Sunday, September 26, 2010

Not good

Oh my, I'm so sick and it hit me all if a sudden. I was having a good time yesterday, had some friends over and around 3 in the afternoon I started having this tickle. Thought it was nothing and it kept getting worse, now I'm drugged up on cold meds but feel soooo awful. I hope this doesn't last long.....
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Thursday, September 23, 2010

iPhone Wallpaper Freebie!

I have a custom iPhone wallpaper freebie up on my Dream Weaver Designs blog using my Halloween Harvet mini-kit! So head on over to check it out (follow the tab to get to my blog or click the blinkie to the right). Hope you enjoy!

Which kid shows annoy you?

I find myself really shaking my head and being annoyed when they are on, these are the shows that annoy me (and some I have only seen in passing...which was enough for me!)

Pretty much any tween show...I suppose they want our kids to be over dramatic without further ado..

In no particular order, and I am sure there are more, but these are at the top of my irk list.

Hannah Montana-I just find this show irritating, why are all these shows ridiculously over dramatic with the acting? It sets our kids up for failure, SO thankful my daughter isnt a tween yet, but I cringe thinking of what will be on when she is one...*sigh*
Seriously, these kids were cute in Big Daddy only, didn't they learn anything from the Olsen Twins? Anyway, these guys, both of their shows...are highly annoying. Mainly the dark haired girl....Suit life on whatever...

Seriously?? How are these guys considered cute?? Not to mention.....annoying....The Jonas Brothers
Ok, these guys make my ears bleed, have you ever just watched the tall white kid? Yah, he is the perfect definition that white boys can't dance, he looks so awkward and what in the world is with the hell awful faces these guys make when singing and talking? Makes them look like buffoons. The Fresh Beat Band
This show is just like the one above, I hate that it is a good show, when its not the acting part from these idiots. The Electric Company-

Gah, can I just say..."I'm a map, I'm a map, I'm a map, I'm a map, I'm a map, I'm a map, I'm a map, I'm a map, I'm a map,  I'm a map,  I'm a map,  I'm a map,  I'm a map,  I'm a map,  I'm a map,  I'm a map, I'm a map,  I'm a map,  I'm a map,  I'm a map,  I'm a map, I'm a map,  I'm a map,  I'm a map,  I'm a map,  I'm a map, I'm a map,  I'm a map, I'M A....... SHUT UP ALREADY!!!!!!! If you haven't guess by now, it's none other than Dora...
And last but not least, Agent Oso......I tried giving this show a chance, but it bothers me to no end. This agent is always sent to help out, but never seems to know what he is doing, and the kids he is sent to help, ends up helping him and he blames it all on his plan.....more or less.....I know why it is set this way, for the kids, but it doesn't make it any less annoying.

So now your turn, which kid shows annoy you? I may even add them to my list if they annoy me but I couldnt think of right off....

Vampire Diaries night!

YAH! Tonight is an all new Vampire Diaries, who else is going to be watching? I wasnt't sure if I would really like this series when it first came on, but I gave it a chance and I am a fan. I made some icons for my page.

I would also be watching Supernatural if they didn't change them to Friday's! GAH, who wants to watch Nikita? Not I! So now I must wait another day to watch the boys, I am really excited for the season premier!

Think of me Thursday

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I have seen this thing entirely too much this past week, and all the icky goodness that comes along with it! Ewwww gross! Sucker And my two cuties whose noses I've developed a close relationship with Sass Sprout BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop

First iPhone post!! I just blogged about going to bed, well, I wasn't entirely lying as I am now in bed. I originally sighed up to do the posting through SMS but then it dawned on me, hello??!!?? Smart phone!! So there you have it folks, my first blogger post via smart phone! Am I with the changing times or what? Haha. Anywho, now I'm really going to bed! Goodnight!

How cool?

I finally get a chance to get into bed early, yes, 11:30PM is considered early for me these days, I find that is the only time I can get things done is when the house is quiet and I don't have anyone to care for, except myself.....:) But I decided to bring my iPhone with me into bed and I thought it would be a good idea to set up my phone to post on here and what do I see? That 3 days ago I was awarded a lovely blog award from Sherlyn!! YAH!! I am super excited about that, thank you!!

In other news, I have been MIA the last couple days because I decided to really get started with my photography business. I have been working on designing my logo, getting a few sessions set up, finding wonderful props, working on my marketing package and going location scouting!

So this is what I came up with for my logo so far.

I have been on the lookout for awesome props and I lucked out with some very nice pieces. I got a little wood rocking horse, a larger one I am still waiting to pick up, a wooden kids chair, a wooden bed for newborns, an antique wicker baby carriage, a flowered hat, wire birdcage, and a tulle dress. I have my eye on a white wicker rocker chair, I have gone by the antique place several times wondering about the price, but apparently the lady who works there is trying to find out?? Either way, I want it for Sprout's 3 month photo shoot, and as you may know, she turned 3 months on the 16th so...time is ticking. I may have to think of another shoot.

