Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Sprout is 2 months old

Well...she has been for like 2 weeks now..:)

But here is a 2 month pic of my cutie pie!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Fri-Mon catch up

Friday-I ordered my background stand! I am excited for it to get here on Tuesday. I have been holding off doing Sprout's 2 month pics till I got it. Other than that, not much went on.

Saturday-We all went out to the carwash hubby's work was having and it was a good day. We stopped by Gymboree real quick to pick the girls up some hats because of the intense sun. It was mainly for Sprout since Sass can have sunblock on and is older. But I bought one for Sass too and to my surprise she actually wore it!

Sass had a great time, she played with the kids and saw a ton of airplanes. She got to run around, play in water and talk into the microphone. Amazingly, she went to bed at the normal time, she didn't nap at all.

I went out by myself for the first time in months and it felt great! I went with a couple friends out to eat at Unos (and their baked stuff chicken is SOOOOOOO good!) and went and watched Eat, Pray, Love. LOVED that movie. One of the girls I went with has the book and is going to let me borrow it, I can't wait.

I felt refreshed after getting out, I need to do that more often.

Sunday-We cleaned out the garage some more...Still not done but we went through a lot of boxes, threw more stuff out and got some organizing done.

Monday-Sass in a mood from hell today....she peed on the floor, Sprout has been awoken by a loud, fit throwing Sass therefore unable to nap all day, so she is cranky. All the cranky kids made mommy cranky. The highlight of my day was seriously the Outback take out we had! Sad right?? I also worked on both of my blogs and redesigned them both, and I have to say I like how they turned out!

In other news...
-Sprout left a nice scratch along side my nose.....I notice she is sporting one too....
-She is starting to look like an old man with her hair loss, its pretty funny actually.
-I finished all seasons of Supernatural and now all caught up for the next season.
-Looking forward to my CW shows (One tree hill, Vampire diaries and Supernatural)
-Going to a photography meet up tomorrow to listen to a guest speaker...we'll see if this is something cool to keep up with or if its lame.
-Meeting with the play date organizer ladies on Wed and Sprout's appt is on Thur.

And thats about it for right now...I'm off to scrap some pages!

Thursday, August 26, 2010


You can tell the fascinating day I must have had based off the title of the post huh?? :)

Last night I started working on my latest Digital Scrap kit called Cupcake Cutie inspired by the Gymboree Line, and I got up to go to the kitchen and when I got back, my computer froze.

Horrible flashbacks came to me when a year and a half ago, the same thing happened...my only choice was to push the off button, and my whole hard drive crashed. I lost EVERYTHING. I basically lost all of the first yr of Sass's B-day. Thankfully I have an awesome husband who knows a few things about computers and was able to recover MOST of my pictures. All my scrap kits were gone...everything. So an important lesson here folks, back up your stuff!  With that said, I have been slacking on backing up, and I would have lost a ton more stuff. *sigh*

This morning I reluctantly hit the off button, dreading the blue screen of death, and I started it up in safe mode (it did thankfully). I ran my AVG to see if any viruses were the cause of making my computer slow and freeze and then ran my malware program. I was clean thankfully and my computer started back up, all files there and working great. (thankfully).  So after doing that for several hours with Sprout sitting in her bouncy next to me and Sass playing in the pool on the deck (the computer desk is right next to the door where Sass was), I started back on working my kits when Sprout napped and Sass ate. With that said I'm happy to announce that I finished up my kit today and will be ready for download tomorrow. I also made a few freebies to go with it, which will be ready tomorrow for Freebie Friday on my designer blog at http://dreamweaverdesigns.blogspot.com

Here is a preview of the kit.
I really like how this one turned out. So if you like to digi scrap, head on over and pick it up (on Friday).

In other news, the organizer for the playgroup I signed up for on meetup.com emailed me today and said that my "meet and greet" playdate is on the 1st, which I have to attend before they accept me into their group. I am hoping to make some great friends out of this and have some kids for Sass to play with.

