Friday, June 13, 2008

Sweetheart, will you just eat??

She is a big baby, she is 17lbs at almost 5 months old. She in April was eating 4oz every like....2 hrs. When we got back from our trip to OK, we decided she needed about 6 oz per feeding, which she would then go about 3-4hrs between feedings. Well I noticed she only at between 26-30 ounces of food a day, doesnt seem like very much to me.

So she starts to sleep more, so she takes a bottle 4 times a day, if she eats 6 oz every feeding, I didnt feel she was getting enough (but she acted ok....but 24oz a day just isnt enough) So I give her 8oz per feeding now.

So she eats 4 times, 8oz each so thats 32oz a day, but I read she is supposed to have 2.5 ounces of formula per pound. So that means she'd have to eat 42 ounces a day!!

BUT, I can barely get her to eat 8oz at every feeding! She squirms and doesnt end up eating the last ounce. She isnt throwing up, or acting hungry after she eats, she just likes to make it difficult to eat. issue is, is she getting enough to eat???

Less than 32oz a day for a 17lb baby just doesnt seem enough. But like I said, doesnt seem to bother her, she gains weight, she wets and soils her diapers just fine, but I just wonder if her little system needs more nutrients.

I dont want to start her on solids just yet...but if I have to I have to. My doc is NO HELP. But thats because he isnt in pediatrics. We just got one last week and dont have an appointment with him yet. I look online, doesnt help.....I dunno, guess I am looking for advice from other mothers.....

Again I will say, she is healthy (outside) she doesnt seem hungry, like she isnt getting enough, so.....maybe she is ok??

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Christy said...

Just let her eat until she is full. Baby's are excellent at regulating there calorie intake. If she wasn't getting enough, she would be demanding another bottle. I breastfeed Izzy, so I never know how much he is getting. I just have to except that he will eat until he is full.