Sunday, January 3, 2010

Where are you Spring??

Gah, now I know why I don't go outside, its effing FREEZING! It was 23 degrees again today, but we had to go grocery shopping. I also wanted to do some other shopping but poor was too much for her too. So we just got some groceries and stopped at one store. Brrrrr...I am ready for Spring!

But Sass looked really cute today in her Gymboree Gingerbread girl outfit! I found a cute dress for her B-day pics today though so....that's one good thing!!

Sass loves Monkey George, what she calls Curious George. She will grab her blanket and anything else and sit in her princess papsan chair and sit still for the whole half hour. Its pretty cute how captivated she gets, nothing holds her attention like monkey george.

Don't mind the living room it gets pretty rough during the day haahahaha, but that's what happens when you have a toddler running around. I really think my efforts are wasted every day when I pick up the mess. It literally looks like that 15 minutes later!

We are in the process of still fixing up the downstairs to convert into a playroom. We are still unpacking and getting rid of a ton of stuff, so we have random piles and boxes down there still. Not to mention, it doesn't stay real warm down there...we have some space heaters that work, but it takes a while for them to heat up.

We have these, and they work awesome. They help keep our gas bill down.

That reminds me, see that ugly green paint?? Yah, its going  bye bye, probably next weekend. Its too much for us and its hard to decorate around. We are getting a tan color that is fresh and neutral and will make the living room bright.  I think we are eventually going to paint the guest bedroom and Sass's horrible yellow bathroom as well....who picked these colors?? They are just horrid.

Sass has been covering up with the living room rug lately, she cracks me up. She says she is going to sleep and grabs her blanket and closes her eyes...she is a funny girl! She has such a wonderful personality.

And the last bit of news, I had to go and buy a cheapo scale since we haven't found our nice too because I haven't been able to track my weight gain till now. I am 130 as of 6:00pm, and that was after a day of eating and clothes on so...I think I am doing pretty well for being 16 weeks. I am going to weigh in the morning to see what my actual weight it though. And McSass pants weighs 32lbs. My big girl!

Here is our pitiful 7 dollar scale. (it works, I used a weight to make sure it was accurate).

Bad thing about this scale aside from it not being digital, is you have to put the red line thingy on zero after every use keeps moving...its a piece of junk!

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Shauna Plain and Tall said...

Congrats on the pregnancy! So exciting! Im 34.5 weeks and getting ready for this little girl to come!

I cant believe Sass is 32 lbs! She is big. Cooper is only 23!

Hope you had a great holiday!