Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sleep Much???

I want to start this post saying that by no way am I complaining. I know that some people would kill for what I am about to say, but it is bothering me a bit.

I have been blessed that Sass has pretty much been a pro at everything she does, the 1st time. She latched on the first time, she slept so much when we brought her home from the hospital my husband and I would look at each other and would say, "whats so hard about this??" She still continues to sleep (don't get me wrong, my little angel can have her days that's for sure) but that's what I am writing about. How much she sleeps!

Hubby and I are both pretty lazy people, I mean we used to sleep our weekends away, we can sleep like you wouldn't believe, and maybe we passed that on to Sass. When she 1st came home from the hospital, she would sleep for like 18 hrs a day, normal so I hear, but I had to always wake her up to eat, the docs said she was fine and that I should count my blessings.

1-2 months old-Still sleeps a lot. Slept through the night about 1.5 months old. And when I say sleep through the night, I mean like 10+hours in a row! (she used to sleep about 5-6 hrs, eat, go back to sleep for like 4-5hrs)

3 months old-Kept pretty much the same schedule, but had nights where she woke up every hour on the hour.

4-5 months old-And here we are to present time. She goes to bed at 800pm, wakes up for good around 7am. Sometimes wakes up at 12 to get her paci back in her mouth, and sometimes at 5 too for the same reason.....(and you know, even though she sleeps so much, I am STILL so tired most times I take naps with her??? Man I am lethargic like, but, docs say I am fine....) But here is why I am writing.....

After sleeping for almost 12hrs straight through the night, she can only stay awake for like....2 hrs (while at home) before she HAS to take a nap. She gets so tired and fussy so I put her down and she will sleep again for like...2-3 hrs! Most times I have to go wake her up!! So she will be up for 2 hrs, and go back to sleep, and its like clockwork. I would be MORE worried if she wasnt hitting her milestones, but I swear I have a prodigy child. She has met her marks WAY before she is even supposed to, and when she is awake, she is very alert, smart. She eats well, pees and poos like she is supposed to, smiles, laughs, is a great baby, but doesnt she sleep too much??

My doc isnt too helpful, but he isnt a pediatric doc, (we just got one, but havent seen him yet) But he says she is fine, but I just dont see why she sleeps so much. I just hope she doesnt have some underlying condition. Other than that, yes, I am counting my blessings for having a baby who sleeps, but I feel we dont get to play much or do anything because she has to go to sleep.

Like tummy time....she cant be on her tummy after she eats because she will throw up. So by time it is in safe range for her to be on her tummy, its time for her to go to sleep! Sass doesnt cry unless she is hungry, wet/dirty, or sleepy. So I know her signs, and when I put her in bed.....right off to la-la land. So I guess I am just wondering if this is too much sleep....

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Christy said...

We have struggled with sleep in my house, so I have read countless books on sleep. Basically, your child can't sleep too much. The more sleep she gets, the more active and alert she will be during her waking hours. Sleep-deprived babies tend to be cranky and easily distracted.

Also, babies under six months of age can only tolerate about 2 hours of being awake. So, your girl sounds completely normal.

Izzy would always go to sleep after about two hours, but he only napped for 30-45 minutes. Some days he would take about 6 naps per day. Fortunately, he is finally starting to take hour long naps. I have probably just jinxed myself, and he'll start taking 30 minute naps again!