaazy day. Sass STILL isn't feeling well and slept most the day! I relaxed in bed, watched some TV and then I decided to clean the upstairs. I did laundry, folded, hung up and organized Hubby's sock drawer. Then I decided to get started on Sass's room. I even rearranged her furniture! It looks so cute so far and I am pleased. I still have much to do. I want to hang shelves or shadow boxes on the wall, needs curtains, though I think I am waiting till we move to buy....I will use what we have for now. I want to get her a cute rug as our carpet here is hideous and I need to add pics on the wall...OH and fix up her lamp to match her new decor.

And on to today...Sass and I needed to go to the grocery store, Target :), and Ross for a few things. She had a semi soft poo this morning, went down for her nap and when she got up had NASTY liquid poo. 15 minutes later, same thing...leaking, stinky nasty mess....15 minutes later.....same thing...Poor Sass. She really isn't feeling well. We had her on no milk, but Hubby asked if he could give her some last night because she asked for it and since her poo was solid, or so he said. So we gave it to her...I knew we shouldn't have. So today she had no more milk, she practically didn't eat all day either. The pedi said last time to put her on a liquid diet for 24 hours.

Well this morning before the liquid, I tried feeding her her oatmeal and applesauce...she took 2 bites, and not willing bites either, and didn't want anymore...she threw a fit I put it up. When she got up for her nap, I had decided no milk. But I wanted something in her stomach...just a little, so I go to put her in her highchair and she SCREAMED and threw a fit. She hadn't done this since she was 6 months old. And then it was because she didn't want to be restrained, this time she apparently didn't want to eat. But being stubborn as I am...I put some cheerios on her tray....and as I should have figured, she ate 2, got mad and started doing the windshield wiper and flying to the floor they went. She then had some water....

Hubby comes home a couple hours later, Sass took another 2 hour nap and another blow out. He was eating soup and Sass had two saltine crackers....and that is all she had the whole day. She really didn't want to eat, not that we were really going to feed her much solids anyway, but she didn't once complain or ask for food. While I was at the grocery store, Hubby gave her some water mixed with a bit of juice....she doesn't drink juice but he did that because she hasn't really eaten today to keep her blood sugar up. She actually doesn't like juice, so that's good for me...but she barely drank her water...but she didn't want plain either......she then went to bed, fast asleep....I sure hope she is better tomorrow.

Hubby and I kept hearing weird noises coming from the one point I was making blueberry muffins, hubby already in bed and I hear YELLING out of nowhere from the monitor. It didn't really sound like Sass but it was so sudden and the baby sounded in I rush up stairs real fast and opened the door and was like..whats wrong baby?? She was sitting up dazed but silent...then she lied back down....I was thinking how odd that way..for just yelling...she seemed very I patted her back and went back downstairs...she never fully woke up. I then realized that Sass changed the frequency on the baby monitor earlier when she was playing with it and it wasn't her making the noises! What is funny is I have done this before...I heard her yell so I jump up so fast (because that is unusual for Sass) just to find out it wasn't when I say that's unusual, I really mean...its not like her at all.

So I forgot to get lasagna stuff at the store so I am going again friend Erika called me today, she thinks she screwed up by drunk texting this new guy she really likes...and hubby is with this all.....I am done eating my 2 blueberry muffins, my small glass of milk and I think I am going to bed...good night all!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

It's a red world down there

Poor Sass must be teething...I knew today was going to be a rough start from the way she woke up. Sass never really cries when she wakes up, she just sits in there and talks to herself...she starts to yell if I don't go in there when she is just talking. But this morning, she woke up crying. I knew something was up when she didn't want to eat her breakfast and she didn't even drink very much moo juice...this is very unSass like...

I am still feeling gross so we stayed in bed....she was pretty whinny the whole time....and then it was time for the diaper change. Sass is so red down there and when I would wipe her she would SCREAM. You can tell it stung really bad...and to top it off, she pooed around 5 times poor child.

She hardly ate her 2nd meal and really still wanted nothing to do with her milk. She ate a little better later but she just wasn't feeling the food.

I feel so bad for her. We are no longer using wipes as it seems to sting. We have been using oil to get the poo to come off easier and we use wet napkins, doesn't seem to hurt as bad. I am going to go buy her some different kind of cream if it is not better in the morning. My poor baby girl. I hate to see her so miserable.

She did take 2 long naps today though, the second was over 2 hours long!


I ave been feeling out of it lately, I have editing things that need to get done and I don't have the energy to do it. I am tired yet I can't sleep. I am retreating to my lazy ways again....not getting my butt up to go to the gym...not counting my calories, not eating like I should, not eating the correct food portions and definitely not drinking my water like I should...yet I complain about my weight??? I am SO close to getting back to my normal size and I am giving up. I can see the finish line in a race and I stop to walk....I need motivation, I need energy...I am just at a loss at what to do.

