Tuesday, August 24, 2010

new hobby

I am so excited I found a lot of cute photo props the other day at A.J Wright. I love when I find cute things at such low prices! I found a cute basket, some rugs, this too cute crocheted hat (this is the key to my post) and a few other things, I will have to take pictures!

I was carrying Sprout in her Moby and pushing Sass in the stroller, and she was already covered in all my finds. I happened to walk past this cube...which is like...a footstool shaped in a square that is covered in a shiny white fabric (not sure what its called...). Well.....I thought it would look perfect for shoots, but I walked past it thinking...oh...I dont really need it.

I left that day and couldnt get that cube out of my head...so 3 days later, the thing even haunted my dreams chanting, "buy me....buy me..."

I did this before actually, there was this awesome blanket that would have been PERFECT for photos and I walked past it, and to this day I havent been able to find anything like it...I still kick myself for that, and this cube was quickly heading down the same road.

3 days later we arrived back at the store and I was hoping that it was just tacky enough that others wouldnt want it for their house...and I was really banking on that. Sass wanted to go in with me, so I brought her along and left Daddy and Sprout in the car. Of course she is Sass, and I expected nothing less from her when she wanted to run on all the "squares" and proceeded to through herself on the floor in a tantrum when I asked her to come with me to the back of the store....where I last saw the cube. It was just barely out of sight, if it were to still be there, and here I am trying to pick her up off the floor. I had visions of seeing people carry it out at the very moment I was there to get it for myself. A few more steps and I see it....sitting in the same spot it was the other day (at these stores, things aren't regularly stocked, and there is one, so when its gone...its gone.) So I ran to it so excited it was there...I was right, it must have been just tacky enough to where other people wouldnt snatch it up. As I bent over to pick it up, my eyes rested upon another treasure....a weaved, long, attached top basket that would be AWESOME for newborn shoots, and even for bigger infants when they can sit. So I grabbed that too...otherwise that basket would quickly become that blanket and cube to me in the days to follow. :)

These are cell phone pics, so not the best quality...

But anywho...the real reason for this post...is I wanted cute crocheted hats for pictures....and buying all the colors I want would be too expensive (to also include shipping), and true to my personality, I decided...hey, why not make them myself??

Now know, I have never crocheted a thing in my life....and here I just decided to take on yet another hobby. As if I dont have enough crafts and things going on right now haha...

My mother is awesome at crocheting and she made me 4 hats in the meantime (while I learn) and here they are. She made these in record time, hopefully I will be able to do that one day.

So.....later that day(Saturday) I went to the store and I bought some yarn and a needle, grabbed myself a coke out of the refrigerator and sat down and got on youtube to learn how to crochet.

Well...I am the type of person who...if I want hats, I am going to make hats....right out of the wagon. I dont like wasting my time *learning* like I should on other things....like...simple beginner things. So I began to learn making a hat...might as well dive in right? This was Sunday....

I was so excited I took pictures of my progress to share with my mom...and they go as follows...round one...I was pretty happy...Round 2...I messed up a little and it was sloppy, but hey, I was a beginner...I was still proud.
Round 4, the lady was going a bit fast (as she expected people to know what she was talking about...I mean, I was learning how to do a hat for my first go round). But I kept on and still looked decent.
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand after HOURS of doing this...I realized...it would not fit my child because I did something wrong somewhere along the lines....but it made a cute hat for Sass's doll!

And here is the final product....:)
But I did not give up there...later that night when all the kids went to bed I decided to try a different type of hat.....I didn't take progress pics again....and this one is taking me a LOT longer for some reason, but it, I think, it actually working out...I am not done yet, need to add a few more rows, but here it is so far. I am actually proud that I was able to make this, considering I started learning on Sunday, and it is now Tuesday morning. :)

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