Thursday, July 9, 2009

corn and peanut butter

I let Sass have full reign of the house today, she got into everything too.

At one point I heard a whole lot of banging in the I go look I saw a very dangerous picture. She had the long lighters, one in each hand, and she was banging them on the floor....Luckily they didn't break or burst! * I had the camera on me suspecting she made a mess....I took them away immediately.*

She had gotten into the cabinet as well...tupperware tops and pans, magnet letter and food containers were strung about. She loves to get into stuff!

She especially likes to play with the peanut butter jar.

So a few minutes go by and Sass is obviously on to her next quest and then she appears by my side holding up her little plastic care bear we got from the egg machine yesterday asking me, "whats this?"

Well I know that I had them in my purse so I know thats what she has been in to. So I go to my purse and I begin to pick up the contents that were thrown about. I pick up a care bear I that was still in there and go to hand it to I do, I see she has corn and peanut butter in her hand and she is opening and closing her hand playing with it....

My first thought was..."where did you get corn?? We didnt have corn today....wait a dont know how to open the peanut butter......Oh no...We had corn LAST NIGHT for dinner!"

"GROSS, give me your hand child...." I rush her over to the sink to wash off her poop covered hand and while I am balancing her on my knee...she takes her free right hand and reaches to her mac n cheese plate left over from lunch and begins shoving fist fulls in her mouth....

Now I need to figure out how to stop her from back digging in her diaper..:)

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