Monday, January 31, 2011

She's some kind of screamable.....

Sometimes I think I would now how it was living in the Mesozoic Era, because I swear I live in the same house as a Pterodactyl.

My poor Sproutie pants is teething something awful, and it must be a bad one. It doesn't seem as if she shares my high tolerance to pain level, that is for sure. It is all or nothing for her, and she will let out this BLOOD curling scream, pretty much like someone is driving a knife through her gums.....oh wait....that is pretty much what is happening.

Not only does she scream VERY loudly (we are all loud, I am loud, my oldest is loud, my youngest is no exception in that department), but she is very sensitive right now and I can not be out of her sight for even a second (not exaggerating here people) because the screaming will ensue. She must be held AT ALL TIME. The moment she thinks she is going to the floor, it starts again. Her arms fly up in the air (the universal sign of pick me up NOW), and if for some reason I walk past her in this state, she follows me and just screams and cries. I really need to attach a video, because I am not kidding how crazy this is. Anywho, she is awake from her nap now I hear so.....I'm off...

Teeth, please cut amount of teething tablets, cold rags, teething toys or orajel can contain this screaming. I'd like my baby back please..:) Thanks. And most importantly, I don't want her in pain either....yes the screaming is trying, but her in pain is even worse. :(

Day 3 CP, New challenge

I have to admit that I was kinda feeling bad about not finishing up the last week of the Shred exclusively, because today my schedule said it was time for No More Trouble Zones (NMTZ), but that quickly went away as I started doing it. Basically, this workout is like Level 3 of 30DS supercharged! Has some of the same moves that really made me sore and then some. This was a pretty challenging workout. It has 6 circuits, not including the warm up circuit. So if you are going straight from the shred to this (and no double ups on levels like I was doing), this may take it out of you since there are 6 circuits instead of 3. But it makes you WORK. It gave me a great workout, I feel it mixed it up enough for my muscles to keep going and so I dont hit a plateau and give me that boost I need to have even more change before hubby gets home.

After I completed NMTZ, I went and did the Leslie Sansone 2 miles intermediate walk. So I had about 1hr and 30 minutes pretty intense cardio and strength workout. About 800 cals according to my HR monitor. Not bad I say!

I am still going to take pics at the 30 day mark, even if I cut the Shred challenge a little short .

So if you are thinking of doing the 30 day shred..DO IT. If you are just beginning, you dont have to double up like I have been will still get results. If anything, it will make you stronger, healthier and have more endurance. I have had a higher level of fitness before in my life, so it didnt take me long to move up to doubling the levels and doing additional cardio afterward. So if you are following along, remember my results are not strictly from doing 27 minutes a day of 1 level of the shred. Though you can get results that way, mine are from the additional things I have been doing and my diet.

I want to say that, if you are aiming to do this to lose weight, you HAVE to have a healthier diet. I am not talking a fad diet either. Do not starve yourself, if you are working out your muscles like this, you NEED to eat, and that includes carbs. Just make smart choices and eat complex carbs over simple. Eat lean meats, a lot of veggies and limit or cut our completely your bad processed foods. Lower your sodium if you eat too much, have treats in moderation, up your water intake, and stop with the fast foods! Once in a while I am sure will not sabotage your efforts too bad, but you will have to change your lifestyle with food if its not all that great to gets some nice results. :) So happy shredding my friends....I cant wait to check my measurements again in a week.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day 23, 30DS, Day 2 CP

Wooo! I woke up pretty sore today. My obliques are sore to the touch, in fact, pretty much everything is. I can feel my butt all sore and thighs...yah, I worked the muscles good.

Which is funny, Level 3 just seems to fly by for me, yet, I feel this one the most. It also seems pretty easy too...but muscles must not think so. But that doesn't mean I took it easy today! I only have a few more days before hubby gets home, now is not the time to be slacking!

Since today is really Day 2 of the new Jillian Michaels challenge I am doing, remember I am subbing the first two days with Level 3 instead of doing 1 alone (like the program calls). So that makes me Day 23 of the 30 DS and Day 2 of the new program. However, tomorrow will be my last day counting "shred" days since I will be moving on to other programs. Confused yet? :)

So Today I did Level 3 of the 30 Day Shred, followed by Level 1 of the 30 DS and did the Leslie Sansone Cardio Slimdown.

Not only did I get another awesome workout in, but I went shopping to two stores with the little ones and that was a workout all in itself. So needless to say, I am pretty sore today.

I also made some YUMMY very low fat guilt free cookies that I will be sharing the recipe to on Tasty Tuesdays this week, so look out for it!

11-12 more days till my hubby gets home!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

What's that number again?

136.4 is the number of the day! This is the lowest weight I have been since having my little Sproutie pants, and I have to say I am very glad to see it past 137! I have been at 137/138 for WEEKS. I am thinking kicking it up with more cardio is helping shred the fat. The 30DS is doing wonders for my muscles, my strength, my endurance, but if it is doing much for the fat content on my body, I don't see it. Well...that's a lie, I can see I am smaller, but should I say, it isnt enough cardio for me to really shred that fat!

So since Day 14 of the 30 DS, I have been changing up the workouts, first I started adding in another level, then a couple days after that, I added in some additional cardio.

I am now on day 22 of the 30DS, Day 2 of Level 3 and I am feeling pretty good. I have close to 2 more weeks till hubby gets home so I am going to give it my all!!

I can see I have some pretty sweet ab muscles already under there, but this layer of fat still hides it. I can see them when I am working out, my muscles are getting some nice definition, I am getting lines but this fat is killing the look! Another reason I am boosting the cardio.

So here is what I did today..

30DS Level 3
Leslie Sansone 2 mile intermediate walk
then I danced for 20 minutes. And I am not talking like side stepping, I was dancing! My thighs were burning, my abs were burning, I definitely got another good cardio workout with some muscle work.

Even though I technically am still doing the 30DS for the next 2 days (well, today and tomorrow), I am still kinda doing the 30 day shred challenge, but I am also on Day 1 of the Jillian Michaels Program Challenge. I just did level 3 instead of Level 1 since I am already there and all. :)

Friday, January 28, 2011

Day 21, 30 day shred

Well, today was Day 1 of Level 3, and it wasnt so bad. It went by really fast, much faster than the other ones, which is odd. A lot of it is jump training, which sucks for me because I have a bad knee and need to modify a lot of the knee moves. So basically, I have 9 more days of doing level 3, MAYBE seeing a little bit more results, OR, I can change up my workouts now.

I planned on doing the Jillian Michaels Slim Down Program for 30 days when the shred was over, but thought...what the hell. Might as well start now, considering I also have only 2 more weeks before hubby gets up and I want to change it up and see what happens. I am also doing a fat shred diet for 2 weeks. I am still eating 1,400-1,800 cals, but I am restricted to how many proteins, carbs, fats and fruits and veggies I can eat a day. Its only for 2 weeks, and with it messing up meal times, I think I better do it before he gets home.

Anywho, the program consists of the 30 DS, No more trouble zones and Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism. I just read that you can do this all on exercise TV on demand....I am about to look and see if its true for where I live. But here is the order.































