Friday, February 27, 2009

Shucka Shucka

I love this age. She has such a personality and is really my best friend. I said to hubby last night before bed..."Are you jealous of me?" And he just looked at me like...uhh....Then I explained because I get to spend all my time with Sass and we hang out and play all day. She is so fun, she loves to be held by me and we always wrestle and tickle each other...she is hilarious.

She is very trusting too (as all babies are, but let me explain). She likes to dead drop.....she will stand up with her back to me and totally, stiff board FALL backwards haahhaa......its a good thing I catch her or that would hurt so bad! She likes to do that in our bed too, I cant count how many times she unexpectedly falls back and her head hits mine, or worse, my cheekbone! OUCH!

Sass's hair is long enough for "piggies" and I think she looks so grown up like that!!

She LOVES to rock her high chair, she scares me to death because I think she is going to tip over! She really gets some momentum sometimes!

When its time to eat she sees me bringing over the high chair and she will run to the spot she eats and stands there....she is too funny.

She loves going bye bye, she'll run to the door when I say it and she yells BYE BYE...sometimes it comes out Bye Bee....

In the morning when I go get her, she always hands me her blanket because she knows she is going in my bed to watch TV and drink her milk.

She gives kisses on demand...I LOVE that.

Today while all three of us went for a walk hubby happens to look at her tray and says, "Is that bird crap??" It was! LUCKILY it didnt hit Sass!! AND luckily she didnt find it before hubby did! EWWW!

I am in a way sad my little girl is growing up, but she is SO fun right now. She understands things I say, she responds and communicates back to me. We play and have fun and she GETS it, know what I mean? Its not me just playing with her while she lies there looking at pretty colors...its a two way street now. I show her things a couple times and she GETS it....

She has a dancing bear where you touch the PRESS ME button on its foot, and I showed her once and now she goes up to it and touches it because she knows it will make the bear dance. She then does the twist along with the bear...

I love this age, I have so much fun with her...I am almost sad to have another because I think, HOW can I love another like I do her? And I feel like I wouldn't have much time to be with her and it makes me sad too.....I also know I won't be able to give my full attention to my second child cuz Sass will be about three. I know it will all work out, but its just a feeling I have now.

Welp, I rambled on long enough, perhaps if I update this more often I wont have to cram everything into one post. I update my 365 blog everyday, why cant I get in here? Anyway, enjoy the pics.

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