Friday, April 23, 2010

I'm in my 8th month...

Hard to believe how fast this pregnancy is going by. Maybe it's because it has been a very uneventful, easy pregnancy (knock on wood) or that I have a very busy toddler to chase around, or that I can still walk and function pretty much like always and still get my sleep? Who knows, but all I know is that it is sneaking up on me, and FAST. How soon it will be and little Sprout will be here, I am excited and also nervous. Nervous because I am hoping we have everything ready before she comes....we have a lot to do from now until then and honestly, it kind of scares me.

We are closing on our house on May 13th and are planning on moving in that weekend and a couple days after that, and then cleaning this house and getting it ready for inspection. All the meantime I will be even farther along and having to keep an eye on Sass the whole time. Times like this I wish we had friends or family in the area who would be able to help out. I suppose I am used to going at things along, but it sure would be nice.

I really want to set up Sprout's room, I really can't wait, but so much still needs to be done! I was going to order her crib off online last night just to notice it is out of stock online! GRRR!! Why did I wait?? I have no idea, but I don't know if it's coming back, so I either wait and hope it does, or run the risk of not ordering my second choice and that one disappearing as well.....and of course we still have to factor in shipping times.

We have nothing bought by the way, nothing.....we only have the things we have left over from Sass. So we have the car seat and clothes and bedding and stuff. But as far as other things I'd like to have, we need to get. Crib, mattress, swing, double stroller, bottles, BFing storage bags, pack n play (since the one we had with Sass has been recalled, not to mention she put holes in the mesh....), and just things like that.

I have been working hard on her decorations for her room. I just primered one of her things a while ago and it's outside drying, I still have to finish her mobile and I keep forgetting to buy fishing line when I am at Walmart!!! I worked on their door name markers last night, almost done with them. I need to put her letters together and do their frames. Not to mention finish the cabinet AND refinish the dresser...on top of packing this house, moving unpacking at the new place and getting it all set up!  

Well if I continue feeling really good this pregnancy, I shouldn't have too many issues working and doing all the stuff that needs to be done. Fingers crossed! Sass is still napping, I might as well finish up some of my crafts. Later blog world!

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