Wednesday, June 11, 2008

It's Ghost Hunters Night!

Yeah it's Wednesday and that means its Ghost Hunter Night! ahahahaa, hubby and I like watching that show on the Sci-fi channel. Nothing else to watch really besides the same old same old on the discovery channel and channels like that. I am really addicted to One Tree Hill but the new season for that doesn't start until 1 Sep, so I have a while for that!

~So my birthday was yesterday, Hubby got up with Sass so that I could sleep a little longer, though my mom called me at 8:12am my time (2:12pm) Michigan time because thats when I was born, though I really think its 2:14 but didnt want to get up and check my birth certificate. Either way, still didnt get to sleep in much. But thats ok. So Mom said all is well and that she is sad Dakota (my little brother) is joining the Army. She is sad that now both of us will be far from home, and because even though I just recently got out of the Army, I have no intentions on moving back to Michigan. I will go to visit, but thats it. Thats another thing I am stressed about. Aside from the fact that ticket prices are OUTRAGEOUS, even though I could suck it up and pay for it, the ones that are hovering around 1,000 are for 18 hrs worth of traveling, and change of airlines......SUCKS. Not to mention it would just be me and Sass, Hubby cant go, so I would have to do that all by myself....not fun. So in the back of my mind, I have that whole thing looming so I can never fully relax, because.....I have to go sometime.....The only way we can pay for it is from my separation money I am getting from the Army, so its like we never had the money, I'd love to put it in savings, but if I dont go home, I am sure I will be disowned...and be made to feel guilt because if my grandparents dont live long enough to meet their first to do.....

But anyway...finishing about my Birthday, it was a great day! I had my pre-op appt today, so while I was there Hubby decorated the house, baked me a cake and made lasagna for dinner! (I had to stay gone a little longer than the appt. so I went to borders and read books). After dinner I opened my card, which was the sweetest thing!!! And inside it had an appointment slip for my 80min massage! So needed! He also got me a great handbag. So thoughtful. We then went for a walk with Sass and just had a great night. The cake was soooo good. Even though I am on a diet, who can deny cake on their birthday??

I have more to say, but got things to do 1st. Write later

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Christy said...

It is hard to travel with a little baby. When Porgie was 6 months old, I drove 10 hours to visit my family in Kentucky. Worst trip of my life. There was lots of crying and we left two days early. So aside from the money issues, I completely understand your hesitation to go visit family.

Oh, and happy birthday!