Wednesday, March 31, 2010

28 week scrap page

I am SOOO behind on my scrapbook pages. I have this crazy obsession with buying a ton of kits, but then I don't use them as often as I would like. I have SO many pages to scrap...let's face it, I procrastinate...... a lot, and my intentions are good, my follow through??? Not so much it seems. I always get tied up doing something else Photoshop related like....editing pictures.

Yes, many more pictures that I need to do things with! Hopefully I will have the two scrapbook projects I have been working on done before the kids go away to college....I fear it might take me that long to do the first years of their lives at the rate I am going!

Here I am on pregnancy number two, have done 2 pages for this one and I still haven't finished Sass's....Just in case anyone has lost count, she is 2. :)

I just know I need to devote more time doing it...I mean I LOVE to scrap so....why am I taking so long you ask?? I think I am trying to make it too perfect.

Well....I made this tonight. It's the 28 week page for Sprout's "I'm in mommy's belly!" book. I realized though something tonight while making it....its not just about the pictures that's in it. I like to add journal to it, and as I typed along the events and things that happened this week....since I waited so long to start the other weeks, I won't have cute stories or things we did that week on there, because I simply can't remember. I have the important things down on a calendar like...first time I felt her kick, heard her heartbeat and things like that, but I will miss the important little right now. So....since I hate missing moments, I think that might be the kick in the butt I needed to scrap the 1 page a week of pregnancy for the rest of the ride. I think I can do that. :) So...without further is the page I did tonight.

I used the kit "Enjoy" by Galiscrap.

Ok, I am editing this post because apparently I had another page in me tonight! This is my 24 week page....I made it kind of in line with this weeks i heart faces challenge! That....and I love dramatic black and white. :)

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