Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Feeling better

Sass was much better today, but I could tell she wasnt 100%. She only took one nap today! I laid her down in her room but she just played in her crib. Usually she gives up within an hour, but not today. So she was awake from 11 something until 8 o'clock bed time. Surprisingly, she wasnt cranky at all!

Tomorrow we are going to try and carve our pumpkins, would have today but with Sass not all better and her with no nap, we put it off again. (were originally going to do it Sunday, but thats when she got the fever).

So hubby is going to dress up like Napolean Dynamite on Friday for something at work, so he went upstairs to get the wig (we have had this for yrs, we were obsessed with that movie hahaha) and this is what happened...

She cracks me up!!!
So I was going outside to spray down the driveway with the hose, I pass by the bathroom and this is what I see.....

Crazy cat....................He has water!! At first I thought he was going potty because I had just cleaned his box and it was outside drying lol....Man that would have been funny. But he was just thirsty I guess....

So I am watching intervention right now, its the one where the girl inhales air/duster stuff. It is crazy, gives me a headache just watching it. It is NOT funny she is on these drugs but I cant help but laugh she sounds so funny, "its like I'm walking on sunshine!" Its really sad....seriously....those drugs have messed her up really bad....it is such a shame.

Welp...thats all for tonight, I am hoping to get to sleep at a decent time tonight.

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