Of course though, I modified mine. The first two days I am keeping up with level 3, I also added level 3 in the middle of the days instead level 2 or 1. I also added level 1 along with another of the exercises and I have added cardio almost every day. I am doing the Leslie Sansone 2 mile walk and cardio slimdown. Alternating which ones I do depending on my day. I wrote all my workouts down on a calendar so, when I blog it, I will write which one I do. Anyway.............I am 9 days shy of finishing this challenge and I am already jumping into another 30 day one...but I feel I wont get too much different results if I continue on another 9 days, and I dont want to "waste" days, especially when I only have so much time before the hubs gets home.

SO!! For the next 2 days, I am actually doing Level 3 in place of 1 listed above (even though I will be adding 1 after 3) so really, I will have completed all but 7 days of the whole 30 DS. biggie. :)

WOO, I am excited!.....Again.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 20, 30 Day Shred

So I made it! Last day of Level 2!!

Today also means it is weigh, measure and pic day............but I have to say I am a little disappointed..:( As I figured, there really is no difference over the last 10 days, and I am almost unsure of how that can be. But, that just means I am going to work out even harder the next 10 days!

Today I worked out for 1 hour and 25 minutes. I did Level 2, then Level 1 and then I did Walk at Home with Leslie Sansone, the 2 miler, and I was BEAT! It was a good workout for sure. If anything, I am much stronger now than I was day 1, that is for sure. I am also more flexible too, I can stand straight legged and place my palms on the floor pretty easy, I havent been able to do that in a little while, so that is increasing as well.

So this is where I stand....

                        Day 1        Day 10      Day 20
Weight:            139.4         139.2        137.0

Thigh Right      23.75         23              23
Thigh Left        23             22.75         22

Calf Right        14              14.25         14.5
Calf Left          13.5          14               14

Arm Right        11.5          11.5            11.25
Arm Left         11.5          11.5             11.5

Waist AB*        31             29                29
Waist BB*        36             35.5             34

Hips               38.5           38                37.5

Neck              12.85         12.85            12.5

Under Bust     31.5           31                31

*AB=Above Belly Button (smallest)
*BB=Below Belly Button (largest)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 19, 30 Day Shred

Oh my goodness!!! Someone hit me with the tired and lazy stick, and they beat me good!

I really didn't want to do anything at all today, I wanted to sit and be lazy....1 hour seemed like a LONG time to work out...I just wasnt feeling it.But today is day 19, if I didn't do it today, tomorrow would be 19 and that means I wouldnt be on my LAST day of level 2 tomorrow, and that also would mean I couldnt do my pics! So...with that looming over me...I got up and turned on Level 2.

I did it, I gave it my all, but I was NOT feeling it still. I didn't feel motivated and I just knew I wouldnt do Level 1..........and I was right. I didn't do Level 1, I went straight to doing the Cardio Slimdown. After that, I knew I wanted to do at least an hour, so while jogging in place I looked at some other videos on demand.

First one was this guy, with these two way too overacting ladies behind him, making such exaggerated faces...that I just couldn't watch. So I went to a Jane Austin one...put it on, and the work out was good, BUT, I CAN NOT GET OVER HER VOICE!! It was driving me crazy the way she speaks!! Please tell me she doesnt have this real soft but throaty voice in all her DVDs. I would be MAD! I had to put it on mute and just go by what I saw...but I could only take so much of that I turned it off.

I then went off memory, I started doing a bunch of cardio moves I know from the bazillion videos I have seen in my life, some workouts I used to do in the Army, and when I was done, let me tell you....I was sweating bad, my face was beat red...I WORKED OUT!

So today, the day I didn't feel like doing crap...I ended up doing far more cardio than usual and burned burned burned those calories! WOO

Tomorrow is Day 20 and the last day of Level 2!! Bring it on Level 3!!

3 yr and 7 month Photoshoot

The sun was so nice yesterday shining through my kitchen around 9:30am. I thought to myself....I need to set up my little studio right there tomorrow because I need to do the girls' pics.

So last night I set up and even did a little practice of me. However, I totally auto'd it with the on board flash LOL It was 11:00 at night and I was only testing biggie.

So this morning rolls around and I am very excited, I get the girls dressed and what do I see out my window? OVERCAST dark grey skies....:( I simply did not have enough light to do real well with these pics....this is when a softbox would come in handy. I need to hurry and get my alien bee so that days like this when i need a little extra I have it...instead of having to attempt it again tomorrow. But the pics turned out pretty cute....for the web. There is no way I could print least, unless I had to. But they are of my girls and totally cute so I am going to share anyway. Hopefully tomorrow I will get better lighting. :)


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tasty Tuesday's

I'm a little late on this, hahaa oops! But I was out all day. I meant to get it done before I left, but managing my two cuties, you can see how I got side tracked. most of you who read this blog, I am on a lifestyle change. I am working out an hour every day and I am eating way more healthy. So for this week's tasty Tuesday, I am presenting my mega salad!

Included is
Spring mix lettuces and baby spinach
Green Pepper
Green Beans
a little bit of cheese
Turkey Pepperoni minis (just a bit)
Deli turkey
and McCormicks Salad Toppins.

Topped off with Wegmans brand dressing that is fat free, low on sugar and only 40 cals per 2 TBS. :) So here you have it, I eat this almost every day. I mix it up a bit some days I have carrots in there too, boiled egg or a different deli meat. Mmmm!

Follow along on Tuesdays! Anyone can join!

Day 18, 30 Day Shred

Another great workout! Like most mornings, I have to talk myself into just getting it done. When I started off Level 2 I was thinking...."there is no way I can do level 1 after this today." but the time came and I was warmed up and felt great and put on level 1. Then the thought came..."I dont think I'll be able to do the walk today." but the time came and I put it on demand and I finished strong!

I can feel my strength and endurance changing and increasing and it is motivating me beyond belief! I have stuck with this this long and it is a first and I have to say, I am very proud of myself.

The old me is standing farther behind and this stronger, healthier and more defined me is starting to emerge and I am happy to see her.

I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror while doing my sets today and was surprised how strong my arms look, how thin my waist is looking and how tall I am standing.

I noticed a couple of the exercises that used to be very hard for me to complete I can do so much easier now. They are still a challenge but I am getting through them so much easier.

When I do the squats I can feel my thigh muscle now..they are getting easier and my legs feel strong.

I did the walk today after also, but my little baby wanted to help mommy exercise so I picked her up for extra weight...17lbs extra haha. She had fun and gave me more of a workout. I wore my ankle weights again today, I can feel a huge difference when I wear them.

I am thinking I might start wearing them during the shred. Like day on and day off....woo, I feel the burn already!

2 more days and its picture time!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Da 17, 30 Day Shred

Woot! Can I just say that I am so excited it is day 17?? 17 out of 30 means not too much longer now! Not only that, that means hubby will be here soon! WOO!

Today I did Level 2 followed by Level 1 and then Leslie Sansone's walk and tone (I didnt like this much because she full on stops to do dumbbells. After just doing the shred I didnt like it or need it, so I continued walking). So the walk I put on my 1.5lbs ankle weights and for the rest of the day I could FEEL that I worked them out! I am thinking I will wear them again today!

I was out a lot yesterday so I suffered with my water intake and had to try and drink it when I got home, I think I went to bed with only 9 cups. Better than nothing, but I needed my 12 to feel the best.

I was doing my crafts last night and I was SO sleepy come 11pm I had to go to bed! I used to stay up till around 3, but no way can I do that now with working out, makes me too sleepy!

