Thursday, February 3, 2011

It's paying off

Today is day 6 of my new program, which consists of a schedule of 3 Jillian Michaels Workout DVDs. The 30 Day Shred, No More Trouble Zones, and Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism. Today was NMTZ and I followed it up with a 2 mile intermediate walk with Leslie Sansone.

I didn't get much sleep last night, I kind of went to bed late and the kids woke early this morning. So for the workout, I dragged a little bit. Didn't really feel like doing it, wanted to be lazy and sit down, but I got up and did it anyway. I need to PUSH because I only have so many days before hubby is home. I have a week left to get the most out of my workouts.

The scale hasn't been moving, and I don't take my measurements for another 3 days, so I wasnt sure if I changed at all...but I must have! This morning after my workout and shower, I went into the closet and pulled out a pair of jeans I haven't worn in a while. I had them hung up and untouched because last time I tried them on, I had to fight to get them up, then when they were on, they were screaming because they were so tight and I bulged out all over on top. My stomach was too big, my love handles looked like a nice muffin and my back fat....I could barely breath. A shirt couldn't even cover the monstrosity that was going on in my I took them off and hung them up.

I threw them on the bed this morning while picking out my shirts and I went to put on my jeans, fully expecting to do that crazy squat and pull move trying to get them up....but to my surprise..they slid right on! I was easily able to button them and they were even loose on me! Not loose as in baggy, but they weren't tight...they weren't stretched to the limit...they didn't make me look bigger and this is the best thing..I am NOT muffin topping these jeans! I fit nicely inside! I am so surprised....I don't even know what to think! In just 27 days, 27 little days of being diligent with working out in the morning (havent missed a day yet!) and eating right and cutting out pop, I managed to fit back into my jeans and lose some serious inches!

Like I said, pounds have barely moved...but that isnt important because I am doing strength training too and know muscle weighs more than fat, besides...proof is in the pudding right? :) I fit into my JEANS! And comfortably at that!

Very exciting. I have another week before hubby gets home, that gives me 7 more days to see more results..and I am excited!

Sunday is the day I take pics, measure and do my official weigh in, I am SO ready!

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