Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 5, CP

So today is Day 5 and it is the first time I have done BFBM (Burn Fat, Boost Metabolism) and can I just say that...I hate Jillian Michaels?? HOLY CRAP. 50 minutes never crept by so slowly!

This one was full on aerobic. I had plans to do another 3 miler today with Leslie Sansone but um...this was much more cardio than I thought.

I want to say that, this will be my least favorite workout...and I can't really pinpoint why exactly. I mean all the other workouts make me work, sweat, leave me out of breath...but something about this DVD I just don't care for.

I wanted to quit so bad, then I was like, let me do one more circuit and I can do the shred...but like usual when I try and talk myself out of something...I stuck with it anyway.

She always knows what to say, right when I am thinking of quitting. I had to laugh because I was like CRAP after the second circuit and she was are dying huh? And we aren't even half way through....It's like she read my mind...I think that single phrase made the time drag by.

Then when it was time for circuit 4, I just didn't see how I could do two more afterward....but I did. This was my mind trying to talk me out of it...but my body kept going.

It was FINALLY done, and I couldn't have been happier. But there was no way I was doing 3 more miles after that! So I did Leslie Sansone's Rock N tone...apparently, you need these shoes, but I didnt know that. It wasnt too bad, 20 minutes of more cario so that it pushed me past my 600 cals I want to burn in a day. I ended up over 700 when all was said and done. I must admit, I am VERY happy I do not have to do this DVD for another week. It is scheduled to be next Wednesday....dreading that day! But hey...Wednesday's used to be Pizza night...maybe with that insane cardio I can have it again. :) Well....I could if I knew what portion control was...*sigh*
Tonight I am making beef stew. Yummy and good for me. I may even add in a little bit of bread, since I have been low on the carbs today. I can smell it cooking in the crock pot...YUMO!

Anyway, 4 more days till pic, measure and weight day. It actually would have been day 30 of the 30 day shred.

Tomorrow is No More Trouble Zones again...Bring it on!

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Christine said...

Mmmm, we had beef stew on Monday. It was Rob's first time making it and he just kind of guessed how to make it. It turned out pretty yummy!