I am going to try again on Monday....I can't believe I let a whole month pass me by remaining at my current weight...why?? When I could have been working out and seeing some results! Anyway....I am going to get some will be a nice change.

Friday, March 6, 2009

for the love of food..

Tonight I decided to make enchiladas for dinner...YUMMY. As I was making them, I told hubby that I was making enough and he would be able to take some to work tomorrow for lunch...and I might even be able to eat the leftovers for lunch too...well...needless to say, between the three of us, they were all gone! Hubby ate 6! I ate 3 and Sass ate 1. She had enchiladas for the 1st time and she loved it!

Today was still a blah day for me...I got real sick feeling yesterday. Since I made plans before I was feeling sick to eat lunch with a friend, Sass and I kept our lunch date but man I was feeling horrible. After lunch we went to Jamba Juice so I could get a ColdBuster smoothie, Sass got her own smoothie too! The all fruit Strawberry whirl. I have to admit seeing my "baby" sitting next to me drinking her smoothie was kind of tear jerking. Time really does fly by. Here me and my daughter are enjoying the day with our smoothies, next thing I know we will off to Kindergarten then off to plan her wedding. Ok....maybe not THAT fast,'s quick enough. Where is this pause button again?Today, even though I didn't feel well at all, I actually got a good amount of cleaning done, along with laundry! Sass and I had an enjoyable day, we played and laughed and wrestled....I will miss that when we no longer have that cuddly really warms my heart. I love when I am sitting there and she comes and puts her little arms around me and gives me hugs for no reason whatsoever except that I am her mommy and she loves me. Not because I extended her curfew or raised her allowance. I love that she spend a good part of the day tickling and wrestling, hugging and cuddling...I love that she always wants me to hug her and love on her...she even finds it hilarious when I squeeze her tight...:( the other day I did it a little too hard and it cracked her back...she laughed even that felt good. I like when my back cracks, so I am hoping it had the same therapeutic feeling to her...:)

We got Sass a potty! We aren't full blown potty training her yet, she is still a little young for that, but we bought one to get her acquainted with it. I will sit her on it when I go just so she can get used to it. We aren't going to start really training until she is about 18 months old. That's just a guesstimate right now as I will go based off her cues of readiness. But I am excited to have picked this up!
Sass LOVES baths...she just sits there and splashes and eats her bubbles...:) Tonight she was showing off her smarts to me again. She has toy ducks and she picks up her duck and says, "that's a duck!" Hubby and I both looked at each other like...did she really say that? Luckily we have it on video...she then proceeded to point to everything other thing and say, "whats that?" Though it sounds like, "wass sthat?" And sure enough, she picked back up her duck and said, "that's a duck". She amazes me everyday.

Tonight we read a Pinocchio story out of her bedtime book. She sits in her rocking chair with her blanket and sippy of milk and I sit on the foot stool and rock her in the chair as I read. She likes to look at the pics and its an opportunity for her to sit still so I can read. On one of the pages she says, "cat" and sure enough Figaro was on that page. She is so smart she now knows cartoon cats. I continue and she then says, "dog". Sure enough...there was a dog....again...she always amazes me. There are times I actually hate putting her to bed because I want us to stay up and read, play, hug and chit chat....she really is my best friend...I adore this child.

Well, I am going to get to sleep so I can actually get a few hours in before she wakes up. I want to sleep off this icky feeling so that Sass and I can go out tomorrow and have a good day. Hope all is well!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What's that??

I hear that about 1,500 times a day lately. Sass will go up to everything and ask while pointing, whats that? Whats that? She is so darned cute.

She wasnt feeling well today, she only took one nap and woke up at 11. So she was awake from 11 until 9! We put her to bed around 7:45 when she was done eating, she talked for a good while, then she started crying. She worked herself up into a nice fit too! But she isnt feeling well, I think she is teething. Her nose is all runny and she felt real warm. We gave her some tylenol and orajel on her gums, then I rocked her to calm her down. Luckily she fell fast asleep. My poor boo boo.

She looooves going bye bye, or bye-bee as she says over and over again. She likes to tell me when we are going to go bye-bee, so I have been planning activites for us to go do stuff.

She has been signing baby a whole lot more, she can also say baby, so she constantly says Bay......bee...yes, there is a long like her Ut.....Oooooh.

She holds up everything and anything to her ear like a phone and says, hello? Hubby told me the other day she did it to a coil of cables....

This age is so fun, she understands so well. I have to admit I am getting baby fever though..but I have about 9 more months before we even start trying. I am kind of nervous and excited all at the same time.

