Tuesday, September 9, 2008

This is MY girl (pics galore)

Here are some updates on my baby girl!
She is now 7 and a half month old! Wow how time flies, and boy is she getting big!
She is 29 inches long and 21 pounds as of the 28th of August.
She prefers to stand up over sitting, which used to be she preferred to sit than lie down.
Over the last couple weeks she has EXPLODED hitting milestone after milestone.
She got her bottom 2 teeth in at the same time!

If you notice by her left eye, she has a booboo....That's her first, its a rug burn...:(
She LOVES to pull up on EVERYTHING! Man, what happened to my little baby who just wanted Mommy to hold her?? She seriously tries to go where ever she wants....
Here is Sass doing what she does best.....standing up! She now tries ONE handed, brave little cookie AND she even let go the other day, it looked so deliberate, she stood for about 3 seconds on her own before she grabbed the edge of her pack n play....

She talks up a storm! She loves to say mama and baba, she laughs at everything...she is just so smart. I watch her and you can see she is trying to figure things out.
Here she is in her new high chair...she HATES it!

We had a great labor day! Sass was fussy at first because of all the people but once people cleared out she was back to being happy. She is pretty reserved when we go out though, like she just stares at people blankly and just wants her mommy. Here are our labor day pics! And with that I am going to bed!

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