Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day 4, CP

Todays workout-

30 Day Shred-Level 3
30 Day Shred-Level 1
Leslie Sansone 3 mile walk.

Yah, I worked out a TON today. I am not sure how I managed to do that because No More Trouble Zones is NO JOKE...holy crap. The backs of my arms burn, my butt burns, my thighs, my abs.....it is a workout let me tell you. It is basically Level 3 of the shred super charged! So I don't feel so bad for not doing Level 3 today because it has a lot of the same harder moves in there, and then some! I actually enjoyed this workout.

It is 6 circuits compared to the 3 in the Shred, but since I have been doubling the shred workouts, its the same.

Like usual, some of the harder exercises on the knees I had to modify, like the "surrender" My knees did not like that at all. I am going to go buy a yoga mat and see if that helps. I am exercising on a hardwood floor with a rug on top, so its not that comfy. If I have more padding I will be able to do more of the moves.

I woke to see a pretty awesome difference in the way I look. The main thing I noticed are my sides, I am losing the "love handles" and I can feel this awesome muscle under there. Makes me very excited to see the difference in the pictures. I can sure see the difference.

I can also tell I have some pretty awesome abs going on under there, but are still hidden under a nice layer of fat.....But I am trying to get rid of it....very hard!

So today I did 3 miles on top of both Levels...thought I'd give myself a boost. My endurance is growing so I feel I can do more than I have been.  I am really glad I have been sticking with this....

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