Monday, October 27, 2008

Holy Ravioli I am LATE!!

My sweet smiling face Sass, I love you angel!

WOW...I cant believe it has been so long since my last post. I swear I get caught up on the baby forum that I neglect this place! I need to straighten up my act! lol...

Sass is now 9 months old. Time sure flies! She never ceases to amaze me though. Everyday she changes.

She is trying to sign a couple new words and she looooves to put her hand up to her mouth and make a noise and move her hand back and forth...we even have yelling matches lol. Drives daddy crazy!

Today Sass had a fever....She just lied there next to me pretty much ALL day, I hate seeing her like that. I am not sure what caused it, if it was because she is teething or what, it came all of a sudden and seemed to fade by time it was night time. I hope she wakes up my happy little baby tomorrow.

We were going to carve our pumpkins today but with Sass not feeling well, we will have to do it tomorrow if she is up to it!

I also found out Hawaii has a Pumpkin patch...imported pumpkins I am sure, so I am super excited.....I just hope the weather holds has been raining the past couple days. I really wanna go.

Cant wait for halloween, it will be fun. I hope Sass keeps her costume on...she is going to be a black cat. Her costume cost all of 4 dollars! lol...I am going to be a witch was fitting. Daddy is going to be...well I am not sure, we are just going to throw some old clothes, a cape and makeup on him. He can be my male witch hubby ahahaha, are there such things?

So since I have been so delinquent in my posts, here is an update of Sass...

At 9 months she...
~Weighs 23lbs and 31.5 inches long
~She stands unsupported for several minutes but still unsure to take steps on her own.
~She can walk with a walker and laughs so much with it, can walk holding hands.
~Can sign about 4 words, Milk the most and she is doing a new one, either all done or more, I cant tell....she does 2 combined it looks will get there
~She says cat when she sees the cat, BUT she whispers ca ca cat hahaaha
~She LOOOVES the hotdog song on Playhouse Disney, she even dances to it (even today when she was so sick, she still mustered up a couple bounces to the hot dog song!)
~Can feed herself very well, actually prefers to self feed than to be fed.
~In size 4 diapers
~Laughs to Old MacDonald and the Simpsons lol
~Still sleeps around 12hrs straight through the night
~crawls super fast!
~Can put toys inside things and pull toys out from things
~looks under objects (like under the changing table for lost toys)
~Has taken a step from one object to another
~copies a lot of things we do like, sniffing, saying dog, shaking our head no
~If she is reaching for something I will put my hand in the way if she cant have it and she will pull my hand away so she can try to grab the object again. After many attemps she gets mad and throws a fit. Its funny now....but hopefully she doesnt always throw fits.
~loves her big girl carseat.
~eats in her walker since she hates her high chair
~can say dog, cat, mama, and baba.
EDIT-JUST recently started saying more (moh)
since I say it all the time while signing it to her..

Here are a few recent pics!!

Her official 9 month pics.
She is going to jump over this soon, I can see it lol....


Shauna Plain and Tall said...

Thats so great that she is stand on her own! I know Cooper could do it be he doesn't trust himself yet. Thats so fun that they are 1 day apart! I was in labor from the 17th to the 19th so we thought for sure he would be an 18th baby but ended up being born 4:50 am on the 19th. So, your in Hawaii? How do you know Amy and Jackson? Your Madi is very cute! Its nice to meet a Mom that has a baby the same age!

Shauna Plain and Tall said...

Yes, go ahead and add me and I will add you. :) Cooper was 8 lbs 1 oz at birth but was 2 weeks early. They think he would have been at least 10 if I would have carried full term! Thanks for the website help! I will definitely check it out. Cooper got that outfit in a sack of hand-me-downs. I love hand-me-downs! Thats cute that Madison and Jackson are having a long distance relationship. Cooper needs a lady friend! :)