Saturday, January 2, 2010

another unexciting day in my household....but some good eats!

It is sooo cold outside, I like to stay warm and toasty in my house, and not go out unless I have to. 23 degrees! Brrr...

I got one of those pregnancy headaches that don't like to go away for anything today so I took a nap. I slept from 12:30-5:30! Maaaaan it was nice. I love weekends!

It was crazy windy outside today, and its so loud it rattles the windows and it really excites Sass. She gets this surprised look on her face, yells WIND and runs to the window. She is funny.

So today was one of those normal days, Sass demanding milk and cheese and "nute nacks" every hour on the hour.  Running up and down the stairs and running around all crazy..:) But it's days like this I love....she is a joy to be around.

 One of the highlights to my day (hey, I am pregnant! Food is always a highlight!) was that Michael went and picked up Outback to go! YUM-O!! Bread, their yummy salad with extra ranch and a 9oz juicy steak smothered in spicy, rich A1 sauce, and you can't forget the mashed potatoes on the side.....SO GOOD. Hell, I could eat another helping!!!

Also wanted to add, tonight is night 3 of no paci for Sass!! WOOOOO! Good because she chewed the crap out of the last remaining ones she had!

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