Thursday, December 2, 2010

My Good/Bad night

I had a great night tonight, it is nice to get out and hang with people other than my loving children. Sometimes a mommy just needs a break too!

I went over to my friend Lori's house and we ate, had hot cocoa, munched on banana bread and talked Photography, editing and just stuff. Time sure does fly because I got there around 7:30pm and didn't leave till a little after 1am (on the 3rd, so as you can tell, I fixed the date for this post).

I am just getting my feet wet into being a portrait photographer and she has been helping me tremendously!! I have improved my technique, editing and other technical aspects in one month.

I took her family's photo the other week and we were going over the pics together and sharing how each of us edits. I learned things from her, and she learned a couple things from me.

Gah..............sorry this post is not pleasant to read, I am sooo exhausted and I can barely think straight...but that is because I only had barely a couple hours (literally) of sleep...why you ask?? Well this is why the title says, "bad night".

I leave Lori's house a couple minutes after 1am. I live in a gated community where the gates close at 8 and you need a card to open the gates. Or you can punch in a code and will go to your phone number and they can hit a number and let you in.

Well, like a dumb butt, since I took a different car to her house, I forgot to grab my gate key. So, with it being so early in the morning on a Friday morning, no one was out for me to follow in, no one was going out for me to go through the out gate either for that matter. So, I sat and waited for a one came. So I was thinking how I didn't want to wake up hubby, but I have no choice because it's early, I am tired, my baby will be up soon and I need some sleep. So I go to the box and call his voice mail. Try again, same thing, try again, then I am thinking, ok, let me call from my phone. So I called...and called...and called...over 25 freaking times getting his voice mail EVERY TIME. See, I know it is right by him and on because he uses it has his alarm (its his cell, we have no house phone). I am so tired at this point and no one in site and him not answering the phone I had 2 options....1. wait indefinitely for someone to come or go through the gate or 2. park and walk home, get the key and walk back.

Reluctantly, I parked my car and started home. I was in a wrap sweater with a sleeveless shirt underneath and flat calf length boots...and it was FREEZING out. So I ran all the way home, its close to a half mile away, so not terribly far, but enough. I go up to the room and check his phone and its to his head, but he was passed out I grab the keys to my other car, get the card, and head back....uphill this time. By time I got home it has been over an hour since I first arrived at the gate. I get dressed, brush my teeth, lie down, close my eyes and in about a half hour, my daughter wakes up....She was up for good around 6 and so have I.

So needless to say I am exhausted and I am about to go to bed, since I have been up since (as I am writing this early on the 4th). I will catch up on Friday's post later! :)

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