Monday, July 28, 2008

Long journey ahead

This has been a long time coming. I am behind where I should be. I had 6 months that I could have been working at this, but I havent. But thats ok. It all starts now. I am SO excited. We have a bowflex so I dont have to try and make it to the gym and all that, there is no excuses, "oh I didnt want to drive, Oh it will interfere with this and that and so on." I am excited.

Starting out

Current Weight 150lbs (excess fat from baby weight)
Goal Weight 120lbs (or to fit in my old clothes, muscle weighs more than fat)

Starting measurements

Thinnest part of my waist-32 inches
Widest part of my waist-36 inches
Hips-40 inches
Thighs-22.5 inches

I also started the colon cleanse today, its a 3 week regime. Its good to do one of these before a change in diet and lifestyle. It cleans out the bad, and in with the good! Wish me luck!!

*even though my stats seem a bit big, I dont really look like it...see left*

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