Thursday, December 30, 2010

As my luck would have it

I am sick.....BOO.....

We have a party set up for tomorrow night at our house, FINALLY I get to do something for New Years instead of watching the ball drop on TV while sitting on my couch, and I get sick...freaking sick!!

I somehow made it out to my photography meeting last night and even went out to the diner afterward with a few of the members but by the end of the night, I had no voice and my head was pounding. Of course when I walk through the door, I hear my youngest crying in her crib....great. No sleep for me.

I was then up for another hour and a half trying to get her to sleep when Sass cries out. She isn't feeling that well either.

Finally I get them to sleep and I crash into bed, only to wake up all too soon and needing to start the day. I tried relaxing on the couch as much as I could this morning, hoping I will get better before tomorrow night, but with my trying to get well, my house work is suffering and I need to have people over tomorrow...*sigh*

Not that the house is a total disaster, but there are things I need to attend to before guests come. Laundry being a bog contender, and my craft table...gah, what a mess.

I actually have plans on moving my craft table out of its location so that I can set up either a table of food there or the photography background. I have plans of having a place to take photos of everyone. Man, this sickness also blows because I wanted to make me a hair piece to wear too...looks like I may just not have time now.

Well....I will post more later, but I need to get my sick, coughing self up and get some things done....

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