Soooooooooooooooooooooooo that's it for my wonderful and boring Thursday haha.....Oh, and I finished up Supernatural season 5 last night so I have nothing to watch now until the new season starts up in September! I watched all 5 seasons in like...a month ahaha....sad I know, but when I have a baby who doesnt like to sleep much at night, I like to keep it on in the background while I make kits or scrap pages or my new hobby  crocheting....OH and that reminds me. I got my mom's hats she made the kids in the mail today. They are just too darn cute! If they let me take pics of them wearing them, I will put those up.

Night all!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Different night, same thing...

It's another night of watching Supernatural and crocheting! Wonder what type of dreams I'll have tonight.

I started watching all the episodes, from season 1 till current so I can be caught up by season 6 (I never watched them). I've been watching several episodes a night, and I have been having some crazy dreams. There are ghosts, demons and I am a hunter.

Then I started crocheting, and then I started having crocheting dreams, you should have seen the hats I made!

Then last night, I crocheted while watching supernatural, somehow.....I had dreams of ghosts AND crocheting....


Trying out a blog hop

Not real sure if I am doing this right, but I thought I would try and do a blog hop! A friend of mine is the a host and I got this from her blog. mommyIsCrafty

So here is my attempt, hopefully I am doing this right!

Here are the rules

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  3. Grab our new Blog Hop button and post about the link-up on your blog.

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To-the-TOP Tuesday

I heart faces week 34

I decided to enter this pic of Sass on her 1st B-day for this weeks challenge! It was taken at Hickam AFB in Hawaii.

Come check out the other entries!

new hobby

I am so excited I found a lot of cute photo props the other day at A.J Wright. I love when I find cute things at such low prices! I found a cute basket, some rugs, this too cute crocheted hat (this is the key to my post) and a few other things, I will have to take pictures!

I was carrying Sprout in her Moby and pushing Sass in the stroller, and she was already covered in all my finds. I happened to walk past this cube...which is like...a footstool shaped in a square that is covered in a shiny white fabric (not sure what its called...). Well.....I thought it would look perfect for shoots, but I walked past it thinking...oh...I dont really need it.

I left that day and couldnt get that cube out of my head...so 3 days later, the thing even haunted my dreams chanting, "buy me....buy me..."

I did this before actually, there was this awesome blanket that would have been PERFECT for photos and I walked past it, and to this day I havent been able to find anything like it...I still kick myself for that, and this cube was quickly heading down the same road.

3 days later we arrived back at the store and I was hoping that it was just tacky enough that others wouldnt want it for their house...and I was really banking on that. Sass wanted to go in with me, so I brought her along and left Daddy and Sprout in the car. Of course she is Sass, and I expected nothing less from her when she wanted to run on all the "squares" and proceeded to through herself on the floor in a tantrum when I asked her to come with me to the back of the store....where I last saw the cube. It was just barely out of sight, if it were to still be there, and here I am trying to pick her up off the floor. I had visions of seeing people carry it out at the very moment I was there to get it for myself. A few more steps and I see it....sitting in the same spot it was the other day (at these stores, things aren't regularly stocked, and there is one, so when its gone...its gone.) So I ran to it so excited it was there...I was right, it must have been just tacky enough to where other people wouldnt snatch it up. As I bent over to pick it up, my eyes rested upon another treasure....a weaved, long, attached top basket that would be AWESOME for newborn shoots, and even for bigger infants when they can sit. So I grabbed that too...otherwise that basket would quickly become that blanket and cube to me in the days to follow. :)

These are cell phone pics, so not the best quality...

But anywho...the real reason for this post...is I wanted cute crocheted hats for pictures....and buying all the colors I want would be too expensive (to also include shipping), and true to my personality, I decided...hey, why not make them myself??