All my great ideas have been coming to me in dreams lately, it seems like when I am wake, I have nothing, I go to sleep and I am flooded with ideas. I even decorated out bedroom from a dream, next day I went out and bought things to accomplish what I saw. Same thing for decorating our new living room, certain shoots I wanted to do and even my photography logo came to me in a dream. Since I only get about 4 hours of sleep at night, those are very productive 4 hours! Hell, I think I get more done in my sleep than I do when I am awake haha.

Well, since I WAS in bed, but could not let that award go unthanked much longer and I got to my computer to post it, I am going back. I am sure Sprout will wake soon, and give me little sleep again, but hey, can't last forever right? Until next time, and thanks again for my lovely award!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thursday blog hop!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Ugh...have you seen that show?? My goodness....the one tonight was particularly bad. The lady was living in actual feces 3 feet high, shows like that make me want to clean my house....

And do you ever notice in those shows there is always a random wooden kitchen chair just thrown in the pile in at least one of the rooms? No? I bet you will now when you view those shows...I don't know if it's criteria to be a hoarder to have a chair thrown on a 4 foot pile or what, but they all sure do have one!

Anywho....I'm exhausted...this 4 hours of sleep a night isnt cutting it, and it's not all Sprout's fault. I stay up entirely too late working on my scrap kits and other crafts, since it is the only time I have to do such things. Then I get to bed pretty much in time for her to eat. Once we get back to sleep, its only about 2 hours until my other daughter gets up and demands to go downstairs.

I am going to attempt to go to bed now, but Sprout is sleeping in her swing, and I do not dare attempt to put her in bed, because if I fail and she wakes, I have to feed her, and then she will no doubt go number 2 and its much longer till I get some sleep. So it looks like it is the couch for me again...*sigh*

Well anyway, I am hitting a creative road block for my kit, I am trying to go in too many different directions and I cant make up my mind. Well, I suppose I will sleep on it, I am so exhausted, I think I am going to turn in now. I know, pointless post, but I am trying to update this as much as possible. With everything I am doing, sometimes blogging about things get pushed way down. I am going to really try and make an effort to update about more interesting things. interesting as they can be in my relatively uninteresting life.

Here is something exciting...the oreo cheesecake blizzard at Dairy Queen is AAAAHH-mazing. Mmmmmm I could actually hear myself getting fatter.

Ok, off to the couch I go!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Halloween early

First off, I slept till 1pm today, I can not tell you how awesome that felt! However, my whole day was shot.

So I got up, got the kids bathed and we took some much needed stuff to goodwill. It cleaned out quite a bit of space from our garage that we have been slowly cleaning out. I am hoping to have a Halloween party this year, and it would be nice to have it in the garage so I dont have a bunch of people and kids running crazy in my house. :) The plan is to have everyone dress up and we can take the kids trick or treating though my huge community. I never get a chance to go places on Halloween because I have kids, so I am hoping to bring the part to me! Now.....what will I be??

Hubby had the day off today, so when we decided to go a few towns over to the goodwill, we didnt put in account that not everyone had the day off and we would end up stuck is rush hour traffic, which all the traffic is coming from DC and it is NOT fun to be stuck in. Especially with kids, so we thought we'd kill some time.

I wanted to stop by the restore to see if there was a desk there I could use for my crafts, I found one I might want but I wasnt 100% so I didnt get it. I did get 2 patio chairs and an unfinished wood shelf I want to finish and hang in the foyer. Yet another craft I added to my pile...I really think I have a problem. :) But shhhh.....let's just keep that between us.

I have to say, bless my hubby's heart, because even though he may think about all these craft things building up and....not getting finished, he doesn't say anything.

We decided to eat at Ruby Tuesday's today and let me say, GOOD PLAN! Man I love their salad bar. I can feed my kid super cheap (as she usually is allowed to eat off mine). I do ask first. :) So I got the turkey minis with the endless salad bar and Sass ate off it too. I am so thankful she loves fruits and veggies. I loaded her plate with green peppers, tomatoes, grapes, zucchini, mushrooms, carrots and that SO good ham with pea pasta stuff. Mmmm Mmmmm Good. I had the same but with lettuce and french dressing and cottage cheese.

Traffic was still bad after we were done eating so what is a way to pass time?? Going to Walmart of course. It was actually inspired because I spilled half of Sprout's bottle at Ruby's and that was all we had, so we had to go get her some food because there is no way we'd make it all the way home on a half full belly.

While there (and she slept the whole time thankfully) we walked over to the Halloween section and I saw the CUTEST elephant infant costume and I had to get it for Eve. I was wanting to do the whole Dorothy and toto thing since I didnt get to with Sass, but the dog costumes just werent that cute, so elephant it is.