I also forgot to bring a protein meal bar with and I was SO hungry. I avoided stopping to get fast food though and that made me feel strong. Once I got home I hurry and at a corn tortilla while I made dinner. I didnt want to eat something big, but I knew I needed a carb before I passed out. At least it is a complex carb. ;)

3 more days!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day 16, 30 Day Shred

Almost there!! To level 3 that is, 4 more days until I bump up to the next level!

I was not motivated at all this morning to work out....but like every morning I feel that way, I just do it anyway!

I started out with Level 2 30 day shred-310 cals
Level 1 30 day shred-290 cals
Leslie Sansone cardio slim down (1 mile walk)-286 cals.

Totaling to 1 hour and 9 minutes of working out burning 886 calories! WOO! What a way to start the day!

I think my favorite exercise still in in level 1 where you squat down, hold in your core and do punches across your body, I just feel it EVERYWHERE when I do that exercise.

I have to slightly modify the lunges because I got a pretty bad right knee from a 4 wheeling accident back in the day and also being in the military and all we do there that aggravates it. So I need to take it easy.

I also mixed up some of the moves in Level 1. Instead of doing pushups, I do the this move where I am on my forearm and kind of in the plank pose.

Then for the chest flies, I also do some ab work in it and raise my legs and lower, just to mix it up a bit and give me a different kind of workout.

I can see a difference in my abs...but then I still have this layer of fat over it and I need to work that off....thats how come I am now adding some cardio in there. Its low impact, keeps my heart rate in the fat burning zone to get rid of this fat! Excited to take pics in 4 days!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Day 15, 30 Day Shred

I did Level 2 followed by Level 1 again today and I feel AWESOME. I have so much energy. I am sitting here even wanting to work out even more. I am not used to feeling SO GOOD. I think I also have the iron pills to thank for this energy, I feel normal, functioning, alert, alive!

In the last two day I even noticed a shift in my mood. I don't feel so agitated or stressed. I feel happier and just....normal!

My cals burned today wasnt as high as yesterday, but that is always how it is. The first time you do something it is higher, the next day of doing the same thing, a little less. It wasnt a big difference, but I didn't work the same amount of cals today. And maybe its not like that for everyone else, but I notice it is for me.

I am on a workout high, I want to add more cardio to my workout since the 30DS isnt that much cardio. Not enough to get rid of the fat. I am building muscle for SURE. I can see it already, but I need more cardio to get rid of the excess fat. I can have nice muscles, but if there is a layer of fat over it, then you wont see the progress and actually can make me look bigger. I think I am losing fat, but not as much as if I was doing actual cardio. I can not WAIT till I can get to the gym and do the elliptical.

When I was in Hawaii and going all the time I looked AWESOME. That is how I lost the rest of Sass's pregnancy weight. If it weren't near freezing right now I'd take my girls out for long walks. So for now I will settle for in home cardio until hubby gets home and or it warms up a touch to go outside.

So anyway, I am HALF WAY THERE! I stepped on the scale today and I am still hovering about 137. I fluctuate between 138 and 137. No biggie as I can see a nice difference in the way I look.

Yesterday my clothes fit me much better and even my BOOTS fit me better I am so thankful I stopped making excuses, changed my eating and got off my BUTT! I will be back to me in no time!

My fitness goal is to be in GREAT shape by June 10th. I am excited to see where I will in 5 more months!!

5 more days and it is official weigh in, measurement and pic time again! Man, its going by so fast!

Friday, January 21, 2011

An adorable FREE digi kit

Happy Friday everyone!

I wanted to let you all know to head over to my friend's photography blog to not only check out her awesomeness...but she has a CUTE free digi kit just in time for V-day!

Here is what I made with the offered kit.

So head over to Amy's Blog  and show some love and grab the freebie! :)

Day 14, 30 Day Shred

Day 14 which is Day 4 Level 2.

Yesterday after my workout...I have to admit I passed out. I took a nap while my daughter played beside me and my youngest took a nap. I felt BEAT! I made it through my workout, but I was whipped out. I didn't drink my protein shake, and after some reading last night, I think that also was the reason I was so insanely tired. There are times when your body needs rest to recuperate, and food. After intense workouts, it needs food, but if it doesn't get it, then it makes you sleep. Since I wasn't aware of this at the time, it made me sleep.

Though aside from that, I have noticed I just do not have a ton of energy. I do all I am supposed to. I drink water, I eat healthy, I exercise, I get sleep at night, I take my vitamins, yet I feel so exhausted! Well, it dawned on me, and I am not sure why I never keep up with this, but I am borderline anemic. Some days I am actually mildly anemic and I should be taking iron pills. They have been prescribed to me several times, yet I always forget to take them.

Well I know that having low iron can cause you to have low energy, so I decided to go out and buy some iron pills to take in the mornings with all my other vitamins. And I am not 100% what it was, but today I had more stamina, I was more awake, I felt better and wasn't as tired as usual.

So I put on Level 2 of the 30 Day Shred, and if you read my post yesterday, you know how I am with it. So I made sure I grabbed my big cup of water and began to workout. I noticed something, I wasnt having to gulp down the water between sets like I have been because I felt ok! So I completed Level 2 and was like..I could go some more, and I turned on Level 1 and did that too! Yes.....yesterday I could barely make it though Level 2 alone and today I did them BOTH! I feel great!

I used my HR monitor and after the two workouts I was at 683 calories burned, and after the 5 minute cool off, I was at 817. Not a bad way to start the day!

I then made sure I enjoyed my protein shake (I use Jillian Michaels' Whey Protein Mix, triple chocolate mixed with a cup of skim milk and a banana. Great post workout muscle repairing food! Guess who also didn't crave a nap afterward?

So here I am so far.

Day 1 (L1)-140lbs no weights
Day 2 (L1)-added my 2lb weights
Day 3-10 (L1)-Still using 2lb weights, feel my strength increasing. weight 138 (though Day 7 I was at 137)
Day 11(L2)-Start Level 2 Cals burned 400 and something cals (cant find where I wrote it down)
Day 12-13(L2)-Felt like I was going to die!
Day 14(L2&L1)-Feel great and did Level 2 followed by Level 1. Hello energy!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day 13, 30 Day Shred

Day 3 of Level 2

Can I just say that Level 2 is no freaking joke? When I was doing Level 1, I didn't need to drink water through it, I could drink afterward and be just fine. Nooooot true for level 2 (hey, I rhymed). Between each circuit, I am sipping down some water...this level is intense!

I am loving how I feel afterward though, I feel like I accomplished something when I finish it, and I just love that it is only 27 minutes (with warm up and cool down). It seems to be the right amount of time, right when I feel like I can't do any more, it is over..done...finite!

I have been looking up her other videos, the burn fat boost metabolism and her no more trouble zones. I am thinking once I am finished with the 30 day shred, I am going to start adding those into the mix. Right now, I want to finish the shred and get some strength and endurance and just see where this takes me before I start another grueling regiment.

It's funny, when I was on Level 1, I kinda couldn't wait till level two, as much as level 2 is kicking my butt, I am not hoping it will fly by because that only means its time for level 3. If level 2 is killing me, consider me dead with level 3!

I have to say I am very proud of myself...I have done it EVERYDAY so far. Even the days I had to get up earlier than usual to take care of stuff, I just woke up earlier to make sure I got my workout in. The old me would have stayed in bed.

