Friday, February 11, 2011

Fix it Friday-11 Feb 11

I haven't done a fix it Friday in some time now, so I wanted to participate in this weeks.

If you are not sure what I am talking about, or would like to submit your edit, go to their website by clicking the button below!

For my edit, I used Photoshop CS5



How I edited this pic.

First I fixed the exposure by using curves and levels. No real way except I fiddled with the sliders till it looked good to me. :)

I then used Olive Juices's FREE Sharpen This action, inside the action is a clarity action, and I used that.

I then used MCP's action Bag of Tricks and used the Black Spell action in that set to select the background to make it darker.

I then slightly lightened the eyes using a levels layer mask and then sharpened them.

I then did a Black and White where I was able to tweak the colors until it looked how I liked.

I did a contrast layer and lowered the opacity to taste.

Cropped Photo

I then finished the pic using Olive Juices resize and sharped for web action.

Go stop by I heart faces for your turn!


Jamie H said...

Love how the light is now completely focused on her face.

Amy Henderson said...

lovely edit!