Saturday, March 14, 2009

My best friend.....Sass

I was all sad that my baby was growing up, I still am in a way, but she is so fun to be around. I am so thankful I am able to be a SAHM with Sass...she is my best friend.

In the mornings she wakes me up by talking to herself and her animals. I love hearing the sweet sounds of my child in there happy and letting mommy know she wants to get up and start her day.

I go in there and say Good Morning and she gets so happy and starts jumping and instantly bends down and grabs her blanket and hands it to me. I pick her up and she gives me the sweetest hug. We change her diaper and we go in my bed where she drinks her milk. I usually feed her her oatmeal and applesauce or banana in bed too while we watch Playhouse Disney. After she is done eating she grabs her blankey and puts it on my chest then comes and lies down on me. I love that we snuggle and cuddle all morning.

She sometimes liked to be silly in the mornings. She will stand up and then just fall backwards with no care what is behind her, she just laughs and laughs. We spend a lot of time during the day tickling and laughing. She always laughs, she is such a happy baby.

Here recently she has been communicating with me more and more. She signs milk to milk and lets me know when she wants it. Even at Target!She says wa-wa for water and signs it. She says cat and now signs it by petting her cheek. She can say dog and now signs it. She says ball and signs it. *all in context* She says baby and signs it. She signs all done.

She says, "who who" for owl, mmmmm for cow and she looooves going through books and asking the 3 questions, whats this, who's this and whats that. She wants to know everything...

She acts bashful around people...she looks at them, smiles then bashes her head into my chest/shoulder. She is silly.

She likes to sit in the shopping cart seat sideways.

She LOVES to go bye bye and will say, Bye Bee or bye bye and run to the door when I say its time to go.

She started waving like a prom queen today hahahaa...its hilarious!

She has been babbling differently lately...she uses her tongue a lot...she sounds so cute!

I just love hanging out with her all day....Even though the last week or so she hasn't been her normal self because she is teething and got over a runny nose with some liquid butt. But even with all that, she was a great baby.

We also went to Mc D's and BK for the 1st time this week. At Mc D's she had nuggets with no skin, apple slices and apple juice. At Bk she had chicken tenders, applesauce and milk and played in the play area!

She also told me today that the tiger on her blankey was a cat! I love watching her change and wonder what she will do next.

She can go down stairs, though I didn't actually see her do it, but I know she did!

She loves baths....she eats the bubbles....its hilarious...she will look at me with all these bubbles on her face, she obviously likes the taste because she does it all the time.

She knows things by name even if she cant say it. If I say something she responds or gets what I ask.....I cant wait to see what happens tomorrow...I love my best friend! Ok, pic time!

We just got this, its loud but I just will make sure to use it when Sass, new baby is far so good!

Cat looking out to see the world....
Sass chilling in her car seat, she already touches the back seat with her feet but we are extended RF as long as safely possible.Thanks for looking!!


Shauna Plain and Tall said...

Cute! Shes getting so big! What is that machine you got that is so loud? I was surprised to see you still have her facing backwards in the car. I bet once you do decide its time for her to face forward she will be asking "whats that??" the whole time your driving. So much to see!! She sounds like shes doing great with the signing. Big girl!

Miss C said...

Oh crap, I don't think I responded back to this!! OOPS!!! Sorry mama. The thing that is so loud is her diaper pal uses regular trash bags so for that I will deal with the sound lol. Which isnt so bad no actually, you get used to it.
Yeah Sass was forward facing when we had to go to Oklahoma and when we came back to HI and rear facing, it took some adjustment for her lol....but she is fine now. We decided to do extended rear facing since we find its safer and with the crazy drivers around here, better be safe. I wasnt worried about it as much in OK since they lived out in the country. how are you and C doing?? Well I hope!