I feel if I missed a day due to laziness, I would let myself down, and let down my friends who are in the support group with me. Now, if I had to miss it for a legitimate reason, so be it...but if it is in my control..I will do it.

My scale isnt dropping, but when I look in the mirror, I look more slender, my arms have nice definition to them and my face doesn't look puffy. So drop in the scale or not, I am on my way to a new me, and I couldn't be more excited.

I also want to say that I am very proud of myself for giving up pop, one of the things I thought I was going to struggle with so much. I went off it and then last Saturday had some during my girls night and it came back to bite me in the A. Ick, I felt so bad and haven't touched it since. I haven't even craved it.

I also went to Olive Garden for my daughter's B-day and I didn't feel satisfied with it, I felt awful over it too...I am just excited for where this is going.

7 more days before next weigh in, pics and measurements.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sass's Third B-day

I really think I feel this way every year since she was born, but I just can't believe my little girl is 3 years old today. Then-Now- She is such a little character and I just love her to bits. She has been waiting on this day for a long time, I think she would mention at least once daily about going to Olive Garden (yes, she picked to eat there for her B-day) and her Ariel cake.

This morning she woke up so happy, when we woke up she came to my room and when I told her Happy Birthday her little face lit up and she was so happy and said, "YAAAH! It's my birthday!" Bless her heart she is so precious. She even let me sing her Happy Birthday without crying. :)

Today was planned to go differently than what really happened. I had to go the college this morning and she was going to go play at her friends house while I was gone, but we woke up to ice covered everything and it wasn't safe to drive out there. Though it sure was pretty.

So around 1 or so is when we went to Olive Garden, it is about a mile from the house and as we were up to it, Sass got so excited and yelled, "There is Olive Garden, YAAAY, we made it!" What can I say, it's my child...and we love us some Olive Garden!

Sass got lucky, I ordered her a water, and she told the waiter she wanted lemonade, which is Sass speak for, water with a lemon in it. I tried to explain that to him, but he brought out a water AND lemonade....*sigh* but I let her have it anyway since it is her B-day after all. And she enjoyed it, though I have to admit, it made me smile when she drank more of her water, than lemonade. Another cool thing? He didn't charge us for it...but then he also didn't bring us chocolate mints...I am glad though (even though Sass asked for the chocolates...she has an awesome memory) because if they were there, I would have eaten them. I have no willpower when it comes to food most days. That is why I just dont bring it into the house, I cant eat it.

I got Sass the grilled chicken, pasta and broccoli kids meal, the most expensive, but also the healthiest...go figure right? It was part of their "low fat" options. The lunch menu didn't have much to offer with that for my meal that actually sounded appetizing, so I got this shrimp with roma tomatoes with angel hair pasta, I just didn't eat much of it and allowed myself 1 bread stick (I usually eat a basket and a half, dipped in ranch to boot!) And I ordered the salad with no dressing and had the low fat italian on the side and just drizzled it. Had water, so I think I did pretty well considering. Sass gobbled up her pasta...she is a carb lover.

I was going to call her a carbaholic...but ever since some comedian made fun of things ending that way, I can't now write it and not think about it. I think it went something like this....Why do people say they are chocoholics? What is a Chocohol? yah, ruined that for me for life...thanks guy!

After OG we went to Wally World to pick up stuff for me like protein meal bars, protein powder, dishwasher soap and a heart rate monitor watch, but most importantly, Sass's Ariel cake. She was so excited, she fell asleep on the way home...

They did an awesome job with it I think, it was much more elaborate than the display sample I saw, and for $5.95, not bad at all!

Sass just LOVED it...but then again, it had an inch thick layer of frosting, how could she not? I assume there was actual cake in there somewhere, though it was hard to see. She had a nice bit of it before I put it in the fridge. Hell, I became diabetic just looking at it....but it was very pretty.

Sass also got to pick out a toy, we got the LeapFrog tracing letter thingamabob. She is really into spelling and stuff now, and this will help her write her letters and shapes in a fun way. I like educational toys the best, she seems to play with those more than her dolls and stuff. She plays with her TAG reader every day and is getting rewards for answering things right, she is my smart girl. At OG, I wrote her name and before I had time to say anything she yells, "That says SASS!" insert her name there. :)

So today ended up being a pretty good day. She can't wait for her B-day party when hubby gets back in February. Her big gift she'll get in June when its Sprout's B-day, kinda like a big sister gift. Well, I have one more blog to do tonight so, I am off...

Day 11, 30 day shred

Being Day 11, that means today was day 1 of Level 2, and let me just tell you.....OUCH! "She is a crazy woman!" I can't tell you how often I said that to myself during those 20 minutes, but it was a few I can say that!

So Level 1 is a good entry level, and then this one just kicks it into high gear, I actually had to stop a couple times (no longer than 5 seconds, as she told me). Let's just say though, after I was done...I felt great! If I saw results from 10 days on level 1, I can not WAIT to see what level 2 gets me in another 9 days!

I could write more, but I am spent..I am SO tired, I am turning in early. Not to mention I have to get up early too and do this brutal workout before I have to go to the college. So.....until tomorrow...

Monday, January 17, 2011

Tasty Tuesday's

Ok, I realize it is Monday, but tomorrow I will be gone so I am posting early! A friend of mine, a fabulous photographer in Redding California, will be doing Tasty Tuesday's on her blog where you post a pic of food or drink or anything related. So since I would like to participate, but won't be around, here is my picture!

Go to Amy McMaster's blog now and check her out!

Ok, and for the pics.....I am going to keep trying, I did not have proper lighting AT this is not exactly what I wanted to achieve, but I suppose it's not too bad for my first time.

Day 10, 30 day shred pics

I'm gonna write a post still, but for right now, here are the pics. Day 1 to today, day 10. End of level 1, 30 day shred.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day 9, 7 months, 1 dog bowl and other things

After last night....I was not feeling today at all. So much of me wanted to stay in bed, but with two little ones, that of course was impossible. But then there is working out, surely I am in control of that, I didn't want to work out. I was tired, I was feeling icky from my over indulgence on carb and fatty snacks along with the coke zero from my girls movie night in. Seeing Jillian's face just wasn't something I wanted to do this morning. But like most mornings when I feel like I just want to lie around, I get up, I grab my weights, and I do it anyway. Me knowing I am one more day closer to my goal is what keeps me going.

Today is Day 9, one more day of Level 1 and I am skipping on my merry butt hurting way to Level 2. I am not sure if I am really looking forward to the more difficult workout as I am needing some more variety. Sure I still squeeze my eyes shut and breath in and out heavily when I am doing the squat punches praying those 30 seconds go by at turbo speed, so this level is not "easy" by any means, even if I am more efficient now at the work out, I just need a change.

Tomorrow is day 10, which means weigh in, pictures and measurements. I don't expect to see a huge difference, but I am curious nonetheless. I feel I really screwed up Saturday night and I am hoping I didn't do too much damage.

In other news, my sweet little chubber cheeked baby girl is 7 months old today....7months. Very hard to believe she is getting to be so big, where is the time going? She weighed in at 17.8lbs and is 28 inches tall, I just can't get over it...this is my last baby and she is growing up too fast, I hardly feel like I am taking it all in. I feel like I am missing something still, I want time to slow down.

