Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Been busy

Somehow in between packing, normal daily duties, chasing around Sass and my never ending craft projects I keep accumulating, I found the time to scrap a page for Sprout's scrapbook. This is from our 3D Ultrasound appointment.

I also finished the door markers for Sass and Sprout, here is the completed one for Sprout.

I can't wait for us to move in so I can set up both of their rooms! I will be cutting it pretty close though, seeing as I am headed toward my 33rd week already and we have a couple weeks before we move in! I really am blessed that this has been a pretty easy pregnancy and I can move around and do things pretty normally, despite having a big ol' child growing in me. :)

Yesterday morning Sass came into my room, looked out the bedroom window and yelled, "It's raining out! OH! There is jumpy squirrel!". Now what is odd about this you might think?? Well...I was still in bed and that woke me up, therefore meaning it wasn't I who got Sass out of her crib! She calmly let herself out!  So we decided maybe it might be time to be in a big girl bed. Surprisingly, after only 20 minutes and having to put her in bed twice, she fell asleep..............in her bed! She was really thrilled that she is a "big girl" and not a baby anymore who has to sleep in the crib. Funny, that mentality worked for her pacifier and sleeping in a bed, but does not phase her with potty training. :) Perhaps she must still like to be a baby in that aspect.

Her cousin Ava is 8 months older than she is, and she is coming to visit in July, I am hoping when Sass sees her going in the potty like a big girl she will have more interest in it. I still attempt everyday, but she gets upset and the last thing I want to do is push her and set us back even further. Kids can regress when a little baby comes around anyway, so I might as well just wait till after Sprout is here.

Well.......I have things I need to take care of, we have a craigslister coming to pick up a changing table I am selling today so I need to make sure it's all ready to go. Later blog world. 

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Rose said...

awww.. so nice.. Love your scrap page! OMG cannot believe she let herself out of her crib.. too funny!