Now know, I have never crocheted a thing in my life....and here I just decided to take on yet another hobby. As if I dont have enough crafts and things going on right now haha...

My mother is awesome at crocheting and she made me 4 hats in the meantime (while I learn) and here they are. She made these in record time, hopefully I will be able to do that one day.

So.....later that day(Saturday) I went to the store and I bought some yarn and a needle, grabbed myself a coke out of the refrigerator and sat down and got on youtube to learn how to crochet.

Well...I am the type of person who...if I want hats, I am going to make hats....right out of the wagon. I dont like wasting my time *learning* like I should on other things....like...simple beginner things. So I began to learn making a hat...might as well dive in right? This was Sunday....

I was so excited I took pictures of my progress to share with my mom...and they go as follows...round one...I was pretty happy...Round 2...I messed up a little and it was sloppy, but hey, I was a beginner...I was still proud.
Round 4, the lady was going a bit fast (as she expected people to know what she was talking about...I mean, I was learning how to do a hat for my first go round). But I kept on and still looked decent.
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand after HOURS of doing this...I realized...it would not fit my child because I did something wrong somewhere along the lines....but it made a cute hat for Sass's doll!

And here is the final product....:)
But I did not give up there...later that night when all the kids went to bed I decided to try a different type of hat.....I didn't take progress pics again....and this one is taking me a LOT longer for some reason, but it, I think, it actually working out...I am not done yet, need to add a few more rows, but here it is so far. I am actually proud that I was able to make this, considering I started learning on Sunday, and it is now Tuesday morning. :)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Scrappin today

I decided to make a scrap page today for our book. It has been a while since I made a page for myself. I am majorly addicted to downloading scrap kits, and I have hundreds let me tell you, but I never seem to sit down and create anything from all the kits I have. I am usually too busy making digital kits for my "store" or I am making invitations and other creations.

So here is the page I made....I also made a layered PSD file and shared the freebie on my designer blog  .http://dreamweaverdesigns.blogspot.com Feel free to go over there and pick it up!

And you can snag this on my designer blog!

Friday, August 13, 2010

She is getting so big...

Last night I watched old videos of Sass when she was a baby...and I realized a few things..

1. Where did the time go? My little baby is now a big girl. A big girl who can speak in complete sentences, who speaks with her own thoughts and not just copying what she hears. Sleeps in a big girl bed and one who can go potty in a big girl potty. One who can inform me of her likes and dislikes (and she holds nothing back!) A big girl who tells her mommy, "I love you" without me having to say it first, and can promptly tell me if I gave her the wrong thing to drink in her cup. One who is loud and funny and loves to dance and can sing full songs.....

And I realized.....she is no longer a baby..hell, toddler is stretching it, she is a full blow kid.

2.  How much she and her little sis Sprout look alike. Sometimes I swore that was Sprout I was seeing, and not Sass. In fact, it even confused Sass...she would often say, "awww, look at baby sister Sprout" even though it was actually her on the screen.

3.  That I do not have NEARLY as much footage of Sprout as I do Sass....but then again, with a wild child let loose on the house these days, where is the time to constantly be a videographer?

4.  Sass was much more of an independent baby....to where her sister is the EXACT opposite. I can never let Sprout down to even capture her on film...since I would be the one filming and all.

5.  I heard myself often explaining to the camera that, "she knows the camera is on her, she stopped what she was doing." and in fact, Sass is STILL like that to this day.

6.  Sass constantly had her hands or SOMETHING in her mouth, yet again, nothing has changed.

In 5 months my little baby will be 3. I can not believe how fast the time has gone. Hard to believe Sprout is already 8 weeks old......Feels like she was just born.....before I know it, I will be blogging about how big she is....