I talked to my grandparents today, they just love talking to Sass. Grandpa said he wants to get a motor home to drive them down to VA when we move there, bless his heart....he loves Sass so...I am making him a DVD to watch so he can see how big she is now, they havent seen her, aside from pictures is a LONG time. I think they will really enjoy it!

well I am off to bed...surprisingly early I might add. So I am off...I have a feeling Sass will be waking up soon in the middle of the night, she does sometimes when she isnt feeling well.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Shucka Shucka

I love this age. She has such a personality and is really my best friend. I said to hubby last night before bed..."Are you jealous of me?" And he just looked at me like...uhh....Then I explained because I get to spend all my time with Sass and we hang out and play all day. She is so fun, she loves to be held by me and we always wrestle and tickle each other...she is hilarious.

She is very trusting too (as all babies are, but let me explain). She likes to dead drop.....she will stand up with her back to me and totally, stiff board FALL backwards haahhaa......its a good thing I catch her or that would hurt so bad! She likes to do that in our bed too, I cant count how many times she unexpectedly falls back and her head hits mine, or worse, my cheekbone! OUCH!

Sass's hair is long enough for "piggies" and I think she looks so grown up like that!!

She LOVES to rock her high chair, she scares me to death because I think she is going to tip over! She really gets some momentum sometimes!

When its time to eat she sees me bringing over the high chair and she will run to the spot she eats and stands there....she is too funny.

She loves going bye bye, she'll run to the door when I say it and she yells BYE BYE...sometimes it comes out Bye Bee....

In the morning when I go get her, she always hands me her blanket because she knows she is going in my bed to watch TV and drink her milk.

She gives kisses on demand...I LOVE that.

Today while all three of us went for a walk hubby happens to look at her tray and says, "Is that bird crap??" It was! LUCKILY it didnt hit Sass!! AND luckily she didnt find it before hubby did! EWWW!

I am in a way sad my little girl is growing up, but she is SO fun right now. She understands things I say, she responds and communicates back to me. We play and have fun and she GETS it, know what I mean? Its not me just playing with her while she lies there looking at pretty colors...its a two way street now. I show her things a couple times and she GETS it....

She has a dancing bear where you touch the PRESS ME button on its foot, and I showed her once and now she goes up to it and touches it because she knows it will make the bear dance. She then does the twist along with the bear...

I love this age, I have so much fun with her...I am almost sad to have another because I think, HOW can I love another like I do her? And I feel like I wouldn't have much time to be with her and it makes me sad too.....I also know I won't be able to give my full attention to my second child cuz Sass will be about three. I know it will all work out, but its just a feeling I have now.

Welp, I rambled on long enough, perhaps if I update this more often I wont have to cram everything into one post. I update my 365 blog everyday, why cant I get in here? Anyway, enjoy the pics.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Happy 13 months Sass!!

How crazy this last month flew by, seems like I was just planning her 1st B-day party. That day quickly came and went and now it is a month later. Doesn't even seem like it! I thought I would use this post to brag, yes brag, about my little girl. She is truly amazing in every sense of the word.

Today she discovered she can walk backwards, and this just tickles her pink. She finds it hilarious and laughs so hard when she does it. She is so funny and I can't help but smile and laugh too.

She knows the difference between a cat and a dog. She can point them out in pictures.

She knows upward of 25 ASL signs. I can even sign to her, without saying the word and she responds correctly. I can also sign and she says the word back.

She can say Mom, mama, mommy, dad, daddy, dada, cat, kitty, dog, doggy, baba (she says this directly to her sippy of milk, she asks for it this way too), ball, banana, ut oh, hi, hello, bye, bye bye, bobby?? I have no idea what she means with bobby but she says it often, not, baby, yeah? (she says it with a question inflection) and I think I am missing some...

I can ask her to give me something and she usually does. She understands animals and their sounds. She can sing songs with me, and on cue sing the next part without me saying it first.

She loves to climb right now, anything she can climb she does! She likes to always eat what I am eating, she'll stand by me and say "Mmmmmm" until I give her some. I like to say to her, "This is mommy's mmmmm, eat your mmmmm" hahaha.

She really only drinks water and milk. I have tried giving her juices now and then, usually because a friend offers it, and she hates it...wants nothing to do with it....Fine by me..:) At least she loves water.

She is still in size 4 diapers. She generally wears 18-24 month old sized clothes.

She loves stuffed animals, sometimes it seems she likes the more than her other toys.

She is just changing and doing more things everyday that just amaze me. How quickly they learn to do things, blink and you'll miss something big.

Her baby ways are quickly fading, how quick those moments are here before they are gone. People like to rush milestones, wished they do things quickly, but when they do that, they miss the stage they are currently at that they will never get back. They have their whole lives to walk, talk, eat solid food....enjoy the infant stage while it some cases, its over before a year. That is such a fraction of time. I often times miss infant Sass, the Sass that let me love on her all I wanted without pushing away to go play. Sometimes I wish I held onto her longer, rocked her more, held on to her little hands and feet longer, because I will never get those days back. My little girl, no longer an infant, but fast becoming a big girl.

Ok, enough of that, here are a couple recent pics. Here lately she started making this squinting face when I grab the camera and point it towards her...she cracks me up...