She is super fast now, she is where she wants to be in no time flat, seems her nickname 0-60 can now apply to something else as well. Once she enters into the kitchen, she bee lines it straight to the dog bowls, sometimes I just don't get to her fast enough and swooosh.....doggy kibbles and bits all over the place. Luckily, as of now, she doesn't have an oral fixation and hasnt tried to eat any of these little treats, but I am sure that day is coming.

She has been really good at sleeping here lately, which is a blessing all in its own. She goes to bed around 8pm, wakes briefly around 11 and lets out a little cry but is asleep and then sleeps till around 4-8. Yup, thats a huge gap, but something will wake her up between these hours. A poo diaper, the loud freaking corvette outside her window who is in a league all of his own and thinks he is the coolest thing since sliced bread and REVS his engine a million times as loud as he can to scream, "I'm cooler than you!" or she realizes the paci is no longer in her mouth. Luckily though, she will just eat and go back to sleep and be up around 8 for good. But all of this is much better than the waking 3 times a night to eat she was doing only a month and a half ago. I wont be sad if those days never return, good grief. Sass on the other hand can sleep through an earth quake, I suppose she takes after me in that department. And for the record, I actually did sleep through one. :)

My other sweet daughter is getting better with letting me take her picture, I now get silly faces, but I will take that over tantrum fits with the mere sight of the camera any day. I was taking pictures of Sprout and she insisted I take pictures of her too...hey, works for me.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Movie night with the girls

I love being a stay at home mom. There is nothing like being able to be with your children for the first few years of their lives. Seeing the milestones, be there for the hugs the kisses, playing games, watching them learn, go on adventures, dealing with the mood swings, and everything that goes with it. The fun, the not so fun, the sleepless nights and the cuddles early in the morning. I love being able to be home with my girls, it is probably the greatest thing to me. However, that said, my best friend is an almost 3 year old as far as conversations go. I haven't had much luck in mommy meet up groups, so really I don't have much adult interaction. So when I have a girls night, it is kind of a big deal with me.

I made is my downfall. I figured today could be my cheat day, I made my little smokies in crescent rolls and my cream cheese, salsa and cheese in tortilla rolls and I even had my first coke in a long time. I will later regret this decision.

We started off the night with our photography talk and before the movie put in some Dance Central for the kinect. I freaking love this game, it is so fun.

We were originally going to have a Twilight marathon with all the movies on Blu-ray, but all of our talking and dancing had the time gone before we knew it, so we decided on.....dum dum dum...

Love this movie, I think they enjoyed it as well.

By the end of the night, it was about 1am, and the effects of my indulgence caught up with me..I felt horrible. I knew better didn't I? I knew what I was doing every time I crammed another treat into my mouth but I did too much. Pop was also not a wise choice. I did manage to drink 12 cups of water before bed, but it didn't seem to matter. Damage was done and I felt horrible. I wonder how bad this will mess up my hard work.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Day 7, 30 day shred

3 more days till I start level 2, and let me tell you, I am not all that excited about it. Sure I can stay level 1, but it is getting boring doing the same thing everyday and my muscles need  mix up! So I plan on doing each level for 10 days.

I am noticing, even though I am more efficient at the workouts, and I push myself harder, it isnt really all that "easier" of a workout. I don't make it through without the burn, the curse words and the sweat and sheer exhaustion when I am done. So that actually make me happy.

I woke up so thirsty this morning! I only drank 9 cups of water yesterday when I usually have 12, and I could tell a difference!

I am not sure if I mentioned here in the blog, but every few days I treat myself to one chocolate truffle my hubby bought me for Christmas, and I decided to have one of those last night, but I tell you what, it didn't make me feel real well. I actually regretted it afterward. Not because it sabotaged me or made me go over my cals, in fact, I allowed in my cals to have it. I just didn't...want it. Wish I didn't eat it. Again, another good sign my body is appreciating what I am doing for it!

I have been eating really healthy and drink nothing but skim milk with my workout shake and water through the day, no more pop (I am not sure if I would even enjoy one at this point...since the chocolate incident). I am feeling better, have more energy and less sluggish. I am able to wake up in the mornings and get the day going, instead of napping and lying around the house.

I have a real problem with stepping on the scale...I suppose you can even call me an addict haaha, a scale stepping addict, but I let the curiosity get the best of me. I don't get discouraged by looking at the scale, even if it stays the same or even goes up because I can see in the mirror the difference, I can feel a difference and I know the measurements show a different story, but if you get discouraged with a steady weight, I don't recommend scaling often!

But I stepped on it today and it read....137.4. YAAAAAH! That is almost a pound difference from yesterday when I weighed in at 138.0.  Now, it is not water weight because I have been doing this for a while, drinking upward of 12 cups a day so, the water weight is gone, I already lost it.

When my hubby left on the 9th, I weighed 143, I now am 6lbs lighter and that alone makes me smile. Not to mention the inches lost. I am so glad I stopped being lazy, bit the bullet and just DID IT! You have nothing to lose but fat and inches, and as gimmicky as that sounds...its true! For 27 minutes a day (that include warm up and cool down) you get big results, can't get too much easier than that! Yes the workout is hard, but its not undoable, Jillian is a pretty good motivator and she is easy to follow. Her instructions are clear and she talks you through it. I tried looking at exercises on Fios on Demand last night and I had to turn several of them off due to the trainer....lucky, the 30DS isnt like that.

So go to Walmart, Target or Amazon or somewhere, spend the 10.00 or less for the DVD and get some 2-3 lb hand weights and you are all set! If you have any results or stories to share of your own, I'd love to hear it!

Day 10 I will be taking more pics, and do an official weigh in and do my measurements. I can't wait!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sass and Sprout Updates!

Lets start with my oldest baby girl...where do I begin? She will be 3 years old in 5 days. This just blows my mind...just seems so soon, but boy has she changed. She is the sweetest little girl, very loving and cuddly and she sure does love her mama!
Her tantrums here lately sure are a force to be reckoned with. She is also practicing her skills of not listening and getting into things she isnt supposed to, she is your typical three year old for sure. Here are a few things about her.

-Potty trained! WOO! She has been for a few months now, but now she is really good at getting up in the middle of the night to go, she rarely has nightly accidents.

-Loves to dance..she is always dancing and wants to wear skirts so she can "dance better" as she says.

-VERY hyper, she is go go go go go go go

-Loves to sing songs, Old MacDonald still being one of her favorites, something that stuck with her since she was an infant. She loves to sing along with the songs and is very good at it too. She can even sing whole songs on her own, and even make up new songs with the tunes of familiar ones.

-Is awesome at Dance Central for the Kinect on Xbox 360!

-Is a wonderful big sister. She loves her so much and likes to play with her, she likes to keep her safe and takes things away from her...sometimes even her own toys.

-Is very whinny if she doesn't get her way, she cries a lot and throws fits.

-Loves the snow and playing outside, loves to run and jump and yell, "ECHO!"

-Very smart, she knows her ABCs (not just the song), the sounds they make (most of them), how to count, her colors, shapes (and even some hard ones!) can put things in order smallest to biggest and reverse, can stack in order of size, learning to write letters, can work the TV and DVD player all by herself, knows a TON of things, so much I cant even recall it all.

-Says some very funny things, today she told me my fabric on my craft table was, "Nifty" and that she wanted, "Magic Beans" for Christmas.