Friday, August 6, 2010

Baby Bix

I stumbled across this app last night when I was looking for a breast feeding tracker. This is by far better anyway! It's called baby bix and it has a website too. It tracks everything and lets you know how long its been in between feeds and pumping (if time escapes you like me, and are supposed to pump a LOT). I am trying to increase my supply, and she is feeding on demand and all, but its nice to track how long so I dont get distracted. I am having low supply issues.
Anywho, the website and app are linked, so whatever you write on one, it will show up on the other as well! I'll write more later, Sprout woke up.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Colic Colic, GO AWAY!

I am fairly certain that my Sproutie is colicky. I swear she barely has any quiet alert time. So basically she is only quiet when sleeping and eating. Other than that, she is pretty much crying. I feel so bad for her. I mean she does have her rare moments when she is quiet, but they are just that....rare.  Sometimes I feel that I have yet to enjoy her, as my life's mission seems to be to get her to not cry.

Though today I think we had a sort of breakthrough. I usually give her gripe water after she has already gone into one of her fits, but today I decided to give it to her before she starts, and today, the FIRST day in her almost 7 weeks of life, she was quiet and content for a lot of the day. So it looks like I might keep that up.

BFing is still not 100%, and after family leaves, we are doing a MAJOR bfing intervention. I will be upping my pumping sessions since I can do it anywhere and wont have anything else going on. I am still on top of my fenugreek and blessed thistle and I decided against taking Reglan. The side effects are just too severe for me to try, especially with my health history. However, we have only been giving her between 4-8 ounces a day of formula for a supplement. On Thursday we go back to weigh her, I am hoping for another nice increase. If she shows improvement, I may cut her down on formula even more. Hoping to stay at 4 a day and then eventually totally back to exclusively breast feeding.

Quick catch up on her bfing issue, she wasnt gaining weight and having a lot of difficulty latching, and nothing seemed to work. Even using a shield, and pumping only yielded less than half an ounce total per time. Our LC determined it was because of her short tongue and high pallet, and said she will eventually grow out of it. I just have to try and keep my supply up until she comes around.

So needless to say, having terrible bfing issues, her being colicky and high needs has keep the stress level pretty high around here the last almost 7 weeks.

Well I would write more, but Sprout isnt having it, and she can NOT sleep unless she is on me so...I must go to bed now....until later..
Oh and BOO for it being cloudy out, we werent able to see the Aurora!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Reject Jammies

I just noticed this the other day, poor Sprout was wearing reject jammies...


Monday, August 2, 2010

I'm back!!

So a lot has been going on, but I have been thinking about blogging again and I sort of miss it. I guess once I find the time, I am so tired I just go to bed. But I will make a point to keep at it.

So for this post, here is a update.

1. Sass is 2 and a half and getting so big. The things this girl says and does amazes me everyday! She is incredibly smart and talented and I know she will grow up to do great things.

2.  On 16 Jun, we welcomed in Sprout! She was 8lbs and 14 oz and 21 inches long. I had her via VBAC and start to finish was 5 hours and 30 minutes and only 21 minutes of pushing. I felt pretty accomplished.

3. With having such an easy pregnancy, minimal weight gain (I looked normal day 2), and an easy delivery, something was bound to give..............Sprout is a TERRIBLE nurser. Put it this way, she will be 7 weeks this Wednesday and we are STILL having problems. I'm hoping the end of the issues is near.

4.  We are in the new house, but have basically had visitors since we got in so, it will be nice when things settle and we can get into a schedule. My family leaves on Wednesday and it will be the first time since Sprout has been born that we have been alone in the house. Though, we had a lot of fun with all the family here, which leads me to point #5.

5.  We've had a lot of family here........:) Its been a great help with Sass since I have been a "slave" to Sprout, her being high needs and all.

6.  I'm getting back into business now that things have started to settle. I have a LOT in store and I'm excited to get started. Dream Weaver Designs will now be more than just scrap kits......I also need to revamp my blog templates...:)

Well, that's the gist of it really. We've been on the go since May when we moved......and now things are about to slow, I cant wait to get started with my crafts!