Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A crafty day

Today was a busy day in the craft area for me,aside from taking care of my babies and playing with them, I crafted it up!

Well I am just starting out making bows, and let me tell you, I need to practice! I stink at this, bless those who do it for an income. Trying to find tutorials is like pulling teeth, apparently you have to be in some sort of bow cult to unlock the mystery behind bow making because people are very hush hush about how to actually make nice looking bows. Like it might take away from their sales personally, but anyway, I'm doing a lot of trial and error. More error than anything else. I did find some nice sites to help me along, but no site in the world can help with my suckyness when it comes to my bow skills.

So after a few bigger bow fails, I decided to look around the house for some things I could glue on lined clippies and call it a day. I found some old fake flowers I've kept all these years that never make it out of the box when we move from place to place and put them to good use. One of sass's shows on today talked about recycling, well...I did my part. I also used some fake leaves I have that go with my photo props and made some cute( or at least I think) fall clippies. This is what I came up with today in way of hair things.

And here are a couple if pics with cute models. Here is sass with the triple pink bow. Sass bow
And sprout with the leave, since she is baldy bald, I had to clip it onto a band. Sprout bow

In other news, I need to clean my craft area because it's so full of unorganized clutter I can't use it for crafts, so instead I'm using my dinning room table as my computer desk/craft station and this is how it looks. Table

I so finally finished my girls' bow holder today, well I kinda need one now. :)

Aaaand I also started a couple more projects.

I made some bow center piece out of baking clay and painted them.

Also sanded down sprouts lamp I found at goodwill that I'm going to refinish, the shade too, hoping to go with a shabby chic look.

Still on my list of projects to do, refinish the shelf I found, paint the frames to put in the downstairs, refinish the carriage, refinish my vanity, make fabric flowers and .... Hmmm at the moment that's it.

In other other news, I'm going back to see my family in 3 weeks. I want to go and see my mom and grandma. Last time I was home was in April when my grandpa was in the hospital and I was only 25 weeks along with sprout. Not sure how long I'll stay, I suppose I'll play it by ear.

Speaking if sprout, she has not been sleeping at all lately and I'm exhausted. I'm actually in bed now typing this on my phone. But I'm not sure what her deal is, an she doesn't wake up from he sleep all happy like sass did either, it's screamathon as soon as she opens those pretty eyes if hers.

So with that, I'm gonna get to sleep, since she only sleeps in 3 hour increments and up for good at 6 and has already been down an hour. * sigh. So later blog land.

P.S. We had tacos tonight, and I have to say I make some pretty yummy tacos!!
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*Jessie* said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the fall bows! So darn cute! I'm sorry you're having to deal with the sleep issues. I'm having problems with Ashlin in the sleep dept. lately, too. She wakes up in the middle of the night or really super early in the morning and thinks it's time to get out of bed and throws the biggest fit when I don't let her. I'm over that and hope it doesn't last long!