-Very into the disney princesses still. Ariel and Belle being her favorite.

-Finally sitting forward facing because she hit the weight requirement for RFing in October.

-Is a picker, she picks scabs, hang nails and her dry lips causing her to bleed.

-Calls band-aids, rubber band aids, same thing for actual rubber bands.

-Is very helpful with her sister.

-Loves to scream, she is very very loud.

-Getting to be very independent.

-Loves baths and getting her teeth brushed. She likes to do it herself.

-TV shows-Curious George, Team umizoomie, Mickey club house, little einsteins, Dora *sigh*, Go Diego Go and Spongebob (much to my protest....thats all hubby). Oh and Simpsons....same as the last cartoon....hubby.

-Has an amazing memory, it's like she never forgets.

-Always says, "There's Daddy!" on a beach commercial she sees on WETA kids. Every time...

-Is really tall. She wears about a 4-5T in pants...most 4's are too small.

-Lost her oral fixation around the time Sprout came into this world...thankfully.

-Doesn't tear things up as much, though she still does occasionally. I feel a little more comfortable leaving her alone with books. She loves her Tag Reader System and does real well with it.


My Sprout, my sweet little baby who is growing up so fast! She will be 7 months in 3 days, this I just can not believe. She is just so big already. She is the sweetest baby and she loves her mommy too. She is very cuddly and wants me to hold her all the time. She loves being rocked to sleep and snuggle. Here are some things about her.

-(need to check her weight and height)

-In 3 diaper

-Drinks 6 oz every 3 hours or so.

-Starting on solids. She has had oatmeal, sweet potatoes, carrots and peas. She LOVES food, I can't put it in her mouth fast enough. We are going slow with foods. I still break up her puffs, but she doesn't eat a lot of them. She is actually a pretty clean eater, barely gets it all over. She slaps her hand when she wants more...if you dont respond to that then she starts kicking and makes a grunting noise.

-Is pulling up on toys and in her crib

-Crawls real fast and everywhere!

-Today she signed the word milk for real! I saw her do it yesterday but I thought it was just something she was doing, today she did it again in context, her first sign!

-Says mamamamaa and bababaa

-Gets up on her feet and hands, soon she will be bear crawling...or not. But she gets in the position.

-Sleeps in her crib now, sometimes she still sleeps in the swing, but is getting good at being in her crib.

-Sleeping for long periods of time, sometimes she goes through phases where she wakes up to eat at least once in the middle of the night, but in the last few days, she sleeps all the way through. From around 8-9 till 7-8

-Wears between 6-9 month clothes

-Her hair is getting long and sticks out by her ears, her hair is a light brown. Except by where her bald spot was, it grew back blond.

-Is teething, but nothing has poked through yet. She likes teething tablets.

-Doesn't have such an oral fixation like Sass did. She doesn't put a lot in her mouth.

-Likes baths

-Loves playing with her sissy and always has the biggest smile on her face when she sees her.

-Is still pretty quiet, she is "talking" a lot more these days, but is still quieter than her sister at this age. Also doesn't laugh nearly as much, you have to do things to make her laugh, she doesn't do it much on her own.

-Can hold a ball in one hand, pass things back and forth and plays with her toys.

-Is a fast learner, she is really smart.

-Holds her own bottle.

-She watches a lot, she is my little quiet observer.

Well that is all for now, there is more, but I need to get going. Hope you enjoyed the read!

Day 5 &6, 30 day shred

Day 5-12 Jan 11

I had no hesitation for exercising today, I pushed myself a LOT harder today in the leg work. I just came down and did it like its a normal thing. Nothing else really to report for this day hahaha!

Day 6-Today

I really worked myself last night, which was evident when I woke up this morning. Yesterday, aside from working my legs pretty hard, I bought a "as-is" desk from Ikea and carrying that up the stairs also did me in. Last night I was lying in bed, went to get up and was like, "OUCH!!". Holy junk I was sore, I could barely move them. I was hoping when I woke up from a nice sleep they would be ok, I'd hate to have to miss a day.

So I woke up this morning and I was a little sore still, I could feel it for sure. But I thought to myself that I was on day 6, no need to stop or give up yet, so I grabbed my weights, turned on the DVD and gave it my all. And guess what? I actually felt better!

I have been trying to not weigh myself, I know that its the measurements and stuff that count, but I can't help it, I am a chronic scale stepper! But guess what I saw today?? I was at 138.0! .0 people! That means I am that much closer to 137! YAAH!

I am noticing I am looking thinner in the waist when I stand, I am looking more slender, and I like that! It makes me happy and gives me the motivation to continue. I cant wait to see me at 2 weeks, 3 weeks and so forth! I am even telling the muscle definition in my arms when they are down at my sides...YES! I am one happy woman!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day 4, 30 day shred

Man, I was not motivated today at all. Sprout was up so much last night and I got almost no sleep and when I got up this morning, all I wanted to do was lie down on the couch. Here came my thoughts again. "You can just do it tomorrow." or "You can try later today." You know that voice, the one who tells us to put it off for another day, and another day and another day until you lose all motivation and never start back up. Well I knew how persuasive this voice is, and I decided to squash this voice the second, "Just lie down, you don't HAVE to do it today." left it's lips...or...whatever voices in your head have.

So I stood up, gathered my weights, put in the DVD and there Jillian was to greet me, telling me I can do it. Cheesy, yah I know, but it worked. I gave it my all on this workout. My legs burned, my arm burned, but as I was doing the pushups, I realized something, I did them without any difficulty. Everything was easier BUT still made me work, still made me sweat and still gave me a work out. I was wiped when it was done, but I felt GOOD.

I set my mind to do this, I want to lose this weight, but most importantly, I want to look GREAT! And this is only the beginning. Getting into it is always the hardest part. When your body and mind are weak and can be persuaded easily by thoughts of not doing it, or putting it off till another day. So I am proud that I stood up and worked out! I mean, the shred is only 20 minutes. If I can make time to sit and watch a TV show, I can make time to do something for me that will give me the confidence, looks and health that I want.

The best part?? It only being day two since I measured last, out of a whim I grabbed the measuring tape before my shower and I put it around my waist, and what I saw made my mouth drop. I lost INCHES already! ALREADY! I was only .2lbs down (though I measured mid day) but I lost inches!!!!

So if that doesn't help motivate you, I don't know what does. I am so happy I have been sticking to it so far, and I just started. I can only improve from here!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Day 3, 30 day shred

I was feeling the workout from yesterday on my muscles again this morning, and even though yesterday I was all excited to do the workout today, I did have a fleeting thought that, maybe I can skip today. After all I am kinda tired and a little sore. But luckily I snapped out of that way of thinking, those are the thoughts that bring you down! Those are the thoughts that keep me weighing and looking the way I don't want to. Thoughts like that don't give you the results you want. All those thoughts do is make you wish you looked and felt a certain way.

I know that soon I will be feeling really good, I will be healthy, I will have energy, and I will look forward and WANT to exercise and be upset if something comes up to where I can't. (I have made it to that point before).

So today I did day 3 of the shred, still on level 1, and it wasn't as hard as it was yesterday, I noticed I was able to keep going and give it more than I have the last two days. It  I am aiming to do more of the "Natalie" exercises and to keep going.

I have to say that I like the amount of time in between the exercises, I even look forward to the next one so that I can stop the current one because it does work you! I yell at them when they say do you feel it? "YES" I pant pack as I give it everything I have.

