Friday, March 6, 2009

for the love of food..

Tonight I decided to make enchiladas for dinner...YUMMY. As I was making them, I told hubby that I was making enough and he would be able to take some to work tomorrow for lunch...and I might even be able to eat the leftovers for lunch too...well...needless to say, between the three of us, they were all gone! Hubby ate 6! I ate 3 and Sass ate 1. She had enchiladas for the 1st time and she loved it!

Today was still a blah day for me...I got real sick feeling yesterday. Since I made plans before I was feeling sick to eat lunch with a friend, Sass and I kept our lunch date but man I was feeling horrible. After lunch we went to Jamba Juice so I could get a ColdBuster smoothie, Sass got her own smoothie too! The all fruit Strawberry whirl. I have to admit seeing my "baby" sitting next to me drinking her smoothie was kind of tear jerking. Time really does fly by. Here me and my daughter are enjoying the day with our smoothies, next thing I know we will off to Kindergarten then off to plan her wedding. Ok....maybe not THAT fast,'s quick enough. Where is this pause button again?Today, even though I didn't feel well at all, I actually got a good amount of cleaning done, along with laundry! Sass and I had an enjoyable day, we played and laughed and wrestled....I will miss that when we no longer have that cuddly really warms my heart. I love when I am sitting there and she comes and puts her little arms around me and gives me hugs for no reason whatsoever except that I am her mommy and she loves me. Not because I extended her curfew or raised her allowance. I love that she spend a good part of the day tickling and wrestling, hugging and cuddling...I love that she always wants me to hug her and love on her...she even finds it hilarious when I squeeze her tight...:( the other day I did it a little too hard and it cracked her back...she laughed even that felt good. I like when my back cracks, so I am hoping it had the same therapeutic feeling to her...:)

We got Sass a potty! We aren't full blown potty training her yet, she is still a little young for that, but we bought one to get her acquainted with it. I will sit her on it when I go just so she can get used to it. We aren't going to start really training until she is about 18 months old. That's just a guesstimate right now as I will go based off her cues of readiness. But I am excited to have picked this up!
Sass LOVES baths...she just sits there and splashes and eats her bubbles...:) Tonight she was showing off her smarts to me again. She has toy ducks and she picks up her duck and says, "that's a duck!" Hubby and I both looked at each other like...did she really say that? Luckily we have it on video...she then proceeded to point to everything other thing and say, "whats that?" Though it sounds like, "wass sthat?" And sure enough, she picked back up her duck and said, "that's a duck". She amazes me everyday.

Tonight we read a Pinocchio story out of her bedtime book. She sits in her rocking chair with her blanket and sippy of milk and I sit on the foot stool and rock her in the chair as I read. She likes to look at the pics and its an opportunity for her to sit still so I can read. On one of the pages she says, "cat" and sure enough Figaro was on that page. She is so smart she now knows cartoon cats. I continue and she then says, "dog". Sure enough...there was a dog....again...she always amazes me. There are times I actually hate putting her to bed because I want us to stay up and read, play, hug and chit chat....she really is my best friend...I adore this child.

Well, I am going to get to sleep so I can actually get a few hours in before she wakes up. I want to sleep off this icky feeling so that Sass and I can go out tomorrow and have a good day. Hope all is well!

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