Monday, August 4, 2008

New scrapbook page

I just finished this tonight, I love digital scrapping. Such a fun way to keep memories alive. This one I used paper and elements from forever more creations. I have linked them on the side if you want to check out her site, and I encourage you to do so. Lots of great stuff. Same with all the sites I will be linking too.

For those of you who find my blog when you are searching for digital scrapbook designs, I am not a designer (yet). This is just my personal blog that I am sharing my completed pages for all to see. But good luck on your quest! It sure is fun and exciting. Thanks for looking!


Mozz said...

Hi Melissa,
*hugz* Thank you so much for sharing this with me ( you made my day lol)
And I love what you have done with it, and I am with you digi scrapping is so much fun.. I believe it gives us way more things we can do then the traditional way, although I still like to play with that as well..
Is there anything on my blog, that is expired or even one of The PTU things that you would like, Its my way of saying thank you..
This is only the second time I have actually seen my imagaination used lol..
I love your blog, all 3 of you are cute :)
And do you mind if I mention you and put a link for people to come peek?
much love and higz and thanks for showing some love :)

Mozz said...

lol sorry, what I meant by expired is things that I have put up to share but I have set a time limit on downloads on.. And ptu is pay to use, I have just starting making things, but it seems they only want it if its free lol...
But you are welcome to chose something if you would like it..
Is it possible for me to have a small copy of your layout to use when I put this up?
I know what you mean about family :) And I cant believe you just started last night wow :)
I am a member of Digitalarts-cafe, we have lots of people there who are just starting, so if you find the time, and want to join in the fun come over, I am loyal to it, because its the friendliest place I have found on the net..
Ok I have lay outs and QPs and brag book pages for Farrah to complete lol so I best hop to it...
*hugz* have a lovely one...

Mozz said...

:) Which ever you are comfortable with, doesnt need to be full size smaller will do if they want to see big they will have to come visit and say hello lol..
email address is same as my blog name nospaces at ...
And would love to see you at DAC...
And I got to see another layout done with the kit as well, I am truely special today lol..
So I am awaiting her answer and once I have both will put them up together ..
Have a funtabulous one