I am proud of myself that I haven't slacked on the exercises, she tells me everyday, you cant get results in 20 minutes if you rest or don't give it your all...and that's true.

I am feeling it in my legs, after my workout I had to hold on to the rail as I went and let my dog outside, I live in a tri level home and I feel the burn every tim e I go up and down the stairs, which I make several trips daily.

So day 3 is done....I feel great that I did it, my muscles hurt so I know I am doing something, and I am excited to see the results.

Day 1-I did it pretty well, thinking it isn't too hard, its short and I can stick with it. I did this one without weights.

Day 2-Harder than day 1, I could feel my muscles burning, I am thinking me drinking those shakes post workout really help to where I am not so sore I can't move and makes me not want to work out. I can feel the burn pretty bad, and I am sure it would be worse if I wasn't drinking the shakes. (BTW, I am drinking this, whey protein).

Day 3-Easier than day 2, but still made me work for it, that's for sure. Though I am able to do the exercises better than before.

I bought Making the Cut by Jillian Michaels a couple years ago when I had much more to loose after my first daughter, but I never did anything with it. It just stayed on the shelf. Now that I am more motivated, I am going to go though it again, use some of the meal plans, and start doing some of the routines in there too for an added workout. I may just add it after I do the 20 minutes of the Shred, but not so much I hurt myself. But I do want to do some additional exercising.

And last but not least....*long sigh* as much as I do NOT want to do this, here are my before embarrassing...but I am hoping now that they are out there...I have to keep at it to make that not my body anymore!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Day 2, 30 day Shred

..........Yah, I still didn't take my pictures haha, oops...anywho.

Today is Day 2 of the 30 Day Shred by Jillian Michaels, and let's just say today was a bit tougher than yesterday. I woke up a little sore, I could tell moving around that I had worked muscles yesterday that I haven't in a while. I am thinking I wasn't too sore because of the protein shakes I have afterward.

I didn't use weights yesterday as I wanted to just go through the exercises and see how it was, but today I picked up my 2lb dumbbells to do them. 2lbs isnt much at all, but I could feel the difference. Especially since working out yesterday. I have wrist weights that are 1.5lbs each, so when I need a bit more weight, I'll put those on with the dumbbells. I'll probably stick with the 2lbers until I hit level 2.

I drank my 12 cups (measured)of water yesterday and I ate very well also. For dinner I had chicken stir fry, it was really good. It will more than likely be my lunch today since I had left overs.

I am really excited to see what this does for me, I am not expecting a total body change, but it will help me be on my way of where I want to be. Maybe after I do this, and get my strength, I can try my hand at P90x. There is no way I am strong enough for that yet, but I am aiming to be in the best shape of my life. I am hoping I will look AWESOME by my 30th B-day, that is my ultimate goal. Not so much the number on the scale, but I want to look and feel amazing and be healthy!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Day 1, 30 day Shred

Hello blogland. So I decided, what do I have to lose (heehee), so I jumped on the 30 day shred bandwagon. Like a TON of people, I made one of my New Year's resolutions to be weight loss/toning.

I am not overweight according to my BMI, but I have some extra pounds I'd like to 20. Not only that, but I want to get toned and help reduce that icky flab feeling after having my two precious girls.

A little history, my entire life I have been thin, when I joined the Army at 19, I weighed in at 117. I am only 5'4, so as to where that isnt stick thin, I was pretty darn petite. My whole career I was around 120-125 since I had muscle then I didn't have before and I was pretty satisfied with the way I looked. (some days I even thought I was "fat", oh what I didn't know!)

When I got pregnant with my first, I was at my heaviest (130lbs) because I was taking prenatals and they made me gain weight, or so I think as nothing else changed in my life, yet I gained weight, so whether or not it really did? Who knows, but that's my story and I am sticking to it! :)

Well, with Sass SO much happened, I was under the most amount of stress I have ever been, and because of that and some pretty shitty work conditions, I ate like crap too, I pulled my hip out of place at 6 months which ended my working out, I had gestational diabetes and Sass ended up being a 10lbs, 2 oz baby and 9 days late. So...why am I telling you all this? I went from 130lbs to over 205lbs. I stopped weighing myself when I hit 205 and that was 2 weeks before she was born. That is at least 75lbs right there...with Sass being 10lbs, that is down to 65, given roughly 19lbs (I used some website to calculate other weight in pregnancy like extra blood, amniotic fluids, uterus and all that other fun stuff) that leaves me with 45lbs of FAT.

It took a while before I lost that weight, first it was pure laziness as I didnt do a darned thing, I was down to around 155 before I really started to get my butt in gear. I joined Spark People (this was my New Years Resolution 2009, to lose the rest of Sass's baby weight!) and I got down to 130ish. I even dipped as low as 127, but generally I hovered around 130. Which pretty much takes me to my pre preg weight, even though I was generally 120-125. Well, I was on the mission to lose the rest when I became pregnant with little Sprout.

With her everything was different, I exercised, I didn't get gestational diabetes and I didn't gain much at all. 30lbs I think is all. The hospital had me at 163lbs with clothes on when I checked in. After I had her, 1 week post partum I was 143. WOO!! My stomach was flatter and I was like, this will be cake! I will lose these rest 10lbs fast! Even with BFing, I stayed at 143, in fact, I went back up to 148...not cool.

Now 148 may be some people's goal, or they think that is a fine weight, but it isn't to me, I am not used to being this size, I dont like this size and none of all my other clothes fit me at this size. I am one of those people who gains weight in the face, and I think there are some VERY attractive and gorgeous woman who weigh more than they'd like and could even be considered obese by medical stand point but I, IMO, am not one of those people who can pull it off. So when I realized I now weighed more than I did 1 week after having a BABY, I knew I needed to get my butt in gear again.

So in October I went back on Spark people and I lost 5lbs, I was back to 143. And I stayed at 143.

Something about me that is both a curse and a blessing, I maintain weight really well generally. Once I get to a weight, I can usually loosen up and not gain much back (when I gained weight I was eating SOOO bad and under a tremendous amount of stress again). So that is why once I lost those 5lbs, and I got unmotivated and side tracked, I stayed at that weight.

So about a week ago I decided I wanted to lose this weight before my hubby comes back home, he is gone for over a month and thought, I can at least improve SOMETHING in 5 weeks, even if its not my exact goal, I want to do what I can.

So I started at 143 and today I did my weigh in and measurements for the 30 day shred and I am at 139.4 (I have been somewhat dieting for the last weekish and upped my water intake again and cut out the pop) and playing Dance Central on Kinect.

So here are my stats and Day 1 of Jillian Michael's 30 day shred. I didn't take pics yet, I need to, those always help, especially if the scale doesnt move much. Pictures and measurements is where its at! These are measured in inches.

Thighs-R 23.75 L 23
Calf-R 14 L 13.5
Bicep-R 11.5 L 11.5
Under Bust-31.5
Waist Above Belly Button (thinnest part) 31
Waist Below Belly Button (Thickest part) 36

So there you have it, I plan on doing other exercises too to keep my muscles guessing so that I don't do the same thing every day (or just the same thing rather). I will be doing weigh ins and measurements weekly and I will post them. Good luck to everyone else who is on a weight loss goal!

