Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween 2008

Halloween Eve

The day before Halloween is when we decided to carve our pumpkins. This is Hubby's first time, since his family never celebrated Halloween when he was a kid. I think he enjoyed it. We thought this would be good for Sass too, thought she would have some fun playing with the pumpkin guts.....all she wanted to do was eat the seeds...:( So...that was short lived. We thought it would be better to have her just watch.

I decided I better try my makeup out for my witch costume....2 words...EPIC FAIL

My baby girl was a black cat! By the end of the night however, she was not in costume anymore. She kept eating her ears, choking herself with her bow tie, and rubbed most of her makeup off....
I think she had a good time trick or treating, seeing all the people in their costumes. She had a lot of fun with her friend V who was Yoda for Halloween. We were over at my friend Tasha's house. Tanya and David didnt show up till after trick or treating because T had to work...:( So she didnt get to go with us. It was a good night, and we got home a little after Sass's bed time, but she went right to sleep! I had fun, but glad its all over....

Well non Halloween related, Sass has outgrown her jumperoo and exersaucer so now there is room in our exercise room for my craft table! Super excited! Alrighty, I am off to the craft store! Hope you enjoyed the pics!

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Todd and Amy Curtis said...

OMG, you all look fantastic! What great costumes. :) Looks like you were able to score some pumpkins and you guys did a great job carving them. Bet you are so excited to spend next halloween in a REAL fall environment! I know I am!