Sunday, August 24, 2008

Recent stuff

1st off I want to mention that I am losing weight!!! I am sooo happy, I cant wait to be back at my pre-prego size. After cutting out sugar I feel so much better! When I have it, OH I can feel it and I just feel bad!

Hubby and I went to the 311 concert, it was great!! We were SO close to the stage I could reach out and touch them I was so close. It was the first time Sass was babysat. She did really well, I am proud of her!


So the teeth are REALLY coming in now. I think I can see where her 3rd one is coming in.

ALL she does now is pull up on things and she is a crawling machine! I cant keep up with her, and she LOVES chasing the cat! He is really nice to her when she grabs at him, I think animals know when the person attacking them and eating them is a baby...some sort of instinct I think.

I got to sleep in today, well kinda, I mean I got up with Sass in the morning like usual but then hubby took over, I got outta bed at 12!! He had woke me up to eat "breakfast". He had scrambled eggs, turkey bacon and biscuits waiting....what a sweetie!

So last night hubby went to bed early and Sass of course goes to sleep at 8, so I had a night by myself. I made me some cocoa and watched 27 dresses....I of course felt the sugar in the cocoa and felt a little high from it, but its a once in a while was nice to

I need to go grocery shopping again, I swear I was JUST THERE! I better get what I need tomorrow, Labor Day is coming up and the commissary seems to be out of EVERYTHING during big weekends.....speaking of that, I am SOOO looking forward to BBQ food that I dont have to prepare myself! Oh and deviled eggs...OH YUM. My diet will just have to hold off for that day! I have no self control around temptation.

Well I am going to add some pics

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