Monday, August 11, 2008

New workout starts tomorrow

I bought these 2 great books, 101 workouts for women and a book by Jillian Michaels called making the cut for the last 10-20lbs to go. However, I am aiming to lose only 30lbs, I need to get in some shape first before I start her 30 day program. It will be tough and its an advanced workout plan, so its not for me who needs to get back in the game. But I am using tips for the diet from her book, just wont follow it religiously just yet! Partially because the calorie intake is a little low for beginners, and I want to do this right and be healthy! I am super stoked about the Bowflex, it makes all the exercises I would normally have to go to the gym for easy and convenient, and more likely for me to do than if I had to go to the gym. Now I have set workouts to do, instead of me just doing random exercises....I am happy.....cant wait to look hot again!!

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