Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I have an addiction

and it's name? Cigarettes? No....Alcohol? No....Drugs? Nope....well..sort of. Diet Coke. Yup............and it's getting to be really bad.

I used to drink one a day, then it became two, three...and the other day I drank almost a whole 2 liter in a short time. WOAH!

I have been really tried, run down, my weight is a whole other story, I am run down feeling and I am sitting here tonight, drinking my 4th can of the day and I feel awful. My head hurts, I feel unhealthy and icky and I am like STOP...I need a change.

I was googleling about health and I read some articles about the side effects of Diet Coke and it is me...I suffer from a lot of them.

I have a lot of New Years Resolutions to start and I think I am adding this one to my list. I need to beat my addiction to Diet Coke.

Here are my current resolutions for the New Year, in no particular order

1. Have a healthier lifestyle. Including but not limited to, relationships, body, and mind.

2. Blog more

3. Focus on Photography and grow and learn learn learn.

4. Go through my house, throw out things I dont need and organize and KEEP it that way.

5. Cut out TV during the day.

6. Focus on me, taking care of myself.

7. Work on how I manage stress

8. Complete at least 2 scrap pages a week..at LEAST

9. Print off pictures I have on my computer and put them in albums

10. And this one is a lot into one..I want to do things I dont typically do, go do things, see things more so than I do now and have more experiences in life.

11. Have a closer relationship to God.

With that said....what are your New Year's Resolutions?

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Christine said...

That is a lot of resolutions but I know that you can do it! I know of a way that you can work on one or two of them if you are up for it. I would love to have you at my wedding in May and you could get some practice with photography!