Thursday, August 28, 2008

new page!!

Here is a new page I made using papers and elements from Teresa's Treasure's and the I love you element, bow and writing block from Raspberry road designs.

Hope you like it!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Senator Sass

fOk last night I kinda had a headache so I took a little nap and Hubby watched Sass,....

Well apparently while I was sleeping, they decided to play senator.....let me explain...

Sass gets into a huge debate with hubby over rising diaper charges....the convo gets heated....see below...
(omitted pictures)

She tried to argue her point....but it didnt seem to do any good...she argued...NO NEW DIAPER TAXES!!

The paparazzi were there and she kept asking them to get the camera out of her face....They wouldnt listen so she decided to take the matter into her own hands...

She now is in the middle of an assault scandal......

In other news.....while I was sleeping still...daddy decided to do THIS to Sass's hair.......

And the latest...TEETH!!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Recent stuff

1st off I want to mention that I am losing weight!!! I am sooo happy, I cant wait to be back at my pre-prego size. After cutting out sugar I feel so much better! When I have it, OH I can feel it and I just feel bad!

Hubby and I went to the 311 concert, it was great!! We were SO close to the stage I could reach out and touch them I was so close. It was the first time Sass was babysat. She did really well, I am proud of her!


So the teeth are REALLY coming in now. I think I can see where her 3rd one is coming in.

ALL she does now is pull up on things and she is a crawling machine! I cant keep up with her, and she LOVES chasing the cat! He is really nice to her when she grabs at him, I think animals know when the person attacking them and eating them is a baby...some sort of instinct I think.

I got to sleep in today, well kinda, I mean I got up with Sass in the morning like usual but then hubby took over, I got outta bed at 12!! He had woke me up to eat "breakfast". He had scrambled eggs, turkey bacon and biscuits waiting....what a sweetie!

So last night hubby went to bed early and Sass of course goes to sleep at 8, so I had a night by myself. I made me some cocoa and watched 27 dresses....I of course felt the sugar in the cocoa and felt a little high from it, but its a once in a while was nice to

I need to go grocery shopping again, I swear I was JUST THERE! I better get what I need tomorrow, Labor Day is coming up and the commissary seems to be out of EVERYTHING during big weekends.....speaking of that, I am SOOO looking forward to BBQ food that I dont have to prepare myself! Oh and deviled eggs...OH YUM. My diet will just have to hold off for that day! I have no self control around temptation.

Well I am going to add some pics

Thursday, August 21, 2008

2 teefers!!

YUP! 2 at the same time!! My poor baby is getting her first 2 teeth in at the same time. They are her 2 bottom teeth! I am going to miss her gummy smile...

She has been sleeping horribly also, ever since we got home from Michigan, I am hoping its because of the teeth and she will grow out of it. We also decided to break her of the swaddle once she turned 7 months too...She doesnt sleep any better, or that thats done...

Well she learns to get up on her hands and knees, the next day, already crawling on her hands and knees, now she is pulling up on EVERYTHING and even trying to climb up the stairs! She stands up in her crib and jumps, she climbs up the couch, TV, name it, she even stood up in her pack-n-play today all by herself!! What a big girl she is, I am missing my little baby though, she is growing at alarming speeds!

I want to move to a better place, but I guess that all depends on how long we are staying in Hawaii....I want to live next to neighbors that DONT smoke, I am tired of not being able to have my windows and doors open because otherwise I am forced to smell their filthy habit....if I continue with this, I will P myself off.....anywho...

So I was watching Jon and Kate plus 8.....God bless them....1 at a time at her age is enough for me!

Anyway, Sassi is finally asleep (for now) so I need to get some scrapbooking done...tata!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Just another day in Paradise

So I decided to get up off my butt and go do cardio this morning, I sure didnt want to wake up though. I dont go to bed until late and then getting up in the morning is hard. But if my alarm doesnt wake me, Sass does. I even did weight training today too, I am proud of myself for starting. I feel good about myself, hopefully soon I will REALLY start liking the way I look, its been too long.

In Sass news, she is up on her hands and knees and rocking, she can pull herself up on toys, and she has such a look of accomplishment on her face, it is the most precious thing I have ever seen. She is even throwing mini fits, like if we try to keep her straight to change her diaper and she wants a toy and we flip her back she flaps her hands up and down and whine. Sure I think its cute now.....I am sure she will get a "pankin" if she does it when she is much older..:)

I am so enjoying being a momma, I am sad though she is growing up so fast. She will be 7 months next time flies, she was 5 months when we went home to visit family....where is the time going??

The older I get, the faster the clock goes...there just isnt enough hours in my day.

Well hubby and I are going to go hang out...until next time...

Monday, August 11, 2008

New workout starts tomorrow

I bought these 2 great books, 101 workouts for women and a book by Jillian Michaels called making the cut for the last 10-20lbs to go. However, I am aiming to lose only 30lbs, I need to get in some shape first before I start her 30 day program. It will be tough and its an advanced workout plan, so its not for me who needs to get back in the game. But I am using tips for the diet from her book, just wont follow it religiously just yet! Partially because the calorie intake is a little low for beginners, and I want to do this right and be healthy! I am super stoked about the Bowflex, it makes all the exercises I would normally have to go to the gym for easy and convenient, and more likely for me to do than if I had to go to the gym. Now I have set workouts to do, instead of me just doing random exercises....I am happy.....cant wait to look hot again!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

New scrapbook page

I just finished this tonight, I love digital scrapping. Such a fun way to keep memories alive. This one I used paper and elements from forever more creations. I have linked them on the side if you want to check out her site, and I encourage you to do so. Lots of great stuff. Same with all the sites I will be linking too.

For those of you who find my blog when you are searching for digital scrapbook designs, I am not a designer (yet). This is just my personal blog that I am sharing my completed pages for all to see. But good luck on your quest! It sure is fun and exciting. Thanks for looking!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Digital Scrapbooking...

...Is my new hobby! I have also been making siggy's for the gals at Babygaga, another forum I am on all the time. So much so, I neglect this blog because I only have so many hours to spend on the computer...

Anyway, I am super excited about it. I have already made a couple pages which I will post on here. I DID not make the graphics, just the layout and of course the pics are mine. I want to soon start making the graphics, but right now I am using other creator's ideas and designs, these artists are so creative. Big thanks goes out to all of them! I will eventually post the links to their blogs....I made the zoo page using designs from Scriptyscrap designes. Her link is on the side.

I plan on making a 1 yr book of Sass and her adventures. I just have to find a place to print the pages because they are 12x12 sized! HUGE, so I have seen some people online advertise, I just need to compare prices.

Here are a couple that I did.