Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy new year!!

Happy new year blog land!! Its a new year, new beginnings and like most people, a new fitness routine!! :) I can tell you that being sick the last couple days and my lack of an appetite had me at 4 pounds less than usual. :)

Ok so, new years was fun and I spent it with my sass and hubby. Who I didn't spend it with was with the people who didn't show up to my party that said they would! Don't you hate that!? I made food and everything, none of them even called and didn't answer when we called them! On the bright side, the house is

So here I was excited to finally do something, I bought picture props, like the 2011 glasses and party hats and whistle blow thingies and food and ugh... People suck, at least have the decency to call!! This has been planned for weeks and just whatever. One friend of ours showed up and they stayed till 11. So that was fun but the "party" was so lame.

So my sweet baby girl and I rang in the new year playing dance central and let me tell you she can get down!! We finished the year off by watching the ball drop and poor Dick Clark struggle with his lines, (I wonder how many more yrs he is going to agree to host, bless his heart). So I'm off to bed, nyquil induced sleep....ahhh 2011, how well you have started out so far!!

Oh and did I mention I plan on starting up a 365? Haha yah, wonder how long this will last! :)

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