Sunday, November 16, 2008

Where does time go?

It goes by way too fast...

Sass will be 10 months old in 2 days....2DAYS! That means I have 2 months until her 1st just hits me hard...she will be

I have been working hard on crafty things and learning my way around Photo Shop...which is so darned time consuming. I really enjoy doing it though but it just takes a lot of time. I usually work on stuff when Sass is taking her nap but after the end of a couple hours it feels like I got nothing accomplished...gah!

Sass is becoming way more cuddly lately and I have to admit that I love it very much. She will climb up my legs for me to hold her, when I sit on the floor with her and play she likes to crawl into my lap and give me hugs and place her precious head on my shoulder. She likes to share her food with us...she has quite the personality. She is really growing up. Her hair is becoming shaggy, she "talks" to us a lot and can even say real words. She understands things I ask or say and does them, its crazy....Simple things of course like, "come here" "get down" "give mama kisses/hugs" "get your blankie" She does things her own way and in her own time. She is capable of doing things, but with her, its rather a choice to do them or not. She can stand forever on her own, she could walk if she wants to...she just seems content crawling.

Well...I have a couple siggys I need to make for a contest I put on on BG so..I am off for now...Sass will be up soon.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Virginia here we come!

Reenlistment time came up and we thought out our future and what we should do. Stay in or get out. Some things we were planning on back home didnt turn out so that made us rethink our plans. We were trying to get back to Fort Sill, Oklahoma so we could be closer to family and we had a little life plan worked out. But 2 things stood in the way of that, and one being we were denied twice to go to Oklahoma. So we thought would we even reenlist? I started thinking of all the other posts, and as quickly as I thought of the name I dismissed them as even options.

Hubby calls me and says, "Well, we were denied Oklahoma again....but they offered us the Pentagon." I never even considered that an option...I was immediately happy. I would LOVE to go to Virginia. I always wanted to and its an awesome assignment so we decided to take it. We then discussed our time option, we chose 3 more yrs, since we have to be here 9 or so more months anyway. So it was a done deal on Monday.

Hubby decided to do his reenlistment at the USS Arizona Memorial site. It was a wonderful choice.

Sass behaved really well, especially considering we had to wake her up in the morning to get ready and go. She did get scared of the boat ride though it was too loud!

So anyway, we are happy that we are going to Virginia. Especially with the economy the way it is now, and honestly the way things are going here, its probably better we stayed in for a while longer. I can only imagine what the next 4 years will hold...actually...I am hoping things all turn out, but I have my doubts....but thats another post. Hope you enjoy the pictures!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

All in One!!

All the rest random things I want to say....:)

1. After Halloween sales are awesome! I bought 4 Halloween outfits for Sass (to play dress up in when she is older) for under 20 dollars!

2. My Tastefully simple order came in today!! I am making the almond pound cake as I type...MmmMMm pound cake...

3. When I came home Sass was up in her crib taking a nap.....I looked in the pack n play and I saw this....

She sure was busy while daddy was watching the game! She even chewed on them.....she had to entertain herself I see since daddy cant be bothered when the game is on......

Hubby said he took pics of Sass after she did they are...He then looked in there and said he didnt even realize she pulled out the whole pack of wipes!!......

4. We are locked in for the Pentagon!! Our report date is the 10th of Oct but we will probably leave her around the end of Aug. I am SOOOO excited!!

5. My house is a mess....:(

6. my daughter has a very big (but cute) mouth!! hahahaa.....

So anyway....until next time...

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween 2008

Halloween Eve

The day before Halloween is when we decided to carve our pumpkins. This is Hubby's first time, since his family never celebrated Halloween when he was a kid. I think he enjoyed it. We thought this would be good for Sass too, thought she would have some fun playing with the pumpkin guts.....all she wanted to do was eat the seeds...:( So...that was short lived. We thought it would be better to have her just watch.

