Thursday, April 8, 2010

It's Thursday!

I trust everyone had a great Easter Sunday....or whatever it is you do, I hope it was a nice day!

The weather here has just been gorgeous, though it is raining at this moment, the smell and the nice temperature coming in my windows, coupled with the fan blowing in just heaven for me. Today was on the rather warm side.

On Saturday (3rd) we got to peak at little Sprout in there! She is just adorable, and very similar in looks to her big sister Sass! I must admit I make cute babies! She had all her limbs in her face, getting some real good shots of her fingers and toes, but not so much of her cute chubby face, so the owner told us to come back Wednesday for a free session to get better results.

Wed, she was a lot further down, so her little nose was squished, but she only had 1 arm in her face and 1 foot, so it was a success compared to Saturday, we got another disk full of cute images I couldn't wait to show off. She is a chunky cutie in there for sure!

More Sprout news, she actually has a name now, but we are keeping it secret from family and friends...though hubby and I thought this would be a fun thing to do....we seem to be the only ones who think so.

I got some nice pictures of the Cherry Blossoms, and let me tell you, they bloom and go away VERY fast. The next day, passing the same tree, you wouldn't have known it. What once had pretty pink blossoms, now is covered in green leaves. We never did make it down to DC for the festival. Honestly, we didn't want to deal with the huge crowd, but I do want to attempt the parade this Monday.

I have been trying to think of ideas for Sprout's nursery, I went to the craft store and got some things I'd like to make, but honestly I am kinda getting a headache. Time is coming down to the wire and we still need to pack this house, move in there, unpack, have things ready in time in case she comes early (I only have another good 10 weeks or so left), we haven't even bought her her crib yet, or any furniture....we just have a lot to do.

I have been trying to save money, and also eating healthier. I need to get a system down..make charts or something, I have a lot of plans, but I am kinda at a loss for follow through.

Sass and I were out of the house for 6 hours today! We went to Walmart to return some craft items I no longer needed that I recently bought and got the correct size for Sprout's 4th of July outfit that matches Sass's, and got Sass a new outfit that had her favorite princess Ariel on it for 6.00. She grows so fast, I feel like I am always buying her new clothes.....ooooh that's right, I am. :)

Well I am 29.5 weeks along, and I still feel pretty good for the most part. I have my days (like tonight, I was a bit worn out and tired from running around for 6 hours) but usually I feel good. I can still sleep, have no real bad aches and pains, and I have only gained about 15-16lbs or so, so I don't walk funny or anything yet ahaha. But Sprout is real low down, so I can feel some pressure to where it sometimes hurts to walk a lot, but this pregnancy is a cake walk compared to being pregnant with Sass!

We are going to some places this weekend to get what we need for Sprout, we have most things from Sass left over, but some new things are needed. I want to go to Ikea and this unfinished wood store to check out their prices. I might have to order the crib from online since I doubt the stores around here carry what I want. Figures.

Well, I have been looking up how to make my own jam, and fruit roll-ups and I am going to be making our own bread here soon I need to get back to that and the coupon sites...So until next time!

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