Thursday, April 1, 2010

It ended up being a beautiful day!

What a beautiful day it was today. I love when the temperature is just right, not hot, not cold, but comfortable.....but today could have ended up not so beautiful, and it almost did.

Today was just an ordinary day, we woke up, had breakfast and we were getting ready to go for a walk and to the park. Sass has been asking about the park for days, and now that the rain went away and it was warm and sunny, I couldn't pass it up.

So again, like usual, we were upstairs, I was looking in my closet for something to wear. With me getting bigger by the day, it takes a good while to find something that fits and looks decent. Sass in the meantime was running around like usual, looking at her books and leaving them on the floor, playing with the flashlight, which when she was done, laid it on the floor still turned on.

I can here her singing and talking like usual, I glance out my closet door periodically to check on her. Well I had just looked at her and she was ok, so back in the closet I go. But just then, something told me to look at her again, and as I did, Sass not 2 feet away from me, has managed to unscrew the metal door stop out of the wall and was about to stick the screw into the electrical outlet. I got to her just in time before she managed to stick it in, I literally grabbed it out of her hand as it started to go in. The events that could have happened keep replaying in my mind and it scares me so much. My precious baby could have been seriously injured, or worse....

Today was just an ordinary day, and how fast it all could have changed.....the flashlight she had moments before was still on the floor switched on, the book she was reading was still in the same spot she had left it, and my world could have been shattered in that one second. I have to thank God for this one...because I do believe he told me to look at her again.

We have the outlet covers in the house, they cover the walls in the living room, the kitchen, her room...everywhere, except our bedroom. She isn't in there that long, but you can bet that every single outlet in this house will have a cover on it. I will take no chances of an incident like that happening again.

But since my day was saved, Sass and I finished getting ready and off we went.

The fruitless pear trees down my block are in full bloom.....
unfortunately. I say unfortunately because of the terrible odor those beautiful trees put out, but they are pretty nonetheless so I had to take some pictures of them, because before long, those blossoms will be replaced by ordinary leaves.

Sass has this thing with not cooperating with the camera, fact is, she hates it. If I manage to get a smile from her, or even a head on shot, I am either just lucky, or I caught her off guard. Like here, she knew I was trying to take her picture, I had to yell, "BIRD!" and she looked up at me for one split second.
She will look every way but at me when she knows I have it, resulting in a lot of candid photos...which is nice to have an all, but sometimes I would like that big cheesy grin! I suppose though I can settle on all the side shots I have of my beautiful girl.

She was excited as we pulled up to the park....but she only went down the slide once.
All it took was one little shock from static electricity to put her off,
so she spent the rest of the time picking up rocks and sticks from the ground. Oh yes, and trying to play with birds. She loves birds and always asks to play with them. As they flew off, frightened by a charging toddler, she yells at them, "Come back birds! Come back!". It's so sweet watching my child play. Words can't express how much love I have for her.

After the park we went to subway where she surprisingly ate her whole meal! She and food have had an on and off again relationship the past few weeks, it thrills me to no end that they are back "on" again. Then it was off to walmart where we'd spend the next 2 hours walking up and down the isles.

I got her a couple big girl purses, she likes to be like mama, and she couldn't choose between the pink one with a heart or the one with monkeys so.....she now has them both. She places one purse on each arm and proceeds to yell for several isles, raising one arm..."this one has hearts," then the other, "this one has monkeys". Though those two purses she seemed to enjoy so much were thrown in the cart once we went down the bubble isle. She now is also the proud owner of a new bubble wand. 

Alas, we get home, hubby is already here and I finish up on dinner. We end the night by watching New Moon and now here I am, the house is quiet and I get some me time to edit some pictures and blog.

Tomorrow I am going to attempt to take Sass to see the Easter bunny, she flips her lid even at the mere mention of her Easter dress, so I am curious on how this will end up. So with that, I am off for the night! Goodnight blog land.

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