I decided I better try my makeup out for my witch costume....2 words...EPIC FAIL

My baby girl was a black cat! By the end of the night however, she was not in costume anymore. She kept eating her ears, choking herself with her bow tie, and rubbed most of her makeup off....
I think she had a good time trick or treating, seeing all the people in their costumes. She had a lot of fun with her friend V who was Yoda for Halloween. We were over at my friend Tasha's house. Tanya and David didnt show up till after trick or treating because T had to work...:( So she didnt get to go with us. It was a good night, and we got home a little after Sass's bed time, but she went right to sleep! I had fun, but glad its all over....

Well non Halloween related, Sass has outgrown her jumperoo and exersaucer so now there is room in our exercise room for my craft table! Super excited! Alrighty, I am off to the craft store! Hope you enjoyed the pics!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Took over a year...

...but I finally decorated my living room. I guess I haven't had the motivation to do so because I didn't think we would be staying for long and just didn't know what to do with the small living room we have. Well....I finally went and got some pieces and yesterday I found a shadowbox shelf while Hubby and I were walking around at the furniture store while the clinics had their bomb threat that is just what I was looking for. Here is the before... Oh so bland

and here are a couple after. I still hate our tiny apt, but we have another yr here, so....I actually feel better in my living room. How weird something so small can chance how you feel in an area. I actually dont feel so..BLAH in my living room now. Anyway, here it is...

How precious the time we have...

For the last couple of years I have tried and done everything I can to not take anyone in my life for granted. Too easily can we forget that everyday is a gift and we worry needlessly about things we have no control over instead of letting it go and enjoying our day. How I am thankful to have a wonderful Husband who is faithful, loving, supportive, who asks my opinion before making a huge decision, for allowing me to speak my mind and be open with all suggestions on how to raise Sass. He allows me to be a mother and he is a wonderful Father who undoubtedly loves his little girl. He always thinks with us in mind, ensures we are taken care of. If I am not feeling well, he will clean the house, make dinner, take care of Sass and let me sleep. Hell, he does this when I feel just fine...he has no issues staying with Sass while I go shopping for a few hours on the weekend sometimes, he feeds her, puts her to sleep without me having to ask. We are a partnership, we are a team and we work well together. He doesn't see Sass as a job, as far as we are both concerned we both "work" during the day and when he gets home, taking care of Sass is not a job, he doesn't say he needs to take a break...knowing that I am with her all day and my "job" doesn't end when he gets home.

Sass is not a job, he plays with her, loves her.....she is his little girl...I trust him with everything, he has been with me through thick and thin and he is still here, loving, caring and respectful. He holds my hand, strokes my hair, cheers me up when I am down. We laugh, we talk, we communicate. We are a team, and a damn strong one. I am THANKFUL for him, and I pray every night thanking God for what he has blessed me with, for sometimes I feel undeserving.

I am thankful for Sass, my little girl. She is healthy, happy and the best thing that has happened to us. I am thankful to be able to hold my little girl and that she is here with us. I am thankful we have the means to care for her, I am thankful we arent stressed and Hubby and I never fight so she has never been around a frustrated situation and I have only a couple times been upset/frustrated around her in her 9 months of life. I am thankful she lives in a stress free home.

I read today about a woman who lost her child at 19 weeks. I saw pictures of her beautiful little girl who will never see her mother, and a mother who will never see her child grow up, hear her laugh, see her smile.

We can get frustrated when our baby cries, we get no sleep, we lose our friends, we are slaves to our house.....yet some women would gladly take that from us, they would lovingly wake up in the middle of the night, sometimes 5 or more times, they would love to hear their child call out to them. I am thankful I CAN do all those things, and with that knowledge, I find myself fairly calm in frustrating situations....I think.....I have the opportunity to be with my child right now, to hold her, rock her, smell her sweet skin, touch her tiny hands as she grasps my finger, hear her voice, see her look at me and know a lot of women do not get to have that chance, or lose that ability.