Sass saw and Ariel outfit and decided she wanted to be that for halloween but she changed her mind a million times. She told me to put it back when she saw a pink fairy outfit. So I put back Ariel and got her the pink fairy costume. Then she saw a blue one, so I put back the pink and got the blue, then she said she didnt want it either...*sigh*. I turn around and saw some cute skirts that had matching wings so I asked her if she wanted this fairy outfit. Perhaps she agreed since she could see the wings (as the other costume it was wrapped in a bag and couldnt see them). So she agreed, she will be a fairy and I got her some cute accessories for it too. So now she is going to be a pink leopard fairy, whatever the heck that is. ;)

Hubby and I looked for costumes too, why are they so expensive?? I mean they are made up of the cheapest material ever and they charge you like, 40+ dollars for it! Money scams I swear! So I will have to shop around for my outfit, I want to look really cool this year, have no idea no what I will be. I dont want to be Dorothy now that I dont have a toto, which was the whole reason of being her in the first place. Carrying around a blue elephant in a basket just isnt the same. :)

So alas, here are my girls trying on their costumes. I have the cutest leopard fairy and blue elephant on the block!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Too many irons... my fire.....I seem to have the desire to start up and do a lot of things, but because of the mass amount of projects, inevitably, none of it gets done fully. To top it off, almost daily I add to my list of things I want to do, or try to learn...well my friends, I have just done it again. I have decided I want to read more, like I used to, but then stopped due to other things coming up.

So far these things, outside of taking care of my girls and cleaning house and ensuring they have active learning enriched lives, I have going on during my "me" time-

-Another digi scrap kit, Floral reef. I make most of the things by hand in PS so, thats time consuming.
-Scrap pages for my daughters' books
-bow holders
-wall letters
-trying to keep up with my blog
-my photography
-and I got the bright idea that I need to pay another visit to my habitat for humanity restore warehouse (this spells trouble if anything there interests me)
-decorating the house
-still unpacking and trying to organize the garage (this one has been put WAY down on the list. :) )
-making a tutorial on scrapping
-trying to learn HOW I can sell my kits better

and honestly, the list goes on.....why cant there be more hours in my day?? :(

So yah, I was looking at other blogs and ran across a book reading thing......................I am still trying to finish Eat, Pray, Love (which is a great book by the way), and now I want to add more to the list. *sigh*

I blame being a Gemini...I really do. We are fickled beings and can never finish a project because something else shiny catches our eye and we set down what we are doing and jump on Mr. Toad's wild ride.

I am still grasping on to the hope that one day I will finish something entirely that I sought out to do...until then!

So that there is color to this post, here are the pages I am working on for Sass's Milestone 8x8 book. (which by the way I didnt meet the deadline for one of them, so now instead of 2 free books, I get one...again...because something shiny caught my eye....)

Friday, September 3, 2010

New scrap pages is having a wonderful new member give away, 1,200 FREE prints and free photobooks. You just have to pay shipping and handling (which is still a great deal!). So hurry over and sign up, because it does have an expiration date.


I have been scrapping like crazy the last few days, getting some much needed progress on the books I have been planning for the last 2 and a half years. For one of the photobooks (its an 8x8, 20 pages), I decided to do one of Sass's milestones through her first year. So I am making new pages specifically for this book.

As I went along, I started making templates for some of them I have made, I will be putting them up as freebies on my designer blog, so be on the look out for them. Also coming soon to my designer blog, I will be putting up tutorials on digital scrapbooking and Photo Shop how to's. So make sure to follow me so you don't miss out!

I've also been working on a few craft ideas. I will hopefully have them done before long so that I can post them and share!


Sass has been having the worst attitude here lately, she has been acting like a monster.
On Wednesday we went to a playgroup I found on She had a great time, so great that when it was time to go, she showed me just how much she DIDN'T want to leave. Her tantrum came complete with yelling, screaming bloody murder, kicking and thrashing. Yah, quite a lovely scene in front of all the new moms. "Hello....I'm with crazy."

On the way home, I treated her with a happy meal and she got her nuggets, apple slices and her apple juice. She was then a happy camper. It was still early in the day yet and I wanted us to go out and have some fun, so I thought taking her to a bounce house place would be the perfect way to let her get some energy out while having a lot of fun.

And I was right...she LOVED it.........................until we had to leave. So que the same reaction but at a different place, though this one was MUCH worse. Both time I had to pick her up while she was kicking and throwing herself backwards and carry her out of the place.....meanwhile..I also have Sprout strapped on me in the moby.

This little 'tude she has going on also carries over to regular home life. She is going through the "let me do it" phase. Example....She tried to play in the toilet water, I ask her to stop, I get LET ME DO IT at the top of her lungs and carries on even when removed from the situation. She is now doing this to EVERYTHING. Not just helping, I let her help a lot....this is to things she isnt supposed to do.

Today she is under the weather, has a runny nose and isnt feeling real well. It started last night, she woke up crying and upset and came to bed with us, where she continued to wake up and cry every half hour. Needless to say, neither me or hubby slept. Sprout however, slept the WHOLE night. Of course, the night she sleeps to where I could...Sass is awake...................................................she just woke up again.........Be back later...