Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Damned idiots

GAH!! I am so mad!

Yesterday Sass and I go on post ( a 20 minute drive) so that I could get my California rolls that I have been jonesin for and to go see Hubby at work (the Medical clinics)...

So as I go past his clinic on the way to the grocery store I see everyone standing outside with the cops and everything. So I call him up and he says its probably just a fire alarm, that he doesnt know why they are outside. So we are walking to his work and some guy stops me and says that there has been a bomb threat and no one can go inside. So I call Hubby and he tells me where he is at (outside). So we visit and eat with him out there.

Reason I am mad....

Today is Sass's 9 month checkup....Hubby JUST texts me and says....Bomb threat!! GREAT!! This means that our appointment will be canceled!

This shit is fake as hell (a small chance its not) and its some bored ass Private very frickin bored and disturbing the lives (and health ) of many people!! The whole medical clinic has to evacuate, and its ALL medical, we are talking, eye, peds, emergency room, lab, x ray, you name it, its there!!

Do people not have anything better to do? I wish I could beat the living hell out of that damned idiot!! I swear I have NO tolerance for immature, stupid, full of themselves ASSHOLES!!!

Ahem-Now that I have that off my chest...:)

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