Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What's that??

I hear that about 1,500 times a day lately. Sass will go up to everything and ask while pointing, whats that? Whats that? She is so darned cute.

She wasnt feeling well today, she only took one nap and woke up at 11. So she was awake from 11 until 9! We put her to bed around 7:45 when she was done eating, she talked for a good while, then she started crying. She worked herself up into a nice fit too! But she isnt feeling well, I think she is teething. Her nose is all runny and she felt real warm. We gave her some tylenol and orajel on her gums, then I rocked her to calm her down. Luckily she fell fast asleep. My poor boo boo.

She looooves going bye bye, or bye-bee as she says over and over again. She likes to tell me when we are going to go bye-bee, so I have been planning activites for us to go do stuff.

She has been signing baby a whole lot more, she can also say baby, so she constantly says Bay......bee...yes, there is a long pause...lol...just like her Ut.....Oooooh.

She holds up everything and anything to her ear like a phone and says, hello? Hubby told me the other day she did it to a coil of cables....

This age is so fun, she understands so well. I have to admit I am getting baby fever though..but I have about 9 more months before we even start trying. I am kind of nervous and excited all at the same time.

I talked to my grandparents today, they just love talking to Sass. Grandpa said he wants to get a motor home to drive them down to VA when we move there, bless his heart....he loves Sass so...I am making him a DVD to watch so he can see how big she is now, they havent seen her, aside from pictures is a LONG time. I think they will really enjoy it!

well I am off to bed...surprisingly early I might add. So I am off...I have a feeling Sass will be waking up soon in the middle of the night, she does sometimes when she isnt feeling well.

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