Friday, January 7, 2011


For some odd reason, I don't have a ton of pictures up of my girls around the house. Well, I wanted to change that, I sent these out to Costco and these will be put up on the third floor hallway between the bedrooms. They are 11x14's and 8x10's. Cant wait to see them on the wall!

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Today my big girl needed to have her crib lowered down to the next height as she is pulling up and I need to have the peace of mind at night that she will be in there, safe and sound.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Being it darn impossible to go to the gym, I have been using my kinect for some much needed exercise. Lets just say, the games, plus my new weights...make my legs feel like Jello! Ok ok, so in the pic its pudding, but I didn't have actual jello, but I suppose I could be feeling like pudding too. :) Mmmmm pudding....

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Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Ahhhh....Moments before a nice big mess!!

1st Full Day...

...with just me and the girls. I mean, yesterday could have easily been, but hubby technically was here in the morning till 9:30. Today was actually really uneventful, we got up, dressed, had breakfast, danced with Sass and worked out, went to walmart, cleaned, cooked dinner, watched the Notebook, browsed the internet looking at Photography sites and put Sass and Sprout to bed. Now it is 11:35 at night, hubby just checked into his motel, the house is quiet and I am alone....and I can feel it. It is kind of relaxing actually because my duties are over till the morning, and I am in my bed with my laptop. Something I am usually unable to do since hubby goes to bed early, leaving me on the couch and a TV tray, sitting on the computer very uncomfortably. (I do not have a computer desk, not that those are real comfy anyway).

So here I am, in bed, feeling relaxed and about to watch Eat, Pray, Love on bluray. If only I weren't on this diet, trying to look smoking as a surprise to hubby when he returns in 5 weeks, I'd be lying here with chocolate. A whoooole bunch! Tempting, but fitting nicely in my clothes is even more tempting. Since I went a little over portion with dinner (I made meatball stew, so its not terrible) I need to just sip on my water. I caved and had a little glass of Diet Coke...we still have an opened two liter from New Years I didnt want to waste, so I had a bit, but it leads me to want to snack. Always does. When I dont drink the DC, I don't crave sweets much.

Well, I am off for the night, it actually feels good to sit her, in the quiet, and be alone...well first, I am going to post my 365 pic...

Monday, January 3, 2011


Here is a little tid bit about me...I hate onions. No really, I dislike them SOO much. Only in special and rare occasions are they ok to spice things up, but just to eat them? No. Unless they are cooked in such a way I can not taste them, which is again, rare, forget about it. I even look at labeling to food products to ensure they arent there. Well........I didn't look to hard this time apparently. I just read the front of the bag, hell, they labeled everything else, I figured if onions was a main part of the dish, it would have said so...boy was I in for a treat.

I decided to make Sass and I a Voila pasta bag of instant meal they like to call Chicken Parmesan. Looks good in the pic and the description tells me its chicken, tomatoes in a tomato sauce. Well, it said nothing about the MOUNDS of bits of onions I was surprised to see when I dumped the contents of the bag into the pan. ICK! But I was really hungry and I didn't want to make anything else, so I sat there, and picked them out before cooking. Seemed like forever to get every last piece. And let me tell you, there was SO much of it, I was thinking there was more of it than anything else. If I would have cooked it anyway and tried to fight through it, there would be no way I could have enjoyed it with this amount. Even in the picture shows this dish to be onion free....I think I am going to write them a letter.........

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Disaster in my hubby gets ready to head out for 5 weeks. We sure are going to miss him!

Last day

Ugh, I still feel like poo.....I even had to get up in the middle of the night and make me some theraflu. I am thankful the girls have been good sleepers the last few nights, they dont feel so grand either.

I am not sure if I mentioned, but I was having a problem with my laptop with the USB telling me it was malfunctioned and it wouldn't install any drivers and was making the connect and disconnect sound over and over and I couldn't use any mouse, corded or blue tooth and it was making me so mad. I backed up everything, getting ready to do a clean wipe and reinstall my OS after all the troubleshooting failed to work. I didn't like this, hated the idea of having to reinstall all my programs, fonts, things for PS...ugh...nightmare. And heaven for bid if I forgot something and it was gone I decided to forum search one last time...and found a person experiencing the SAME thing as me....his solution? Kill the power supply, wait a couple minutes and restart. Simple right? Almost 2 simple. My husband knows a lot about computers and has been fixing them for some time, and it was his final solution to just wipe and reinstall. I told him what I was attempting to do and he told me not to hold my breath, but I thought...what do I have to lose? And it freaking WORKED!!! It worked! All fixed. The bluetooth was back, the port was back, the sound was was beautiful! I still cant believe it worked! I was really having issues that I was going to have to go mouseless for a month and rely on the mousepad on the laptop for things, and I really HATE that thing. I cant edit worth crap with that! So thankful!

Reason I said I'd be a month is because my hubby will be gone for 5 weeks starting tomorrow. It will just be me and the girls..:( BUT, I plan on losing the rest of this weight in that span and him come home to an all new me!

I have the Kinect with Dance Central and the Fitness game Your Shape, and I plan on using that and doing other programs to get my butt in gear! So...wish me luck!

I have a killer headache and feel so crappy, I am calling it a night. Lame post I know, but hey..I posted! I also took a pic today for day too, but feel so icky, I dont feel like going through the mess of uploading and all that! So goodnight world!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year.....1/1/11

Today was a pretty chill out day, which is nice. The girls let us sleep till noon! Can you believe that? I couldn't! Actually, I slept till 1. I remember hubby getting up with the girls but I figured it was around 9, 10 at the latest. He came in the room and asked if I wanted to get up, and I looked at the clock and was shocked! But with me being sick, it was much needed.

I sat around pretty much then all day, and decided I need to be semi-productive and did laundry and put away the heap of clean laundry that has been sitting there for a while. :) So I was in Ikea a few weeks back and I saw this awesome thing-a-ma-bob, and let me tell you, I am glad I bought it! Not having an actual laundry room, I have been draping my non-dryables over anything I could find and it would make my house look like it threw up clothes...but I am happy. I just stick this puppy over the tub and poof, line dried clothes.....indoors.  

So I was going through the very few pictures that were taken last night, due to the flakes who made our "party" more like a visit from a friend, and I found this gem....
*sigh*......even my daughter didn't want to be apart of this photo and she is 2...(yes, I am aware she looks nothing close to being 2, or even 3 for that matter, which she will be in 3 weeks, but....alas....she is). :) If we had a couple more people in this picture, I think it could have been submitted onto the site,  If you haven't visited that site, I suggest you check it out, freaking hilarious.

Aaaaaand I decided to try once again to try a 365....I have failed the other 3 attempts at it, so I am not sure what makes me believe I will do any better this time..but we shall see. At least it will be fun to see if I can at least beat out my other tries. :) I will be posting them on my ongoing 365 blog which I will link when I get it all set up, (see, I am already starting out on the right foot). I realized my last entry on that blog was almost a year ago today, haha, I did excellent with that one.

But until I get that blog back up and running, I will post here.

I wanted to start off with sisterly love...will be hilarious if I make it a year and end it with the same type of picture. Would be cool to see how much it will change in a years time.

I just thought of something...this is going to be a year of 1's. (And even my own little chunk will turn 1 this yr). But today, 1/1/11, the 11th, 1/11/11, and in November, 11/1/11 and 11/11/11....pretty cool....