Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I've been crafty!

Wow do I have my hands full! I have decided to make a lot of things for Sprout's nursery, and I am really excited about how it is all turning out.

Since her room is a more elegant theme, I figured I was free to do pretty much anything I wanted since I have no theme to tie me down, like...lady bugs or a pattern specific theme. Her bedding is pink and white minky dot, and I am accenting the room with Sage green.

The furniture will be white and I am attempting to furnish out her nursery relatively inexpensive as well.

So I have been looking at hundreds of sites trying to get some inspiration of how I want her room to look. I found several ideas that will make her room look classy and elegant and not cost me a fortune!

I am creating a canopy out of an old window scarf in sheer white that I have had for years. I am also making her mobile that will hang from the top of the canopy rod.

It will be two tiered and decked out in white pink and sage and let me tell you, so far it is really turning out, and the best part? I am making it for under 10.00, but will look much more expensive! Very custom and will match perfectly.

I am also refinishing this old cabinet I have that was green and had wallpaper stuck to it, talk about UGLY! I wish I took a before pic, it was just hideous. But with some white paint and new hardware, this baby will hold extra baby wipes, powder and other items.

We bought a vintage looking dresser off Craigslist today that will just go perfectly with her room....with some help of course. I really wanted a longer dresser, but I have had no luck in finding one. So I am thinking this will do just fine. I will sand it down, primer it and paint it white and add new handles and there you have it!

As I was searching the internet tonight on the best ways to re-salvage furniture, I ran across a blog that mentioned she gets her items for CHEAP at a place called Habitat for Humanity ReStores. So....curious, I looked them up and guess what??? There is one RIGHT BY MY HOUSE! I am so excited, if I find as good of deals as this lady does, I am going to be in HEAVEN. So Sass and I are going to pack up, head over and see if I can find the type of dresser I really would like. If I cant, I am still happy with my purchase today, BUT, if I can find what I want, I will just use the dresser we got today for something else.

So in my next posts I will add pics of the progress of all the things I am working on. So far, this is what is on my plate, and being the true Gemini I am, I keep adding more to it, before I finish what I already have. The excitement just takes over!

-Dresser refinish
-Cabinet refinish
-Three tiered frames decorated from scratch (paint, ribbon, embellishments) for both girls.
-Wall letters
-Canopy (really just need to buy hardware to hang, maybe some embellishments, havent decided)
-Crib mobile
-House shelf (paint and trim with ribbon)
-Door name plaques for both girls

Once I complete that, I'd like to finish up and start on...
-bow holders for both girls, or just one and put it in their bathroom
-alphabet flashcard wall art (needs to just be printed and mounted on canvas or something)
-string up the  butterfly and dragonfly mesh things I have had for years in Sass's room.
and a few more wall art designs I have seen in my travels!

I am going to be VERY Busy, not to mention, we are moving in a few weeks to our new place and I need to PACK this house! Time is approaching rapidly and its time to get moving! Oh, and did I mention I only have 10 more weeks till Sprout is born?? Yah, so.......here is to all my projects and I hope I get them done quickly.

Check back to see my progress!

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