Thursday, May 28, 2009


Uh....I don't feel well today....I woke up with not being able to swallow. The feeling where you have to really think about it and TRY to swallow because your throat seems to have forgotten its primary function...and now its sore. Every time I woke up I had to use more throat spray just so I could try and get some more sleep. I hate sore throats with a passion. I think I would rather have a stomach bug and puking that a sore throat!

I even lost my voice, its cracking like I'm going through puberty again...I hope I don't get Sass sick.

Yesterday I got my second B-day present from hubby! A NEW LAPTOP! Yay! It is suuuper sweet and I am on it now. It has a 250 GB hard drive, blu ray player, 4 gigs of ram and of course a duo core processor so it does a lot of things at once. Its fast and nice. I love it!I went to the gym yesterday to start working out again and it was SO hot in there. It was raining outside so the humidity was crazy. I was sweating so bad, and I don't sweat much so if that's any indication of how it was. I barely got through my workout. I only did 35 minutes of cardio because of how much I was sweating, I thought I was going to pass out. And since I just started up again, might as well take it slow anyway. Just sucks because I am so sick today, means I cant go so.....hopefully tomorrow I will be better.

Sass amazes me with her smarts everyday!

We were looking at a magazine and she saw a lady with a cowboy hat on and she pointed and told me, "HAT!" while signing it. She then told me she was a girl, but saying it and signing it. Today she was playing with her toy pig and looked at me and said, "PIG!" and signed it for the first time! **I was JUST informed by hubby that she did this 2 days ago...:( He thought she has been doing it and didn't realize it was a new sign.***
She loves to spin in circles and she is just so funny. Her hair is so puffy and in a very awkward stage right now. She is so full of life and she is so fun to be around. I just cant believe how smart she is! I cant believe she is 16 months already. Time sure is flying.

I decided to TRY and give myself a french manicure yesterday. Operative word it TRY.It doesnt look too bad in the pic, but you can tell its a home job! haha

Well hubby is home so I can go lie down now.....and of course finish up Breaking Dawn. :)

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