Saturday, September 20, 2008

8 months old!!

Wow...8 months already.................
Can we just pause time?

Anyway, enjoy her 8 month pics...:)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

How thankful I am...

I just wanted to express how thankful I am for my family. For my wonderful supportive husband who is good to me, he is so good to his baby girl and he loves us. I am thankful for my little girl, that she is healthy, alive and well and apart of us. There are people who do not have these things, there are people who are unable to have the babies they carried....I am so lucky.

Let her cry in the middle of the me more time to hold see her...because I have the ability to...

I would rather have sleepless nights, the extra weight around my mid-section, the unsightly stretchmarks....because I have her.....that beautiful baby girl who is so happy and full of life...

I love spending all my time with her and my husband...there is nothing better I would rather do.

I seriously thank God every night for my family....and pray that I will be blessed enough to watch her grow up, get married and have babies of her own....

I am thankful I had no complications during her birth, I am thankful that she has no known birth defects, I am thankful that she is growing and healthy...I am truly thankful. Not a day goes by that I take for granted having her.

I am not a rich person, I dont have 7 school degrees, I dont have a fancy luxury car, but I have Sass and I have Hubby...and I am happy.....they are my life.....and if something shall happen to me, I hope that they know how loved and appreciated they are...and that my life is complete because they are in it.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ho hum...

I dont know what it is, but I have been going to be very late or early depending on how you look at it. 2am every morning. If I try to go to bed before then, I just toss and turn and just end up getting up anyway.....I really need to train myself to go back to sleep at a normal time, that way I dont finally pull myself out of bed around noon. I havent been getting things I need to done because of it. Sass is a lazy baby, so she just lies in bed with mommy all morning and then takes her nap, and when she sleeps, then so do I. I have seen that sleep MD stuff on tv...maybe I should try that?

In Sass news...She stood ALL BY HERSELF today!!!! And she even took a step, well let me explain. She was in her pack n play standing watching the kitty on the other end from me. I said, "Sass, do you want a puff?" and held it out. She turned around, let go of the side of the pack n play and was standing in the center of it, then took a little step so she could hang on to the other side to grab her puff!!! So this got me excited and I grabbed her walker (its a toy she can play with and push like an old lady walker). And SUUUURE enough, she was walking all over the living room!! She even stopped a couple times to come to me which for a few seconds she stood so she could fall into my arms!!! I can not believe how big she is getting!!! She will be 8 months old on little baby...soooo big!

She also keeps biting her hands like she usually does, only difference is now she has teeth...and they she cries....poor baby....

She can eat her puffs real well now. She uses her thumb and index finger to grab them, then shove them in her mouth. If the puff is in her palm, she will stick her fingers in her mouth (so she can use her tounge to get the puff out of her hand) Sometimes she uses her other hand to help her hand with the food put it in her mouth....its too cute. She loooves feeding herself...she really doesnt care for purees anymore either.

So I decided to tackle the closet in my room today....I am still working on it, I should have taken before and after pictures, but I really didnt think about it. I am taking a break from that to do I go.....oops, just saw the time....I have to make dinner first, THEN I will finish the closet...ho hum.................

Sunday, September 14, 2008 you smell that?

Do you just love the smell of your baby?? I do....I know that might make me sound a little weird, but I do...I always have.

I pick up on pheromones pretty well...I love the way my hubby smells...I often grab onto his pillow and put my face in it when he is gone...When we were apart for a year while I was stationed here in Hawaii without him, I kept a pair of his shorts he wore and left here in my bed with me...I know that may seem gross....but hey....we were apart for a I needed something to curl up with that smelled familiar in the world I was in without him.

I just checked on Sass in bed...she is all warm and cozy in there and she smells so good. I wish I could bottle it up and keep it, like in a vacuum sealed bag or something and open it on occasion...I probably WON'T do this....just saying is all...she smells heavenly....

another one

I think Sass is getting another tooth. Her top gum looks weird, so I am thinking it will be the top right one. She is also super fussy today and today is when I noticed the I guess we will see...GREAT!! lol.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Not feeling well again

I have been feeling down (health) wise today, which is odd because I just got over a cold...I felt better, now just feel run down....oh well...I will try and get some sleep tonight....see how I feel in the morning.

I am sooo behind on my blinkie and siggy making...maybe since I am not feeling real tonight, I will have some time to finish some up...not like I feel like doing much else.

Thankfully Sass goes to bed without fail at 8...tonight 730, she just goes right to sleep, and she should be up around 730am.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

This is MY girl (pics galore)

Here are some updates on my baby girl!
She is now 7 and a half month old! Wow how time flies, and boy is she getting big!
She is 29 inches long and 21 pounds as of the 28th of August.
She prefers to stand up over sitting, which used to be she preferred to sit than lie down.
Over the last couple weeks she has EXPLODED hitting milestone after milestone.
She got her bottom 2 teeth in at the same time!

If you notice by her left eye, she has a booboo....That's her first, its a rug burn...:(
She LOVES to pull up on EVERYTHING! Man, what happened to my little baby who just wanted Mommy to hold her?? She seriously tries to go where ever she wants....
Here is Sass doing what she does best.....standing up! She now tries ONE handed, brave little cookie AND she even let go the other day, it looked so deliberate, she stood for about 3 seconds on her own before she grabbed the edge of her pack n play....

She talks up a storm! She loves to say mama and baba, she laughs at everything...she is just so smart. I watch her and you can see she is trying to figure things out.
Here she is in her new high chair...she HATES it!

We had a great labor day! Sass was fussy at first because of all the people but once people cleared out she was back to being happy. She is pretty reserved when we go out though, like she just stares at people blankly and just wants her mommy. Here are our labor day pics! And with that I am going to bed!