My life has changed so much since having Sass. I will never be the same....I am a better person because of her, and I am thankful. I love my family...they are everything to me, and I am very thankful. I know I make posts like this a lot....I am deeply saddened when I read of someone having a jerk of a significant other, loss of a baby, whether during pregnancy or not, and it makes me realize...I have it good. I have no reason to complain, and to take whatever comes my way and deal with it. Try to not get upset, to let that stress melt off, to not worry. For each day is a gift, one you will never get back. Do not take a day for granted. Don't wish your child is doing a new trick or passing a new milestone, because before you know it they are grown and are no longer your little baby. You will wish those days back. Enjoy what you have when you have it.

I am thankful I still have my mother, and both of my grandparents and in my family, we have only lost one family member, my Uncle. May he rest in peace....we have been very fortunate.
My Step-father in law passed away on Easter Sunday on their way to Easter festivities, it happened as he was driving down the highway. It was quick. No one expected is so precious. You don't know how long you have, it could be a year, 50+ years or one more day. Make the most of it.....

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Damned idiots

GAH!! I am so mad!

Yesterday Sass and I go on post ( a 20 minute drive) so that I could get my California rolls that I have been jonesin for and to go see Hubby at work (the Medical clinics)...

So as I go past his clinic on the way to the grocery store I see everyone standing outside with the cops and everything. So I call him up and he says its probably just a fire alarm, that he doesnt know why they are outside. So we are walking to his work and some guy stops me and says that there has been a bomb threat and no one can go inside. So I call Hubby and he tells me where he is at (outside). So we visit and eat with him out there.

Reason I am mad....

Today is Sass's 9 month checkup....Hubby JUST texts me and says....Bomb threat!! GREAT!! This means that our appointment will be canceled!

This shit is fake as hell (a small chance its not) and its some bored ass Private very frickin bored and disturbing the lives (and health ) of many people!! The whole medical clinic has to evacuate, and its ALL medical, we are talking, eye, peds, emergency room, lab, x ray, you name it, its there!!

Do people not have anything better to do? I wish I could beat the living hell out of that damned idiot!! I swear I have NO tolerance for immature, stupid, full of themselves ASSHOLES!!!

Ahem-Now that I have that off my chest...:)

Silly stuff I tell ya...

My cat is really a dog at times....if he wants something he comes to us, meows and runs in the direction of whatever it is he wants to "tell" us. If he is out of food or water, he comes to us. When our air conditioner was leaking upstairs and it came through the downstairs bathroom vent, he came and told us....well he did it again today...

I had just gotten home from Sam's and Walmart, I picked up my sweet baby who was happy to see me and kitty started circling my feet doing his "tell me" meow. So I was like, "what kitty??". I follow him as he leads me out to the back exercise/junk room area and he starts to meow, I am looking at the ground and see nothing. He then does this...

And we see this

Silly cat!!
We told him sorry, we cant interfere with nature....hahahahaaa


Amy tipped me off to this yearbook website...very very funny I have to say. This is a glimpse of what we saw! hahaahahahaaaa

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I am fairly certain Sass has this. It started showing up around 6 months when we started solids. I looked back at her old pics and I am thinking thats what it is. It makes sense....she eats a ton of orange vegetables. Luckily it is nothing serious, and all the orange veggies are good for eye and brain development, so I am not worried about it. I just noticed her poor little nose is orange and she now just has an orange glow about her. Here are a couple pics to show the difference.

The first two are of Sass prior to eating solids...notice her nose is the same color as the rest of her face.

These are recent pics of Madison, notice the orange color on her nose is more noticeable.

Feeling better

Sass was much better today, but I could tell she wasnt 100%. She only took one nap today! I laid her down in her room but she just played in her crib. Usually she gives up within an hour, but not today. So she was awake from 11 something until 8 o'clock bed time. Surprisingly, she wasnt cranky at all!

Tomorrow we are going to try and carve our pumpkins, would have today but with Sass not all better and her with no nap, we put it off again. (were originally going to do it Sunday, but thats when she got the fever).

