Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Colic Colic, GO AWAY!

I am fairly certain that my Sproutie is colicky. I swear she barely has any quiet alert time. So basically she is only quiet when sleeping and eating. Other than that, she is pretty much crying. I feel so bad for her. I mean she does have her rare moments when she is quiet, but they are just that....rare.  Sometimes I feel that I have yet to enjoy her, as my life's mission seems to be to get her to not cry.

Though today I think we had a sort of breakthrough. I usually give her gripe water after she has already gone into one of her fits, but today I decided to give it to her before she starts, and today, the FIRST day in her almost 7 weeks of life, she was quiet and content for a lot of the day. So it looks like I might keep that up.

BFing is still not 100%, and after family leaves, we are doing a MAJOR bfing intervention. I will be upping my pumping sessions since I can do it anywhere and wont have anything else going on. I am still on top of my fenugreek and blessed thistle and I decided against taking Reglan. The side effects are just too severe for me to try, especially with my health history. However, we have only been giving her between 4-8 ounces a day of formula for a supplement. On Thursday we go back to weigh her, I am hoping for another nice increase. If she shows improvement, I may cut her down on formula even more. Hoping to stay at 4 a day and then eventually totally back to exclusively breast feeding.

Quick catch up on her bfing issue, she wasnt gaining weight and having a lot of difficulty latching, and nothing seemed to work. Even using a shield, and pumping only yielded less than half an ounce total per time. Our LC determined it was because of her short tongue and high pallet, and said she will eventually grow out of it. I just have to try and keep my supply up until she comes around.

So needless to say, having terrible bfing issues, her being colicky and high needs has keep the stress level pretty high around here the last almost 7 weeks.

Well I would write more, but Sprout isnt having it, and she can NOT sleep unless she is on me so...I must go to bed now....until later..
Oh and BOO for it being cloudy out, we werent able to see the Aurora!

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