Monday, August 30, 2010

Fri-Mon catch up

Friday-I ordered my background stand! I am excited for it to get here on Tuesday. I have been holding off doing Sprout's 2 month pics till I got it. Other than that, not much went on.

Saturday-We all went out to the carwash hubby's work was having and it was a good day. We stopped by Gymboree real quick to pick the girls up some hats because of the intense sun. It was mainly for Sprout since Sass can have sunblock on and is older. But I bought one for Sass too and to my surprise she actually wore it!

Sass had a great time, she played with the kids and saw a ton of airplanes. She got to run around, play in water and talk into the microphone. Amazingly, she went to bed at the normal time, she didn't nap at all.

I went out by myself for the first time in months and it felt great! I went with a couple friends out to eat at Unos (and their baked stuff chicken is SOOOOOOO good!) and went and watched Eat, Pray, Love. LOVED that movie. One of the girls I went with has the book and is going to let me borrow it, I can't wait.

I felt refreshed after getting out, I need to do that more often.

Sunday-We cleaned out the garage some more...Still not done but we went through a lot of boxes, threw more stuff out and got some organizing done.

Monday-Sass in a mood from hell today....she peed on the floor, Sprout has been awoken by a loud, fit throwing Sass therefore unable to nap all day, so she is cranky. All the cranky kids made mommy cranky. The highlight of my day was seriously the Outback take out we had! Sad right?? I also worked on both of my blogs and redesigned them both, and I have to say I like how they turned out!

In other news...
-Sprout left a nice scratch along side my nose.....I notice she is sporting one too....
-She is starting to look like an old man with her hair loss, its pretty funny actually.
-I finished all seasons of Supernatural and now all caught up for the next season.
-Looking forward to my CW shows (One tree hill, Vampire diaries and Supernatural)
-Going to a photography meet up tomorrow to listen to a guest speaker...we'll see if this is something cool to keep up with or if its lame.
-Meeting with the play date organizer ladies on Wed and Sprout's appt is on Thur.

And thats about it for right now...I'm off to scrap some pages!


Anonymous said...

I Love how you did this. Awesome job. and love the photo where my grand kids are wearing the hats I made them...I am indeed blessed.

Merideth said...

I love the new layout! That fist picture of sass in this post is awesome too! she looks like she's on top of the world :)