So hubby is going to dress up like Napolean Dynamite on Friday for something at work, so he went upstairs to get the wig (we have had this for yrs, we were obsessed with that movie hahaha) and this is what happened...

She cracks me up!!!
So I was going outside to spray down the driveway with the hose, I pass by the bathroom and this is what I see.....

Crazy cat....................He has water!! At first I thought he was going potty because I had just cleaned his box and it was outside drying lol....Man that would have been funny. But he was just thirsty I guess....

So I am watching intervention right now, its the one where the girl inhales air/duster stuff. It is crazy, gives me a headache just watching it. It is NOT funny she is on these drugs but I cant help but laugh she sounds so funny, "its like I'm walking on sunshine!" Its really sad....seriously....those drugs have messed her up really is such a shame.

Welp...thats all for tonight, I am hoping to get to sleep at a decent time tonight.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Holy Ravioli I am LATE!!

My sweet smiling face Sass, I love you angel!

WOW...I cant believe it has been so long since my last post. I swear I get caught up on the baby forum that I neglect this place! I need to straighten up my act! lol...

Sass is now 9 months old. Time sure flies! She never ceases to amaze me though. Everyday she changes.

She is trying to sign a couple new words and she looooves to put her hand up to her mouth and make a noise and move her hand back and forth...we even have yelling matches lol. Drives daddy crazy!

Today Sass had a fever....She just lied there next to me pretty much ALL day, I hate seeing her like that. I am not sure what caused it, if it was because she is teething or what, it came all of a sudden and seemed to fade by time it was night time. I hope she wakes up my happy little baby tomorrow.

We were going to carve our pumpkins today but with Sass not feeling well, we will have to do it tomorrow if she is up to it!

I also found out Hawaii has a Pumpkin patch...imported pumpkins I am sure, so I am super excited.....I just hope the weather holds has been raining the past couple days. I really wanna go.

Cant wait for halloween, it will be fun. I hope Sass keeps her costume on...she is going to be a black cat. Her costume cost all of 4 dollars! lol...I am going to be a witch was fitting. Daddy is going to be...well I am not sure, we are just going to throw some old clothes, a cape and makeup on him. He can be my male witch hubby ahahaha, are there such things?

So since I have been so delinquent in my posts, here is an update of Sass...

At 9 months she...
~Weighs 23lbs and 31.5 inches long
~She stands unsupported for several minutes but still unsure to take steps on her own.
~She can walk with a walker and laughs so much with it, can walk holding hands.
~Can sign about 4 words, Milk the most and she is doing a new one, either all done or more, I cant tell....she does 2 combined it looks will get there
~She says cat when she sees the cat, BUT she whispers ca ca cat hahaaha
~She LOOOVES the hotdog song on Playhouse Disney, she even dances to it (even today when she was so sick, she still mustered up a couple bounces to the hot dog song!)
~Can feed herself very well, actually prefers to self feed than to be fed.
~In size 4 diapers
~Laughs to Old MacDonald and the Simpsons lol
~Still sleeps around 12hrs straight through the night
~crawls super fast!
~Can put toys inside things and pull toys out from things
~looks under objects (like under the changing table for lost toys)
~Has taken a step from one object to another
~copies a lot of things we do like, sniffing, saying dog, shaking our head no
~If she is reaching for something I will put my hand in the way if she cant have it and she will pull my hand away so she can try to grab the object again. After many attemps she gets mad and throws a fit. Its funny now....but hopefully she doesnt always throw fits.
~loves her big girl carseat.
~eats in her walker since she hates her high chair
~can say dog, cat, mama, and baba.
EDIT-JUST recently started saying more (moh)
since I say it all the time while signing it to her..

Here are a few recent pics!!

Her official 9 month pics.
She is going to jump over this soon, I can see it lol....

Saturday, September 20, 2008

8 months old!!

Wow...8 months already.................
Can we just pause time?

Anyway, enjoy her 8 month pics...:)